View Full Version : I have a lizard problem...

12-12-2008, 21:42
So my best friend plays Lizardmen and we only get to play about once a month or so, but it's very frustrating because his lizards always trounce my High Elves (go ahead and get your laughter out of the way).

Anyways, here is his list (more or less)


2 units of 15 Saurus (full command)
About 40 blasted Skinks (all of them scout)
6 Salamanders (these things cause me the most trouble because they can easily blast a whole unit of mine to hell and back)
2 units of 3 Terradons (these tend to take out my bolt throwers pretty quickly)
Another problem are his two scroll caddies with their total of 4(!) dispel scrolls so that pretty much has cancelled my magic out
He also switches between a unit of cold ones and Kroxigors
Finally he usually runs two Saurus characters, think one of them is an oldblood

Now this is the list I'm thinking of taking for the next game

Level 4 Archmage with the Book of Hoeth (all the dispel scrolls in the world won't do him any good against irresistible force)
Level 2 Mage with the Jewel of the Dusk
BSB with Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, and great weapon
2 units of 19 Spears (full command)
10 archers
2 units of 6 Silver Helms (full command), yeah I know Dragon Princes are better but I actually have these models and they're cheaper
2 Tiranoc Chariots
18 Phoenix Guard (full command, Banner of Sorcery)
2 Bolt throwers

Any advice on giving those scaly, cold-blooded SoBs a taste of their own destruction? Thanks in advance!