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15-12-2008, 12:58
This is a list I ran against a Dwarf player last night, the result was a draw but I reckon its got some mileage against other armies too. some opinions would be great.

Chaos Lord
Runesword, Runeshield, MOS.
(general goes with unit of Slaanesh warriors on foot.

Exalted champ
MON, BSB (Banner of gods)
(goes with Nurgle warriors on foot)

Sorceror Lvl3
MOT, Skull of Katam
(Sorcerors go with Marauder units)

Sorceror Lvl2
MON, (cant remember items of top of my head)

19 Chaos warriors
MOS, Shields, FC

11 Chaos Warriors
MON, Shields, FC

19 Marauders
Shield, Light Armour, Flails, FC

19 Marauders
Shield, Light Armour, Flails, FC

6x Chaos Knights
MON, Lances, FC

5x Marauder Horse
MOS, Flails

5x Warhounds
5x Warhounds

3x Chaos Trolls

2x Chaos Spawn

1x Chaos Giant.

other options could include another unit of knights instead of the trolls and Giant.
and if I lost the Spawn I could afford to boost the unit of Nurgle chaos warriors, or perhaps bring some Chosen.

I didnt need mounted characters against stunties, I pretty much bossed the charging etc...
I just couldnt break his unit of 50... YES 50! hammerers, due to rotten dice rolls really.

what do you guys think?