View Full Version : 1500 point Daemon army

10-12-2008, 19:53
Hi there everyone. I'm currently in the process of getting back into Fantasy, and originally wanted to start things off with a Warriors of Chaos army. However, it seems that there's a massive amount of the things floating around my area at the moment, and I've never been one to seemingly follow trends. So, still wanting to be a devoted follower of Chaos, I thought I might give Daemons a shot. Oh, and having the army book already helps a little too;)

Now, what I'm looking for from all you more experienced Daemon generals, is what would constitute a decent 1500 point Daemons army? I'm looking to include Daemons of all(or at least mostly all) Gods, and want it to be a combined force, if possible. Anything you have to say would be helpful, so fire away.

Oh, one last thing. Price(aka money) is somewhat important, although I know Daemons aren't the cheapest army to collect.