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16-12-2008, 02:55
Looking in the VC book, trying to look at something that seemed odd ball and off the wall. then I started looking and noticed that wizards no longer have to be the general. remembering the old list i wrote this and need some feed back.
(145)Wight king with crown of the damned, enchanted shield, heavy armor,
barded skeletal steed. (4+ward, 1+ ranged save 0+ CC save. most durable general i can have.)
(145) wight king bsb night sword of kings nightshroud armor shield. (challenge reciever/giver)
(70) necromancer black periapt invoction of nehek (simple reviver/counter magic.)
Core only core i dont need a power to summon more of no standard cause they are mostly there to tarpit.
(80) 20 zombies
(80) 20 zombies
Special strictly fight here, may drop the 18 grave guard for 9 black knights, but then my guys march is mostly ruined because of absolutely no vampires.
(240) 18x Grave guard with standard and champion (general here)
(240) 18x Grave guard with standard and champion(BSB necro here)
total points 996
Models 79
what do you guys think? all the rules for marching are designed saying a vampore or general. so even though the general isnt a vampire, it should still work. If not please tell me where to find where it says i cant. rate please,

16-12-2008, 03:44
technically you MUST have a vampire in the list.

16-12-2008, 03:51
technically you MUST have a vampire in the list.

i was fidling with my 6th ed version then i started looking in the 7th ed and i couldnt find where it said i had to have it. can u tell me the page (so i can find it)

edit found the entry. army is now just for fluff.(could include a vampire but break the theme).

16-12-2008, 12:17
You'll find the ruling on page 88 in the vampire counts book.