View Full Version : strigos flying circus. 2000 points

08-12-2008, 14:40
remembering the old days i wanted to do a strigoes flying circus once again. i ahe been messing with the book and here is what i got.

Vampire lord+abysal terror walking dead red fury summon creatures of the 515night with dread lance and flayed halbrek. (goes in fell bats unless monstrous creatures cant do that)

Vampire on hellsteed dark acoltye summon creatures of the night hand of dust(goes with one of 3 fell bat groups.) 215

Vampire on hellsteed dark acoltye summon creatures skabscrath 195
*(goes in other fell bat grp)

3X3 Batswarms 315
3x20 zombies 240
3x6 fell bats(two vamps here) 360
1x8 fell bats (lord here) 160
This army is pure for the fluff and seems like it might be fun to play wth (not sure agaisnt though)

Lord Malorne
08-12-2008, 14:52
Non of those heroes'/lords may join flying units, heroes on flying mounts can't join any unit and IIRC a unit of fliers can't be joined at all (in the case of hlying horro or what not).

Best you can do is flying heroes/lords flying around hiding and casting magic.

08-12-2008, 15:07
Since charecters cant join any of my units i will have them hide out. if it isnt zombies then its to the flanks with the vampires staying closest to the zombies to summon more/stay hidden. all fell bats and bat swarms are going to be split between the flanks along with the lord. lord should break anyone on the charge or the fell bats will bog them down.

08-12-2008, 15:21
I have seen a flying circus with ghoul units with flying vampires (avatar of death, flying horror i think, not sure), ghoulkin and a BSB with hellsteed, war banner and walking death, and some units of fell bats