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08-12-2008, 23:08
Sorcerer lord Kha’azytzeen
Mark of Tzeentch, lvl 4, Daemon blade, enchanted shield, steed, Third eye of Tzeentch
429 pts

Sorcerer Tcha’gim
Mark of Tzeentch, lvl 2, Infernal puppet
175 pts

Sorcerer Seta’char
Mark of Tzeentch, lvl 2, power familiar, dispel scroll
190 pts

24 Chaos Marauders
Mark of Tzeentch, Full command, light armour, shields
184 pts

24 Chaos Marauders
Mark of Tzeentch, Full command, light armour, shields
184 pts

5 Marauder horsemen
Musician, Flails
81 pts

18 Chaos Chosen of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch, Full command, Favour of the Gods, Rage banner, halberds, shields
450 pts

6 Chaos knights
Mark of Tzeentch, Standard, Musician
290 pts

Basically the sorcerers go with the blocks of marauders and the lord with the knights.

The lords combo has been a huge success story for me. Needing to be S6 to modify his save to a 3+ hes really been survivable whilst pumping out an avg of 6 S6 attacks.

The chosen are golden. I know 12 is a preferred unit size but atm they are getting to combat with 8-9 models so reducing them would be ...

Im aware chaos warriors are sub par but i love them :D

09-12-2008, 03:20
I too am a fan of chosen and warriors. Sure they attract some fire but once they get to the battle line it's a thing of beauty. One question, is your lord a Chaos Lord or Sorcerer Lord?

Also, I like to run an exalted with my chosen and give them the blasted standard along with the mark of Tzeentch. You may want to think about that instead of the banner of rage, especially with a unit of that size. It's no doubt a fire magnet, and that could really help its survivability.

If you added the banner you might be able to drop a chosen or two and add in some hounds. All in all though I like it.

09-12-2008, 03:33
thats a sorcerer lord, it's been tooled up to deal with combat by the looks of it as they are already powerful enough in the magic phase.

bork da basher
09-12-2008, 08:17
i think you should rethink the way your arming your lord, a demon blade will proberly kill him off in a turn or two of combat, im not sure why you want him in combat in the first place. id stick him on a disc, give a decent ward save and a book of secrets/power familiar and use him as a mobile shootydeath platform. a nice trick with book of secrets is to take steed of shadows and combine it with exalted champs made from marauders with the spell call to glory. i use 3 sorcerers and often find my dispel dice are enough to take the enemy magic phase down to nothing. a scroll may not ne needed unless you really MUST stop a spell. generally enemy wizards are suffering with pandemonium/infernal puppet combo meta game though.

the rest looks ok to me but id be concerned with such a hugeass chosen unit, especially a frenzied one. if i were playing you a big fat grin would be accross my chops as a 30pts hound unit took them for a tour of the battlefield. id proberly drop them down to 12 myself and try to pick up another unit of marauders or a good few units of hounds.

09-12-2008, 12:33
My sorcerer lord works amazing. Saying he will kill himself in 1-2 rounds of combat?

Erm he avergaes 6 S6 attacks.

thats 1 hit against himself that needs to wound, 2+ then he has to fail his armour 3+ then he has a 6+ ward for a laugh.

Thats 3 rounds to do one wound to himself assuming all wound and he fails the ward.

09-12-2008, 12:34
Oh and its surpisingly hard to bait M4 troops effectvily when played by a competant general and flanked by 2 marauder blocks.