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12-12-2008, 12:27
I have never used this list, but i want to try if it's viable to play an army without marks with the new book

Exalted - steed, shield, BSB, banner of the gods - 281

Sorcerer - lvl 2, steed, dispell scroll - 161

Sorcerer - lvl 2, steed, dispell scroll - 161

21 marauders - full command, light armor, shield - 146

10 marauders - great weapons, musician - 54

15 warriors - full command, shields, rapturous standard - 290

5 hounds - 30

5 hounds - 30

6 knights - standard - 260

chariot - 120

chariot - 120

10 chosen - great weapons, shields, champion with favor of the gods - 235

2 spawns - 110


The list is just for fun, it's obiously not great, infantry and no magic heavy is bad for WOC; i have simply put together the units i like, but probably i should do a lot of changes (chosen models look great, but still are too expensive, maybe a gigant is better for the same points; and not sure about playing non khorne chariots either..)

suggestions? If may end marking characters, but for this army i want all the units undivided (feel free to say that this will never work and that i should give up:rolleyes:)

Lord Malorne
12-12-2008, 12:31
Halberds would be better for the Chosen IMO. Also the warbanner if at all possible would do great on the knights, and banner of wrath would be better than rapurous standard on the warriors, dropping the small marauder unit would get you those points as the role they fill is done better by the other units in your list.

Many people say you can't mono god, IMO thats just rubbish.

12-12-2008, 18:53
A lot of people feel that the banner of the Gods is overpriced, I have never really tried it, but that is 125pts that could be something else. Just a thought.