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14-12-2008, 05:01
I've always loved the Tomb Kings background, and now my brother and I are just starting to play with them. But I don't really know what works and what doesn't.
Also my collection is pretty small with no scorpions (that why there aren't any in the list).


Tomb King, Chariot, Golden Eye, Flail, Collar of Shapesh, Golden Ahnkra, Lt armour, shield

Icon Bearer, Chariot, Mirage Standard, Lt armour,

Liche Priest, Steed, Hieratic Jar

Liche Priest, Cloak of the Dunes, Dispell scroll


30 Skeleton Warriors, lt Armour, full command, banner of the undying legion

10 Skeleton Bowman

8 Light Horseman

3 Chariots, Full command


3 Ushabiti

Screaming Skull catapult, skulls of the foe 20pts

Bone Giant

Overall total 2003pts

As always tips, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

14-12-2008, 05:19
im assuming the cloaked priest is your hierophant. which seems to be a pretty regular build. also your king has a flail AND a shield. o.O

i dont like BSBs in undead armies. the +1 CR isnt worth it, imo. unless you REALLY want that mirage standard. go instead with a prince, or another priest.

plus this army is a 2003 pt army, which ISNT a 2000 pt army.(take the useless shield off the king) 2000 pt armies are 2000 pts, or LESS. probably not a big deal in friendly games, but whatever.

chariots are great. no banner for them though? banner of the eye, or war banner are good.
i dont like horsemen, but who knows. they dont do much damage with their bows, although i could forsee them march blocking.
banner of the undying legion should really be saved for tomb guard. you should be able to ressurect skeletons no problem. plus it is a unit of 30. sheesh.

things that fight well in the TK army:
kings on chariots
chariots with full command
tomb guard
bone giants(when not charging +5 CR units)
tomb scorpions
tomb swarms

things you could think about adding? maybe a casket of souls. i love mine. it does a lot even if its spell does NOTHING. -1 wizard casting, and they always haveta save 3 dispel dice for your two dice.

skeleton warriors you will quickly find, are horrible in close combat. therefore i personally like to take massed archers. just a thought.

and lastly remember that your chariots are archers as well. :))