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08-12-2008, 19:50
please rate this 2500pt list i intent to use in a friendly game against dwarfs tomorrow.

supreme sorc lvl4, black staff, pegasus
using her for strong magic offence.

sorc lvl2 dagger *leads warriors*
support for the supreme sorc.

master hvy armour, sdc, halberd, lifetaker *leads xbowmen*
this guy adds to the xbowmen firepower as well as boosting they combat ability. intend on moving them forward to a good firing position. if the dwarfs decide to charge them ill have 1 rank, standard plus 3 re roll attacks at str6.

23 warriors, full command, shields

12 corsairs handbows, musician
support unit handy extra shots plus slaver rule.

15 xbowmen full command, shields
see master.

5 dark riders, musician, herald, xbows
5 dark riders, musician, herald, xbows
harass, flank charges, warmachine hunting.

10 coldone knights full command, standard of slaughter
main hammer unit. go down a flank crush any dwarf unit they come across. within reason. banner will assist in making sure i win combat on first round an auto break with fear hopefully.

16 black guard full command, hydra banner
secoundary hammer unit. hydra banner adding to their killyness.

5 shades
annoyance, harass.

2 repear bolt throwers
much needed fire support.

think these are well worth their points.

08-12-2008, 20:07
black guard cannot take the hydra banner as it exceeds their banner point limit. The only way you can take that banner is with a BSB.

You should probably add the pendant to your supreme sorceress.

Playing against dwarves, I would drop some knights and add some warmachine hunting / screening harpy units to protect some of your other units.

08-12-2008, 20:21
**oops. silly mistake here. maybe ill replace this with the piercing attack banner.

**im hoping her flying movment will be enough to keep her out of sight from range attcks.

**im not going to drop knights for two reasons 1) i want to outnumber/fear auto-break. 2) if i loose a few to missile fire still want them to be effective.

thanks for the input.

08-12-2008, 20:45
regarding your sorceress, your playing dwarves, so if he brings a cannon or a stone thrower, those are guess range weapons with 60 inch range I believe, so how do you plan to hide her from a cannon on a hill?