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14-12-2008, 23:55
OY! got my clock cleaned but good, today. had a blast, against some tough opponents and dead hard armies. all the scenarios were xmas themed. here's how it went

my army:
warlord, heavy armor, enchanted shield
Chieftan, BSB, Warbanner
Warlock, 2 dispel scrolls
25 clanrats, fc, (x7)
20 slaves, mu, (x4)
6 nightrunners, xhw (x4)
2 PWG (x6)
24 giant rats, 4 packmasters (x2)
warp lightning cannon (x2)

game one:

opponents: ryan hayward and his woodelfs. he had a treeman general, badass cav, regular elf cav, 3 units of archers, 3 units of dryads, eagle riders, eagle, a branchwraith that caused terror, a noble on a steed with the HoD, and a lvl2 on a horse in with the regular cav.

the scenario: catch Santa, the whilrling uncontrollable bastard.

how it went. he shot the crap out of me, and used the terrain to split my army up. by the time my army got the right flank, the left had collapse and the wild riders snuck around behind my generals unit (who were tied up good) and rear charged them. no real highlights in this game outside of a unit of nightrunners kicking the crap out of his fast cav/wizard. killed 4 on the charge. i had santa, but he busted loose and wailed on my clanrats but good, was about to recapture him when we were forced to quit
result, solid loss, objective: noone got the fatman.

game 2
tom dixon and the demons
scenario: we three kings: make three rank and file mooks characters and get them into the opponts DZ or off the board for bonus battle points.

he had: 2 units of fleshounds, 2 units of horrors, two units of 3 flamers, a unit of bloodletters, a unit of plagueberarers led by a herald bsb with the -2 ld w/in 12" banner, and the big chicken.

how it went. he tried to fly his chicken up my right flank and scare every body off, worked pretty good, then he rear charged a unit of clanrats, and overran out into the open, where upon he was Kentucky fried by a WLC in a single shot! i had put all my messenger characters in a unit of giant rats on the far left flank, they moved off the board without incident, i managed to spend the last half of the game undoing all the damage the flying terror causeing chicken had done, and swatted two of his three messengers.

result: tie: objective +3 points to me for getting all three off the edge.

game 3:
mark burr and his Delfs.

mark had a unit of ASF, Stubborn Black guard, 20 spearmen, two units of shades, two units of xbows, 2 repeater bolt throwers, a units of fast cav, a unit of cold one knights, a hydra, a general who was night unkillable (1+ar, and the inverse wardsave,) a scroll caddy wench on a horse, and a assassin who was bad ass.

the scenario, take and hold a mutant chaos xmas tree in the center, while it did crazey things to the board.

how it went: mark whooped up on me good, i tried to stall him and shoot, but he got past me. managed to flank his spearmen after i drew them off, but they fled and got away. i ate a unit of xbows and overran deep into hios backfield, but stopped short of his hill full of shootyness. he oblitterated that unit with all his shooting. i did manage to kill his general by makeing him flee through a unit of 5 nightrunners, and shot the hydra down with a cannon blast, but not before he'd done way to much damage to me. i managed to assassinate his preistess with depleted night runners, and keep his assassin on the flank out of combat. he fleeing units rallied though, so i didnt get many points. although, at the end of the game, i had two full units of clanrats near the center objective.

result: 700 point loss (solid) objective: +5 battle points to the skaven!


once again i feel like i took a butterknife to a gunfight. maybe it was just bad luck, or bad matchups, or whatever, but i really want to win one of these things, the best i have ever done is 4th. maybe next year. had a good time.

best thing that happend: microwaveing TOm's chicken from 34" away in a single shot.

worst thing that happened. Mark's two cold one kingths and his lord killing 9 skaven on the charge, and bulldozeing my general's unit. 9 freaking kills!!!!

until next time: skitter skitter....

15-12-2008, 00:10
Bad luck Foegnahser but nice quick summarised reports, better luck next tourney!

15-12-2008, 01:32
What are Skaven?

Joke, joke!

Its hard to see what went wrong in such quick reports but overall it sounds like you where outmanuevered. The thing that suprises me is that horde Skaven are normally quite good at controlling the movement phase.

15-12-2008, 11:29
Tough luck I guess, but making a speed-cooked christmas turkey out of a Lord of Change must've been quite something at least

15-12-2008, 22:08
tough luck, foegnasher, I was curious as to how your furry-tide would do. No surprise really it beeing x-mas, I guess the skaven has been naughty ;)

01-01-2009, 19:50
Love the Christmas themed scenarios! Can you go into more specifics on what Whirling Santa and the Mutant Tree did?

01-01-2009, 23:21
thanks for the report(s) :)