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25-11-2005, 16:48
What are the questions you ask when your preparing your army list for a tournament?
for instance a friend of my asks himself "how will I deal with a BToK?" and I wanted to know what people ask.

29-11-2005, 00:35
well, im just back into fantasy off a half year break, for my bretonnians that i am building at current the questions i would ask are "do i have enough magic defense to make it untill my knights are in combat?" along with "do i feel i have enough knights to break an enemy unit in 1 turn and not get bogged down?" and always "am i spending to much on characters?" the general questions i ask are "is the army balanced?", "what will happen if my main unit flubs its stuff", "can each unit do its job well" ect ect...

29-11-2005, 00:43
I try to build a list around accomplishing goals, rather than dealing with the enemy *per se*.

What do I *need* to do? How will I do it?

"Can I hit the War Manchines?"
"Can I deal with Fear if it gets in my lines?"
"Can I counter-charge?"
"Do I deal with magic or ignore it?"
"Do I deal with missiles or ignore them?"

And so on....

29-11-2005, 12:13
My tournament armies tend to be based on what looks nice and which units I have painted nicely...

But of course, I also consider what I'll need. Basically I ensure I have some sacrificial units, units capable of flanking, a couple of shock units for head-on collisions and something that can deal with heavy armour. Add in some magical defence and you have an army.

29-11-2005, 15:55
When building a tournament army, I ask myself several questions. The first is what style of army am I building - balanced, SAD, MSU, all cav, magic heavy or light? Generally, I play balanced VC with medium magic (admittedly, the poorest choice for magic level), as it is a solid all comers list, though magic heavy, SAD (Skaven) armies have a field day with it. I also recently played a MSU Lizardmen list that won a tourney their first time out.

Once I have decided on a play style, I address the different phases of the game, and grade the dominance of my army in relation to that phase

E.G. - my Von Carstein Vampire Counts
- Movement - B - a solid mix of fast and slow, allowing warmachine hunting with bats and wolves, and enough of a tactical footprint laid down by the black coach and small unit of black knights to make my opponent hesitate. The heart of the army is formed by the large blocks of skeletons and zombies. Units of ghouls allow me to flee from charges, setting up traps (A would be a Bretonnian/Chaos all cav army, F would be an all infantry army - most dwarf armies - as you are always giving up the charge and have no means of intimidating your opponent into a bad manuvoure)

- Magic offence - C - eight casting dice is pretty mediocre, as I get shut down by scroll caddy armies (low magic) and heavy dispel pool armies (high magic and Khorne mortals/beasts). The addition of two bound items might put it up to a B-

- Magic defense - C+ - 5 DD is good, but only one dispel scroll isn't really enough.

- Shooting - D - One banshee does not make for a good shooting phase, but occassionally units of heavy cav suffer heavy losses.

- Close Combat - A - large blocks of undead troops that can be "topped up", lead by a Vampire count with the Cursed Book, can withstand protracted engagements with most units, eventually wearing down my opponent and breaking them.

- Psychology - A+ - Causing fear and being immune to all other psychology makes Vampire Counts one of the best pyschology armies in the game.

Overall grade - B+ - Too balanced to be the best army at a tournament, but soft scores (in NA) can make up for it. Too many easy points given up by the wolves, bats, ghouls, banshee, coach, and even the Black Knights. Not quite enough magic to dominate either end of the magic phase. However, it works well as a whole, having only lost to a Slayer army and a SAD army out of 16 competitive games.

The other factor that I take into account is to avoid controversial/hated units/armies. Any unit that has ambiguous phrasing of rules should be avoided. Locally, the Slayer army list from SoC, and the Orc Badlands, all boar chariot list, are especially hated. A second generation Slann, with totem of prophecy, and a large block of temple guard in 2k, ringing in at 1200 pts, is disliked by many, though I just see a great big target. The inclusion of these sorts of things often result in incredibly low sportsmanship/comp scores despite how nice/fun a person your were and whether you win or lose the game.


29-11-2005, 16:07
Thks for all the replies:)
My questions tend to go in 3 steps:
Step 1: What army do I want to play with (race, theme, units)?
Step 2: What will each unit do in the game? if a unit doesn't seem to be useful return to step 1. PS:this includes develloping basic deployment strategies for each type of opponent.
Step 3: What can I do in extreme situations, ex. BToK or SAD?
I think a good approach is to make the army with 1750 pts in the beginning and leave the other 250 to fill in with the answers to step 2 and 3.

If you have enough time it also a good idea to try and find a opponent with your nightmare army and play a game with him to try and apply your strategy.