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05-12-2008, 13:42
Alright, I'm having trouble deciding between a few armies to start, so I'm going to proxy some battles with my friends over the winter break before deciding what to start collecting. Brettonia is one of these armies, so tell me how this 1000pt army looks :).

Paladin: 124
-BSB, Barded Horse, Wyrmlance, Gromril Greathelm
Damsel: 130
-Horse, 2x Scrolls

Errant Knights: 127
-6x, Musician
Errant Knights: 127
-6x, Musician
Errant Knights: 127
-6x, Musician
Knights of the Realm: 192
-7x, FC (Damsel and Paladin here)

Pegasus Knights: 175
-3x, Musician

Basic tactics of solo wizard/warmachine hunting for the PKs. KotR will hopefully draw some attention that should allow me to get a flank charge with at least one group of Errant Knights, should they manage to get the charge off on me.

Any comments on how this could be any better? Different layout for the BSB suggestions, I just kind of tossed a 20 point weapon on him after giving him the great helm to give him some more surviability.

05-12-2008, 15:47
At the moment you general is your damsel which isn't great with all those Errants running around.
Personally I would try to fit another paladin and the errantry banner in there somewhere.
You might have to drop on of the errant units for this.
A great BSB setup is Virtue of duty and war banner which gives him a +3 CR to start with before you add in the unit.