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15-12-2008, 18:53
I haven't played fantasy for five years now, but now I actually have someone to play with - and with the upcoming release of plastic tzeentchian daemons or so I hear - this gives me a good reason to make an army I've been considering for quite some time. Daemons of chaos.
I'm a stickler for fluff, so I WON'T mix the units of different gods, no matter how hard GW has tried to dress them up as frictious alliances.
So, with that, here's my list...

Fateweaver - 625
The ultimate spellcaster, incredibly versatile, and in my opinion worth every one of his many points.

blue scribes - 81
Good against armies that spam low-level spells, like vampires with IoN, as well as containing some albeit unreliable potential for destruction.

herald of tzeentch
power vortex, battle standard bearer - great standard of sundering
He'll be running with the 19 strong unit of horrors, or I'd probably give him flight as well. The standard could prove the ultimate weapon against some armies that rely on magic to win.

19 pink horrors
musician, changeling
no standard as the herald will be with this unit. The changeling makes them a threat to big nasty beasts.

20 pink horrors
full command
What can I say? I like horrors. Damned if I'll paint them pink though, I have a nice lava colour scheme lined up...

10 pink horrors
full command

5 furies
A nice, cheap throwaway unit/march blocker/war machine killer. Can't afford to lose a combat with them though or they'll poof.

4 screamers
Could pose a threat to small, tough units, and if I get them in the right place they could easily take out a line of war machines in one fell swoop, as it were.

5 flamers
I just couldn't resist 5d6 S4 ranged shots. That could turn many units into smouldering piles of ashes.

total: 2000
power dice: 14, plus whatever the blue scribes scrimp.
dispel dice: 8
models: 66

C+C very welcome.

15-12-2008, 20:49
You definatly do not need a standard of sundering with 8DD. A standard of chaos victory on the other hand will help your block win combats and insulate them against the inevitable cav charges they are going to take.

Dump full command off all the units.

Go with champ and standard of sorc on the 2 big blocks. Keep the little block naked as a standard just give up 100 vps on a unit that will most likely be blown away in any case.

Get another Herlad of Tz to go with the second big block.

Now to reduce the Cheese, just turn karos into a regular 4th level LOC with two heads and dark magister, drop the blue scribes and Kill one screamer to make pionts for the herald specified above.

A pure TZ list is unbalanced but not overpowered if you avoid the named characters. It will win big and lose big depending on your opponent.

15-12-2008, 21:22
I'd keep the Blue Scribes, its just that amazing
You don't need the Great Banner of Sundering, just leave it as a BSB and move on (saves pts)

I'd scrap the Pyrocaster and Screamers for another unit of Flamers (they are that good)
I don't think Commands are needed for Horror units, leave them 'naked' IMO, saves pts, won't give as many pts for losing Banners.