View Full Version : "And let the heavens be darken by arrows" 2000 point

14-12-2008, 20:21
Ok I made a list a while back, Finally got the models and want to see what you guys think. It's between this list and my chaos one.

420 - Khalida

160 - Liche Preist, Staff of Ravening
160 - Cloak of Dunes, Heratic Jar (Heirophant)
280 - Liche Preist, Casket of souls

100 - 10x Bowman with poison
100 - 10x Bowman with poison
100 - 10x Bowman with poison
100 - 10x Bowman with poison
300 - 25x warriors w/ spear, shield, light armor, FC, Banner of undying legion.

85 - Tomb Scorpion
85 - Tomb Scorpion

110 - Screaming skull catapult w/ skulls of the foe.

Total = 2000

Pretty obvious list. I really enjoys Khalidas fluff and way she works. Also the skulls are there because they have proven themselves to me. Making a HE general and knight squad run off first turn. Also as a way to help scaven type armies.

15-12-2008, 02:35
I'd strip the unit of infantry warriors slightly and ditch the catapult, so you can add a unit of chariots. Consider a Dispel Scroll or Enkhil's Kanopi, as you have very little other ways of dealing with RIP spells.

15-12-2008, 07:27
... (looks in horror), thats a lot of poisoned bows, your downfall will be cavalry.