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07-12-2008, 19:47
Ok, so this is my first ever battle repport, so go easy on me.
I dont have any pictures, and i have just spent almost one hour in Paint trying to make some maps, but it is toooooo tiresome (almost finished turn one).
So the game was earlier tonight, i played dwarfs against wood elves. Last time i played this guy he got a solid victory. This time i would try to do it differently.
The army lists:

Lord, shieldbearers, RoStone, RoResistance, MRoChallenge, Great Weapon 231
Runesmith, great weapon, RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaking 129
Thane, BSB, RoCleavin, RoFury, MRoGromril 160

19 Warriors, shield, Musician, Standard 186
19 Longbeards, Musician, Standard, RoBattle 268
10 Quarellers, Shield 120
10 Thunderers, shield 150
18 Ironbreakers, Full command, RoBattle, RoStoicism 314
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration, RoBurning 90
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration, RoBurning, RoSeeking, 105
Organ Gun 120
Organ Gun 120

Wood Elves, (not too sure about everything, but i write all i know, but no points costs)

Noble, 3+ward against non-magical attacks, move 9" +1 att (i think)

Spellcaster lvl 3 (some powerstones)
Spellcaster lvl 2 (powerstone, both spellcasters might have had more items, but they werent used)

3x10 glade guards
5 glade riders
5 wild riders
6 wardancers
5 wyawatchers
10 (maybe a bit more) dryads
4 warhawks
1 treeman

Prebattle thoughts:
My two bolt throwers we of course designed to be anti-treeman, and the organ guns were anti skirmishers. Last game i tried to move my units... bad idea i found out. So this time i was gonna curl up in a corner and let him come to me and hopefully blast some of his units in the process.

The terrain: 6'x4', in my deplyment zone there was one piece of wood in my left corner. There was another piece of wood in the middle to the right and one to the left. One hill in his deplyment zone, and one next to the hill on the right middle part of the board.
This meant i would have to deploy in my right corner to stay as far away from any woods as possible, and indeed only one piece was ever used.
I set up in a diagonal line to deny any flanks from the right warriors, longbeards and Ironbreakers, then a bolt thrower, thunderers and organ gun. In front of the warriors i put the other bolt thrower and organ gun and then the quarellers in front of the other two units (also diagonal pointing towards the big gap in the middle, after i saw he wasnt putting any units on my right to go behind the hill).
His setup: As forward as possible his setup was from (my left) wild riders, wardancers, gladeriders, dryads, the three characters warhawks and treeman, the 3x10 glade guard was setup just behind all these, and the waywatchers in the woods in front of his battle line just next to the woods (i find it difficult to give an accurate describtion of the scenery, the hill and woods on my right side were the only scenery of importance and he only went to the (my) left of it through the middle).
Even with +1 i lost the roll to go first.

WE turn 1
Spellcasters both enter the woods (and stay there the whole game) as do the treeman. Both cavalry units march forward to my left (to stay out of range of thunderers and quarellers, but still in range of he organ gun). Wardancers, dryads and warhawks move up behind them with the noble.
Magic: Even after spending all my DD and both my runes of spellbreaking he still managed to move the forest all the way along the hill to only few inches away from my battleline just in front of my quarellers. Pretty annoying, took away LOS from my artillery on the right.
Shooting: Saw one thunderer fall and a few quarellers being strangled by soe roots (thats how close the treeman was now).

Dwarfs turn 1
Not much movement, the warriors move to the side of the bolt thrower and organ gun on the right, other two units shuffle a bit to take on the treeman should he come out to play and the quarellers reform to two ranks.
Shooting: Not alot of succes in this round. Organ gun on the left takes out 3 wild riders and the thunderers kill two glade riders, everything else cant see anything.

WE turn 2
Both cavalry units fails their charge on the organ gun (sitting in the back of my deployment zone), so they move forwards and the wardancers, warhawks and dryads follow behind them. Again all glade guard move up 5".
Magic: Kills some quarellers with a spell i cant remember the name of (i think its the only damage spell they have) and cast ethereal on the three remaining glade riders.
Shooting: Another couple of quarellers fall to some roots (roots???) and the glade guards kill a couple of thunderers.

Dwarfs turn 2
Warriors continue to go around the blot thrower so i have the wood from two sides.
Shooting: Again my two artillery pieces on the right can see nothing. But the organ gun on the left aims at the wardancers and wipes them out with 10 shots! Woohoo! The thunderers then kills one dryad... Boltthower misses the glade riders.

WE turn 3
This time the two cavalry units can easily charge the organ gun and so does the noble, one unit and the noble from the side. The warhawks move up behind the flank charging unit and the dryads move behind the wood. This turn the waywatchers try their luck by moving to the edge of the forest.
Magic: Miscast by the lvl3 trying to cast the damage spell, takes a wound and cant cast that spell again. Other than that nothing happens.
Shooting: Glade guard now take the thunderers to two remaining dwarfs and yet another few quarellers die to those blasted roots. The waywatchers shoot at the right organ gun but he fail to wound anything.
Combat: Not surpisingly the organ gun crew is wiped out, the noble overruns into the thunderers (who flee never to return in order to leave him unengaged for the MRoChallenge, muahaha) and the two wild riders overrun into the bolt thower crew, while the gladeriders fail to restrain and pursue off the board.

Dwarfs turn 3
Here i make a blasted mistake! I turn my ironbreakers with the Lord in order to use the MRoChallenge in his next movement phase, but i forgot to wheel enough to make him run off the board WHEN he would (if not die) lose the combat with this unit, ARGH!
Shooting: The waywatchers saw it was a mistake to peek out of the woods when they were staring down 4 barrels of the organ gun, they were wiped out.
Combat: The two wildriders kill one bolt thrower crewman, but the crewmen are stubborn and stay where they are.

WE turn 4
I make the noble charge my ironbreakers with lord. Treeman also tries his luck and moves to the edge of the forest and the warhawks move behind my battle line (to the right of the bolt thrower combat and behind my longbeards and warriors. Dryads shuffle behind the woods.
Magic: Nothing really important.
Shooting: Now that there are no more thunderers the archers start shooting at my warriors felling a couple or three, the treeman sees the last quarellers off and the warhawks hit nothing.
Combat: Wild Riders hit nothing against the bolh thrower crew, who in turn takes one of them off his high horse. His noble fails to wound my lord and m lord in turn fails to infilct a wound on him thanks to the blasted 3+ ward save. He runs though, but as i said i wasnt diagonal enough to make him run off the board (even though he rolled 16 for fleeing), so sad, just one inch of wheeling would have been enough. I restrain

Dwarf turn 4
My Ironbreakers charge the last wild rider in combat with the bolt thrower crew in the flank. Again i make a mistake, i fail to block the treeman's charge passage to the organ gun on the right.
Shooting: I need a 3 to hit the treeman with the bolt thrower on the right and roll a 1. The organ gun kills 2 warhawks though.
Combat: The last wild rider dies of course.

WE turn 5
Treeman charges the organ with the warhawks, glade riders come back on the board moving away to claim a table quarter. Noble rallies. Dryads enter the woods, and all archers move up to get a better shot at my warriors.
Magic: From now on, there is not much magic, no trees need moving.
Shooting: More warriors fall to evil elven arrows (two i think).
Combat: My organ gun is wiped out and the warhawks overrun into the bolt thrower and the treeman overruns a bit behind my battleline.

Dwarf turn 5
A bit of shuffling to get out of the way of those archers, and longbeards turn to face the treeman.
Shooting: My unengaged flaming str 7 bolt thrower fails to hit on a 2 plus.
Combat: The warhawks fails to hurt my stout bolt thrower crewmen. They deal three wounds in return and the remaining wounded warhawk falls back (hit'n'run).

WE turn 6
Noble runs off to safety and the treeman tries (but is unable) to get out of LOS of my two bolt throwers. Archers again moves up a bit to get a clearer shot at my warriors, and the remaining warhawk flies off to safety.
Magic: Again nothing to speak of
Shooting: Archers and treeman together takes my warriors to 11, just enough to not get points :D

Dwarfs turn 6
No movement
All there is left is two flaming str7 bolt thrower shots at the treeman... Hitting on 2+... one hits (d'oh) and wounds (yes!), BUUUT he makes his ward save (and now i am wondering, does he really have a ward save against magical attacks???).

And so the game ended... Wood Elves trying to run circles around some dwarfs in a corner. A draw (as you might have guessed).
I do think i could have won this game if i had brought my head in a few situations (the lord and the treeman) and also with a total of three shots i feel the treeman should have been dead.
The organ guns performed well... Not only dealing some damage, but also attracting all the attention off my oponent.
Overall an entertaining but somewhat boring game. My setup was quite effective and he lost alot of possibilities by ignoring my right flank around the hill.
Hope you could follow what happened and enjoyed reading it. Please feel free to post any comments you might have. Maybe i forgot something so something else seems weird.
Thanks for looking

07-12-2008, 20:44
Great report, TonyFlow! Although I would have really liked to see some photos of your awesome classic dwarves in action... (nit-picking, I know)

The treeman wasn't entitled to a ward save VS your magical bolt thrower (have your friend look up the "tree spirit" rule), so his possible demise could have netted you enough points for a win! (he should have died earlier, though...bad rolling on your part!)

I liked the write-up, easy to follow and nice to see you pointing out the various mistakes you think you made in hindsight; it will only help you get better!

I've found that against wood elves, the Rune of Challenge has limited use due to the abundance of Immune to Psychology troops. Congrats on getting a use out of it.

Last but not the least, welcome to this part of Warseer, I hope we get to read many reports of your dwarves (and Trolls, of course)..

As for the maps, look up a battle report map generator someone over at Warhammer-empire has created. I use it for all my maps and it speeds up the process. (I'll see if I can find a link, my first battle report has it I think)


08-12-2008, 06:28
Happy Doctor, thanks for reading my battle report! Next time it will be with pictures i promise. I didnt plan on doing a battle repport, but when i got home i thought why not and started doing those idiotic paint maps,, and thought there mausts be an easier way and dropped it.
ARGH! I knew the treeman didnt have a wardsave and continued to roll a 5 on the d3 wounds and he should have died then (tthey double on flammable, right?). I will certainly remember to point this out to hi next time i see him, though i am sure he didnt cheat me on purpose, we had a very good time playing this game.
The master rune of challenge was its weight worth in gold. Although i didnt finish him off (due to my own stupidity) it made sure he couldnt follow the warhawks and glade riders behind my lines. And that was my intention, to use it against either warhawks or the noble. So it really paid off.
I have been following your excellent battle reports with great interest and they are the greatest inspiration to me (ok i promise to post in your thread as well hehe).
There will be more dwarf battle reports but it will take a while untill my trolls are done. But they WILL be done.
Thanks for looking!

08-12-2008, 20:28
Ya, that treemen got lucky, and next time you'll know about your magical warmachines.

I think you need a bit more shooting in the army to force your opponent to come to you. Maybe down grade the ironbreakers to regular warriors (2+ to a 3+ save) and this will free the points to get another unit of quarrellers.

Good report and looking forward to more.

09-12-2008, 03:35
Yeah i think you are right, none of my combat blocks are going to see any action against woodies anyways... So more shooting it is!