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16-12-2008, 02:07
ok i havent got my book but im going to start a bretonnian army and i wanted to have a fairly balanced list so this is what im going for to start with\

paladin with KB lance and some other magic item on barded steed.
bsb pally not sure on the gear yet but anything to add to CR.

8 knights of the realm, full command
8 knights of the realm, full command

20 men at arms full command
16 bowmen.

can the pegasus knight ride solo???
if so ill ad that in aswell for warmachine hunting, what do you recomend i equipt my heroes with are the units of knights to big for a small game and for larger games what do you recomend i add in???

i thinks its about 700-800 points not tottaly sure about the points cost

16-12-2008, 06:14
Give the BSB the Warbanner for static CR. You can have a Paladin ride solo on a Pegasus knight to kill any lone monsterous creatures or warmachines. The minimum for a unit of pegasus is 3 and will cost about the same as a kitted out paladin on a pegasus. So your call on that one.

16 bows seem odd. Too big to skirmish at this level and too big to rank up. If you can get 4 more, have 10 skirmish and 10 normal.
Beef up your men at arms to at least 25 strong. You need their ranks, even after a round of shooting or combat.
This should get you close to 1,000 depending on your magic items.

16-12-2008, 09:32
great BSB kit is war banner and virtue of duty. with a unit with 2 ranks gives static CR of 6 plus kills and outnumber.

I agree with drgabe about the men at arms and bowmen.
On the kit for paladin I would go for virtue of the joust and a lance to start with.

16-12-2008, 18:43
First of all i play brets and you dont need peasent bowmen or men at arms, although peasent bowen are more useful than men at arms. I just do all calvary at 2250. I might have one unit of knights errant with errantry banner and put a paldin or lord in here for ld value, it jus becomes a wicked unit. Then i might have a unit of pegasis knights and a unit of grail knights, and then the rest all knights of the realm. Give the banner of defence to the grail knights. And the banner of chalons to the peg knights.

16-12-2008, 18:52
yeah thats all good but i play people that actually have a mix of all units so i need to do the same if i put a bret army on the field with not infantry and archers im screwed because they will out number me, have light cav so my flanks will be open, and when it comes down to it if i have a unit or 2 of MaA following my knights around protecting the knights flanks for the 200 points i would spend on them to save my lord and his knights im willing to pay that and..... archers always help no matter what army you play against

16-12-2008, 18:56
You might think that 20 men at arms are good at protecting your knight's flank, but consider this:

-20 men at arms with no upgrades are 100 points.
-5 knights errant are 100 points.

While the men at arms stuggle to keep up, the knights can actually threaten to charge the fast cav you are worried about in the first place.

16-12-2008, 19:56
yeah but ill be running my knights at 8, and it will take them a while to turn.... thats my main problem yeah they will still charge but the men at arms are there for getting to the flanks of my knights or charging into units that are in range of charging my knights

16-12-2008, 20:31
yeah but ill be running my knights at 8, and it will take them a while to turn.... thats my main problem yeah they will still charge but the men at arms are there for getting to the flanks of my knights or charging into units that are in range of charging my knights

I don't understand? Why is it taking your knights so long to turn, and why does it matter?

You have your main blocks crashing up the center and a small unit of knights on each flank to guard your flanks (five wide and slightly back of the main line).

17-12-2008, 09:02
what are your thoughts on a paladin/lord on foot with a magic weapon and a virtue to make him tough, any good and i was thinking of giving the lord the magic sword that gives him + str and the virtues that make him reroll

17-12-2008, 10:46
I think that for a first timer, you are to be applauded, this is a well balnced and thought out list. I always use infantry in my Bretonnian lists, with a fair mix of spears, mounted yeomen and archers (skirmishing and static on same flank) and a trebuchet, adding a grail reliquie in larger games, and have more wins thans losses (considerably more) after 10 years of gaming with them.
I generally leave the peasantry guarding one flank while my 3 or 4 knight units move rapidly up the other flank. If my opponent decides to go for the "easypoints" of the commoners, they open up thier flanks to the knights, so generally they ignore them,leaving my archers and flanking skirmishers/fast cavalry alone (lesser of two evils). If things are looking dicey, my pegasus knights gebrally do a flyby, instilling thier leadership bonus and lending some hitting power to the spearmens numbers. I find the army flexible enough for most opponents, and if you do the maths, you can have 100 peasant spearmen for 500 points (no upgrades). Swarming with Bretonnians can be a viable tactic with the correct build, and even then, getting 5 solid blocks of infantry with a knight boosted leadership of 8 for only 500 points is simply astounding.