View Full Version : Change of pace, double PD VC, 2k

13-12-2008, 08:55
So, I usually play around 7-9 PD VC, with only lord doing the casting, it often is adequate but very rarely overpowering. My black coach also has been left to the shelf lately, so I tried to change this. How did I do?
Vampire lord: lvl3, master of black arts, forbidden lore (vampires), summon ghouls, skullstaff, flayed hauberk, balefire spike, nightmare=475
Vampire: dark acolyte, nightshroud, sword of might, talisman of lycni=175
Vampire: bsb, dread knight, walking death, 2 scrolls=225 (didn't expect that? :p )
Mannfred the Acolyte: barded nightmare, book of arkhan=240

13 ghouls: ghast=112
13 ghouls: ghast=112
21 zombies: musician=88
Corpse cart: balefire=100

18 Grave guard: FC, warbanner=271

Black coach=200
=1998, 12PD, 7DD

There will be no "bunker", as I think all of the heroes can take a charge (except Mannfred, he won't be left behind but I'll need to be careful with him). The opponent will be using Magicky dark elves (lvl4+2xlvl2 sorcs, 2 chariots, a hydra being the damage dealers there), so the cart won't be wasted.

I would have liked to cram more units and stuff in there, but characters turned out expensive. No wolves, no bats, smallish regiments, only one rare, things like that.


13-12-2008, 18:07
I personally dont like Black coachs. drop 20 points and u could have a unit of 4 blood knights (but thats just me) that and i dont think any of your Vampires can take a charge.

13-12-2008, 19:26
your guys are on nightmares, but you have no knights in the army? if you are using it for maneuverability then i suggest the flying nightmare.

at any rate, i think BSBs for VC dont do anything. you dont need the reroll for break tests, and your particular build has a high chance of dying, since he only has heavy armor and a shield. thus you would lose his walking death AND bsb points, since they are calculated at the end. the main thing you haveta worry about is DE assassins. can your characters kill them? i dont know. but that is up to you to decide.

playing with coaches is always a gamble, really. it is such a great freaking model too!

and i dont really like any upgrades for my corpse carts, but whatever. lets hope you keep the cart close, but not too close to the DE.

15-12-2008, 10:45
I think the upgrade for the cart is essential, and I do think as2+ is enough for my BSB and Lord (flayed hauberk/ barded steed shield heavy armour) against s3 attacks for a while.
BSB has been a winner for me, it brings CR, it saves "lives" (especially valuable for low model count units or those difficult to heal, like the coach here).

About nightmares: I'm not using them for maneouvrebility, they are for filling the ranks and armour saves, lord's mount is there for the balefire spike mainly. Flying nightmares suck, just plain SUCK, I just won't keep my characters flying on US2 mounts against shooty&macicky DE, they can't be hiding in anywhere with those steeds.