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10-12-2008, 21:21
This seems like a stupid question that I should understand but I'll ask anyway.
I was just reading the combat res chart about breaking ranks.

Imagine this scenario and let me know if my understanding is correct. If you wouldn't mind looking at the combat res chart again if you are unsure that would be great.


My unit charges your unit in the front. My other unit charges your unit in the side. Both of my units are more than US5.

During combat I kill a couple guys, you kill a couple guys from the side.


Ok, so we add up CR. I did 3 wounds but don't get the flank bonus because my Side unit is now US3. You did 2 wounds, outnumber.

But you don't get your rank bonus because (and here is where my recent reading makes a fuss) because you do not gain your rank bonus back until the beginning of the following turn.

Do I have this correct?
The combat res chart is on page 38 and this rule is the last sentence of the fourth paragraph under 'Extra Ranks'.

Cheers for replies.

Devon Harmon
10-12-2008, 21:36
Sounds right. Rank bonus is calculated at the beginning of combat before casualties are caused. Since the unit attacking the flank was US 5 or more, the rank bonus of my unit is negated (unless the unit attacking the flank is skirmishing, see pg. 67).

You calculate the Flank Attack +1 CR bonus after casualties are removed. In this case, the unit attacking the flank is now only US 3, so that side will not get the +1 CR bonus.

Assuming we are still fighting in the next Close Combat phase, I will be able to use my rank bonus (in your illustration, +2 CR), as the unit attacking the flank is less than US 5 at the beginning of combat.

10-12-2008, 21:43
yup matches up with how i read the ruels and how my group plays. rank bonus is taken based on start of cmbat, flank/rear bonus taken based on post combat count.

Necromancy Black
10-12-2008, 21:49
Page 38, under Extra Rank in teh combat res section. In the 4th paragraph it says:

"The bonus is lost if the unit is fighting to it's flank or it's rear against an enemy unit with a unit strength of 5 or more. Note that this applies while the enemy unit in the flank/rear is in combat - if the enemy breaks or flees, or is reduced to a unit strength of less then 5, the unit regains it's rank bonus at the begining of the following turn."

Underline is mine. Basically you did it correctly, he won't get his rank bonus's back until the next turn.

10-12-2008, 21:51
Cheers. I thought I had it right, I just wanted to check in case I was missing something.