View Full Version : Mark of Tzeentch and Golden Eye

14-12-2008, 23:32
So you take a Tzeentch sorcerer and give him Golden Eye of Tzeentch so he has a 3+ ward vs shooting, but does he still have a 6+ ward in close combat?

The MOTz rule specifically says if you have a ward, it just gets improved (it's not written as an option like 'you may if you want', it applies automatically). But fluffwise the reason for the ward save is increased protection, so arguably that is still offered in combat even if the GEOT ward isn't.

I'm interested if anyone has seen something I've missed.

14-12-2008, 23:33
Yes, he does.
His ward save gets increased by 1, if he doesnt have one he gets a 6+ ward.
So vs shooting when he has a ward, it is increased by 1, and in combat when he doesnt have a ward, he gets a 6+ one.

15-12-2008, 00:09
Aye that's what I thought, thanks.