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Commissar Masyk
13-12-2008, 19:14
So, I've just recently gotten into WHFB, and I decided upon dwarves as my first army because, well... I have a bunch from BFSP, haha. Anyways I've got my army book, my rule book, and a couple of games under my belt, and I'm upgrading my current list from 1500 to 2000.

So without further ado, here's what I'm thinking of.

Runesmith (general): 2x runes of spellbreaking, rune of stone, great weapon - 129
Goes with the hammerers.

Thane: bsb, mro gromril, rune of striking, rune of striking/2x rune of speed - 135
Goes with the longbeards.

25 Warriors: full command, shields - 250

25 Warriors: full command, shields - 250

19 Longbeards: shields, full command, master rune of grungi - 303 points

10 Thunderers: shields - 150

19 Hammerers: full command, rune of courage - 288

Cannon: rune of forging - 125

Grudge thrower: rune of accuracy, rune of reloading, engineer - 130 points

Bolt thrower: Engineers - 60

Bolt thrower: Engineers - 60

Organ Gun - 120

Basically, the warriors are the anvil and the hammerers and longbeards act as the hammer. Artillery and thunderers draws them in, warriors tie them up, hammerers/longbeards flank charge. Artillery (specifically bolt throwers) hunt chariots, flyers and the like. Runesmith is magic denial, and thane chops things up.

C&C appreciated.

15-12-2008, 05:16
If I were you I would RE-Read your dawrfs book a thane as the bsb can only take standard runes and thats all. I would suggest the MRo stromni redbeard. (+1 to ALL combats withing 12" is nice)

15-12-2008, 05:27
Ignore the fool, as long as you don't have Standard Runes you BSB can have normal runes (sorry about the fool comment, RE-Read you army book next time.) I like you setup but I would try to find a way to get some runes (any runes) on those bolt throwers. It makes their attacks magical which is really nice when you need it. Also, the Rune of Fire (did I get that right, too tired to check) helps if you have to spear a Wood Elf Treeman. Maybe give up the runes of speed (trust me, you're going last.)

15-12-2008, 18:10
I would swap the RStriking and 2x RSpeed on your Thane for a RCleaving. I don't like grudgethrowers...I'm an old fashioned dwarf but I don't trust scatter die...whimsical elfish stuff they are. Personally, if you're going to use it drop some runes on it to give one BT the RPenetrating and one or both the RBurning. S7 is a good way to deal swiftly w/chariots. And burning S7 and S6 D3 wounds are good ways of taking out regenerating gribblies or flammable mummies and treejerks.

19-12-2008, 15:12
For my part I love grudge thrower. You can put a Rune of penetrating and have str 5 hits with no armour saves. Againts good armour troops like WOC or grave guard, black orcs, it can be devastating.

I think you have a very solid list with good block of infantry with support shooting. The only thing I can see is that you should find a way to include a gyrocopter. This rare unit is SOOOO good. March blocking to ensure a couple more rounds of shooting and the ability to breath. Ok, the breath weapon is strengh 3 with -1 save but against elves, skaven, men or goblin is really nasty. I almost forgot that you can redirect charges and like fast cavalery, flee, rally and move again.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
19-12-2008, 15:56
I agree with what Aeolthir said about the grudge thrower and if you give it the reroll rune thing and give it a master engineer it can reroll both dice and its disgusting with strength five. No slayers or ironbreakers or miners? They are always fun to play with :) Hammerers are great too. You might want to make a thane fighty. Or take a dwarf lord that is the best way to get complete use of the hammerers.

19-12-2008, 17:53

Interesting list. I will offer some generic advice, but if you want really good advice, can you please tell the community what sorts of armies you will be facing regularly? Suggesting runes of fire is great, unless you fight against dragon princes on a regular basis. ;)

Looking at your army, I would say that you have one too many units of ranked infantry. I would drop the one unit of warriors in order to augment the rest of the list. You also do not really need the cannon - it really isn't a great deal compared to what grudge throwers and bolt throwers do for you already.

Suggested additions/option:
Thane, Great Weapon, Rune of Stone - dirt cheap added punch
A gyrocopter - essential to buy the rest of your shooting more time
Runes on your bolt throwers - strength and flaming
Runes on your grudge thrower - strength and flaming

I would also switch the hammerers for ironbreakers - without a Dwarf Lord, the ironbreakers are a more solid choice, IMHO.

If you are facing undead or daemons, I would strongly suggest that you have the rune of courage in all your combat blocks - give it to the BSB and put in with the warriors.

Best of luck.

Carlos the Craven

19-12-2008, 18:00
Your unit of hammerers and longbeards working side by side in the middle would be scary.