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10-12-2008, 08:08
My Empire Knights led by a Templar Grand Master flank charge a unit of Boar Boyz, arranged in one rank. Somehow the Boar Boyz hold.

In subsequent round of combat, the Templar goes first because he has the highest initiative, and kills the only Boar Boy in base contact with the Knight unit.

Can any of the rest of the Empire Knights fight this round? It is their turn to fight, but none of them are in base contact because the model in contact has been slain. Can the Templar's horse fight?

Lord of Skulls
10-12-2008, 08:26
I'm quite sure that you work out what models get to strike at the beginning of the close combat round, but I don't have the book here to check it.

10-12-2008, 08:36
As long as the model that died is rank and file, the other models in contact can strike into the unit.

10-12-2008, 09:42
When it is the *model's turn (as in everyday usage of turn) to fight*, it can attack enemy models in btb.

If there are no enemy models, after rear models step forward, in btb with the RnF knights, the knights cannot strike.

Necromancy Black
10-12-2008, 10:25
DeathlessDraich has it right.

So basically work it all out by initiative. If too models have the same initiative, and you roll one model first and it kills the only enemy in base to base contact, the second would still get to attack as it was also their "chance" to fight at the same time.

If the intiative is different, as I think it was in your case, and the model with higher intiative kills the only model, the next model won't be able to attack as it's no in base to base contact when it gets it's "chance" to attack.

It isn't clearly stated, but the best section is on page 32, "Which models fight?", first paragraph.

10-12-2008, 11:23
Sorry to semi-hijack this. Does this mean that in the situation above the Grand Master would be in base to base contact with an Orc character or Champion and he kills it no orc RNF is in base contact so no other Knight can hurt the orcs?

To make it more complicated, what if this Orc issued a challenge and the Grand Master accepted would this mean the two heroes fight it out while the rest of the Knights can't do anything because they aren't in base contact?

10-12-2008, 11:28
The rules for challenges explicitly state that it can mean that some models will not get to attack if they are only in contact with the challengers.

10-12-2008, 11:49
The rules for challenges explicitly state that it can mean that some models will not get to attack if they are only in contact with the challengers.


The answer to your first question is yes.
If there's a character or champ on the corner of the unit, the knights + templar can only attack the champ/character. If the champ/character dies before all the models could strike, then those remaining models cannot fight anymore.

10-12-2008, 12:16
Tis a sticky one, but keeps your cavalry alive when they get flanked by a block of cheese

*cough*Mannfred and Blood Knights*cough*