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15-12-2008, 13:35
Hi, i am planing to go to a local tourney. And there are lots of very good players all playing DE.
Even if there are plenty of other armys, i would like to kik DE ass.

Do you think there are any special units, charsetups or other things that i could use for asskiking purpose.

Ideas, advice, help ?



15-12-2008, 19:36
DE terror lists are generally the most common as far as scary DE lists go I think

against dark elf I would MoS most things , Perhaps give knights MoN as they are most likley to attract a lot of shooting.

15-12-2008, 21:18
Hydras and the Pendant of Khaelith are the things that can give you headaches. Flaming attacks (ie. Tzeentch magic) can deal with Hydras, and low S/auto wound stuff can deal with the Pendant of Khaelith (Magnificent Buboes and Palanquin can do it). If the DE player takes the Ring of Hotek then try to snipe him with Buboes and his magic defense will be seriously weakened.

15-12-2008, 21:36
Ring of hotek?
Infernal puppet. Roll a load of dice, miscast modify to a 3 or 4, st6 hit to whoever your in base contact with, sure you can get hurt but you can kill the ring bearer by marching right upto him and making him make you miscast :P

There are a couple of items that make enemies in base contact take toughness tests or take wounds without any saves, they're pretty lethal vs any elves, fantastic for taking down knights though, as they're a notable threat with hatred and st6 when they charge.

Tzeentch marked maruaders, Heavens mage lord (oh yes!)
Cast celestial sheild on them for a 3+ ward vs shooting.

Eye of tzeentch, borrow the enemy mages spells for a turn.
Power of darkness for your own mage? Yes please!
Black horror on an enemy unit? fantastic vs elves.
Chillwind on opposing crossbowmen units to stop them shooting you.
Etc etc....

The pendant?
If your sending a lord to fight him, your doing it wrong and have no right to complain.
Send in other things and let the lord fight something else, like a hydra. Failing that, send in 2 hero's to deal with the enemy, 1 to bounce off the lord, 1 to butcher the enemy unit.

WoC have rather a lot of ways of dealing with Dark elves.

16-12-2008, 02:53
It wholly depends on what the lord is with: if the DE pendantlord is on a cold one in a unit COK's, then yes, you are doing it wrong. However, if he is on a dragon it is quite possible to just rip the dragon from under him and go for the "outnumbered by terror = double ones please!"

That, or -and this is a bit more risky-, make a cruise missile exalted with a glaive of putrefaction; throw all your attacks against the dragon and with some luck the thing will be more of a liability to him than a threat to you. Marauders will wound the thing on 3's, mind you :p