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15-12-2008, 03:06
Hey guys, some of you might have noticed the Tactica Dogs of War thread, I'm trying to revitalize my old favorite army and I've had some early success with the following list. Severely thrashed some High Elves and Bretonnians, who were always up there on the "I'm gonna have trouble against these buggers" list. High Elves trumping my pikes ASF, Brets' armor and ward saves and static CR making my pikes totally useless... those were the worries. My bulked out shooting phase seemed to make a big difference compared to my old lists.

The plan: Mercenary General runs with the Venators. Mage goes with the 22 Pikers, Paymaster with Ricco. The Maneater is the Safety in my formation. He can anchor a flank (stubborn), protect the hill full of shooty goodness from flyers and fast cav, or whatever. Acts very similar to the Duellists, except that he has a decent chance of surviving any of these roles :p

So far the Maneater's best role has been to march up to 1" away from a juicy enemy unit, and then spin at a funny angle to force him to expose his flanks to my war machines. And with luck the enemy pursue/overrun into a completely useless position. The Maneater usually dies, but then I get free shots at his flank with the cannon and Goblin-Hewer. Win! So far in 2 games that maneuver has led to the destruction of a big brick of White Lions w/ the Banner of d3 power dice, and a big fat unit of Knights of the Realm w/ tooled up BSB. My War Machines have never had so many flanks to shoot at :D

Heroes = 393 pts

Mercenary General (the cheapo Lord) HA, Shield, Barded Horse, SOM, TOP 155 pts
Paymaster HA, Enchanted Shield, Crossbow 79 pts
Level 2 Wizard, Scroll, Power Stone, Barded Warhorse 159 pts
(Goblin Hewer)

Core = 941 pts

Ricco's Republican Guard x21 312 pts
Pikemen x22, FC, HA 272 pts
Duelists x8, Pistols 72 pts
Crossbowmen x10, musician 90 pts
Voland's Venators x5 195 pts

Special = 453

Maneater HA, Brace of Handguns 90 pts
Mengil's Manflayers x10 363 pts

Rare = 215

Cannon 85
Goblin-Hewer 130

Total = 2002 (I can easily shave a couple points for formal/tourney play, the Paymaster's Crossbow is 10 pts of useless but I like my model who has one)

The other plan for the army is to drop the Mercenary General and Duellists in favor of more magic and another Maneater. A unit of 10 Norse Marauders with flails would be another option, instead of the second Maneater. These guys are frenzied and on 20mm bases, so they are worth the slightly higher points cost compared to Chaos Marauders.

I can shave a few points here and there to make things fit if I have to. The pikes don't need to be quite that big, especially with so many people running units of 10-18 these days I can sit back and be happy with units 5x4.

16-12-2008, 11:45
I am sorry for not having much of any advice on the list, but I just wanted to ask a ? How competitive have you been with the DOW? I ask because I have a whole lot of DOW miniatures and trying to decide what to do with them.

I will say for you list I think just from the quick glance you might want to go for more magic, because most other threads I have read, that is where they say we are the weakest.

Would love to see the army also... Know you’re quite a good painter and you probably did those awesome miniatures some justice.

16-12-2008, 13:54
Well, since the army was painted over the last 10 years, some of the older parts of it are pretty far behind my more recent painting standards :D I've intended to photograph some of the army for a while now, I should get around to it sooner or later. My last exam is today, so that opens up a ton of possibilities for the coming weeks.

Anyway the list has generally been 50/50 for me, some armies I really struggled against and some I had no problem with. When I played a similar DOW list in a staff tournament a few years back I did well against Chaos and Khemri, but got rocked by two Empire players. In fairness, both players took Mortars and Hellblasters to counter my Manflayers, no to hit penalties back then. The Hellblaster rolls to hit now tho right? That might save their butts against the book now.

I think the army would really struggle against new VC and Daemons if they have a solid magic phase. Magic defense is a huge hole in the DOW army, especially since I'm losing hero slots to the Goblin-hewer and the Paymaster. That means absolute max of 5 dispel dice. I'm thinking a level 4 and a level 2 would be cool if I could swing the points, I'll try to crunch the numbers this afternoon.