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15-12-2008, 16:16
I'm starting with empire (got 5 pistoliers, 1 wizard, 1 captain, 1BSB, 5 Pistoliers, 9 free company ==> from my warband :P)) But their is an empire army box on the way with mail :P

So I made a little list, any advice is welcome :P

Here it is:

216 Arch Lector with Warhorse, Armour of meoteric Iron, Sword of Sigismund.
138 Captain with Full plate armour (BSB), Banner of Griffon
140 Battle wizard (lvl 2) with Crystal ball and 1 dispel
150 Battle Wizard (lvl 2) with 2 dispels.

220 25 Swordsmen (full com.) with 9 Free Company's as support.
220 25 Swordsmen (full com.) with 9 Free Company's as support.
110 10 Handgunners with musician and Marksmen with Hochland rifle.
105 10 Handgunners with Marksmen with Hochland rifle.

170 5 Knights of the Inner Circle (full com.)
75 1 Mortar
75 1 Mortar
104 5 Pistoliers with outrider and mus.

110 1 Hellblaster Volley gun
170 17 Flagellants with Prophet.

Total: 2000
Power Dice: 6
Dispel Dice: 6
Total Models: 131

The Arch Lector should go with the knights because of the Hate rule :P And re-roll failed to hit when you got s5 att's is nice :D
Captain should go with one of the huge blocks of swordsmen.
The 2 Wizards should go each in a unit of handgunners I suppose, put my HE mages also in my archer units :P

Still one question I can give my knights an order does it changes anything at the stats or is it just fluff?

Greetz Gethostar

15-12-2008, 16:37
Aside from White Wolves who can take great hammers, the rules don't change, but you can make knights inner circle for 3 points making them base strength 4 but a special choice.

Mortars for me have been hugely effective, my empire army is generally centered around 30 or so hand gunners, about 600 points of artillery and the rest in knights.

I find the empire infantry to be nigh on useless in reasonable numbers, generally you have to exploit the detachment rules and take large blocks to hold against just about anything.

With WoC out now and Lizzies on the way YOU want to bring these guys to fight on your terms and that means knights!

Just my 2 cents anyway.

Also I can not recommend Karl Franz to enough Empire players, the guys on here might flay me for recommending a special character but I've never had him fail me, Killing a Vampire Lord in a single turn, holding down 12 Chaos Knights solo for 4 turns, leadership 10 that confers to all units within 18 inchs...the list goes on.

The Farmer
15-12-2008, 21:54
Infantry armies may have a tougher time due to the increased power of later army books but they're still viable just support your blocks adquately.

The Arch lector isn't a combat character so sword of sigsmund is kinda wasted on him. Furthermore he should stay close to the infantry so if you do want to use him with the knights you can't be too agressive. If you want a combat boost for knights a WP is just as fighty and doesn't carry away your LD9.
Mount your BSB for a 2+ save.
Unless you're fighting DE drop crystal ball get R.O.P instead so you can turn the tables on magic if the opportunity arises.

Now on to your troops, your centre is solid but drop musician on handgunners if they run they're dead anyway (too close to table edge). The hochland is a matter of taste but I've always found them unreliable without hammer of sigmar prayer.

Your specials are fine except your lacking cannons. The hellblaster could act as a light substitute but your going to find some targets impossible to kill otherwise. Saying this though mortars should always be paired though their use is questionable because well str3 isn't the greatest killer. Helstorms do more damage if somewhat less reliably but free up specials for cannons.

Your army is forming up to be quite the solid standard empire list though remember whatever people put up on the thread consists of suggestions and how you play and build your army is up to you. Bring glory to the empire.