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06-12-2008, 16:59
For the last two weeks i have been doing my mock GCSE exams at school, and between revision i found myself getting very board. Seeing i was revising at home and let myself have a half hour break every soo often i knew i wouldnt have enough time to sit down and paint, so it was decided to dust off the armitures, green stuff and scuplting tools which i have for a year now and have only been used to fill gaps in on models. Which meant going from filling gaps to creating a whole model out of green stuff at the begining seemed like it was going to be impossible, but over the past four days iv been working hard, buidling up the model and sketching ideas for my first ever sculpt.

i know its not great, not matter how much i wish i could sculpt like the guys at head office i knew that, that mircale wasnt going to happen on my first sculpt specialy seeing im 16 so with out wasting any more time of me talking here are the wip pictures.

iv stuck a head on because i want to leave sculpting faces until i get better with doing small details, hence the skull on the knee pad and beeded knecklace with the symbol of the inquisitors power.




06-12-2008, 17:18
I've seen Vets sculpt worse power armour than that. The biggest suggestion I can give you is to keep an eye on your proportions and keep practicing. You've made a great first start.


Saul Tarvitz
06-12-2008, 17:25
Its an excellent start and brilliant work for your first attempt at sculpting. The only thing I could recommend for future sculpts is to bulk it out a little bit if its destined to be a Marine, though for an Inquisitor he's about broad enough, though like biggreengribbly has said make sure you keep an eye on your proportions as you go.

One thing I've seen suggested is to take a picture of a human (if your sculpting a humanoid), and shrink it down to the scale your sculpting in and use that as a guide for proportions.

06-12-2008, 20:18
thanks for the adive, after i finish the inquisitor im going to hav a go at a chaos warrior from the art work of age of reckoning so i can have a camparison of sculpting large and small models, so i can hopefuly get the proportions of any further models correct.

06-12-2008, 20:33
Gotta agree with whats been said, its a nice job so far but the proportions are quite a way out for where he needs to be at to be a marine. Even GW's marines are a little off!

Keep it up and like the guys have suggested, use some sort of scale reference.



06-12-2008, 21:00
This is a very decent start mate. You should be proud. Keep this up.

06-12-2008, 21:12
Looks nice, a different style.

You revised for your mocks?! I'm halfway through, and I haven't struggled yet ;)

06-12-2008, 21:13
okay i lied i only revised for history, thank god because in the exam i ended up writing 8 pages and getting a A

06-12-2008, 22:17
For a first ever sculpt, this is really awesome! Great work!

Getifa Ubazza
06-12-2008, 22:33
Looking good there.

07-12-2008, 00:25
bwah? History? Mine was easy, I had 20mins spare.

that may be bad for me ;)

BTW have you thought of A bionic eye?

07-12-2008, 04:03
Looks good. Would make a good scout sergeant or a Telion counts-as.


07-12-2008, 17:08
possibly but il see how the rest of him turns out first