View Full Version : 2k Wood Elves with Spellweaver

14-12-2008, 05:46
Spellweaver, Lvl 4
Stone of the Crystal mere
Ranu's Heartstone
2x Dispel Scroll

Alter Noble, Great Weapon, LA, Shield
Helm of the Hunt
Hail of Doom Arrow

8x Dryad:96
8x Dryad:96
8x Dryad:96
5x Glade Rider, Musician:129
5x Glade Rider, Musician:129

4x Warhawks: 160
6x Wild Riders, Standard, War Banner: 199
6x Wild Riders, Standard, War Banner: 199
8x Wardancer: 144

6x Waywatcher:144


I've never used a spellweaver before, should be fun trying one out. The core of the army is a bunch of dryads and a unit of wardancers that can skirmish around, hopefully getting a combined charge with the Wild Riders. The flying wizard can be where she needs to be to boost leadership, march block, and cast spells. I can even have her kill war machines if I pull of The Bear's Anger. Waywatchers and Warhawk Riders will help her march block and harass. Finally, glade riders are there because they're awesome.

The main thing I'm worried about is a flying death monster like a dragon or a thirster, as I don't have much shooting and don't have a sacrificial treeman. I might try to sacrifice a unit of glade riders and set up a combined charge, but haven't really had experience dealing with large targets so I'm not sure how well this will work. I suppose I'll see in game.


14-12-2008, 07:43
Yeah, Dragons and whatnot will cause huge problems. There are very few things in the WE army that can deal with them, aside from other dragons of course :p

I'd consider getting a Wardancer character or a Branchwraith for slowing down characters. Annoyance of Netlings will make them survive for quite a while. Waywatchers would be my pick for freeing up the ~125 pts. You also can't case Bear's Anger on the mage since she's mounted, so you need someone else to buff with it. Branchies or Wardancers are fantastic to hit with Bear's Anger (remember the Wardancer Noble can still use KB/+1A dances with BA on him), the Alter can be good too, but he's a hard-hitter even without assistance.

The army should be good, really strong magic armies or big Lord-level combat monsters will be a thorn in your side for sure. Be sure to get combo charges wherever possible, most of these units can't break through static CR without help.

Also note that you can't have 2 Warbanners, so you can free up 25 pts for other goodies.

14-12-2008, 17:56
Thanks for the advice. Can I only have one warbanner, though? I thought I could take as many common magic items as I wanted.