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16-12-2008, 03:13
Played this in the weekend in the first tournament I joined (didn't go that well but was expected)

May I acquire Your thoughts?


lvl 2, Tome of Furion, Biting Blade

Heavy armor, SDK, 2xHandbow, Soul render
points: 119


Death Hag
points: 200


5 Dark Riders
Musician, RxB


10 Crossbowmen
points: 110


10 Crossbowmen
Shields, Musician
points: 115


19 warriors
FC, Shields
points: 148


19 Corsairs
points: 215


10 Witchelves
points: 125


5 Executioners
Draich Master
Points: 72


points: 175


Additional hand weapon, Handbow
points: 106


Additional hand weapon, Handbow
points: 106


Additional hand weapon, Black Lotus
points: 116


Additional hand weapon, Black Lotus
points: 116


Army Total 1995 points

we were also allowed up to 305 points of Special characters and dogs of war as long as it wasn't lords, everything had it's range reduced by 8(to a min Cool, guess weapon half, Large targets lost a wound on a 4+ every time they moved and using more then 6 power dices resulted in an auto misscast, also characters were restricted to 20 points magic items max, banners 25(though thought it was 20 so removed my dread banner)

I included Lokhir for mine and let the rest go to waste so played 55 point under allowed

Had some fun with the army even though i didn't win

16-12-2008, 14:05
Ummm that's a LOT of restictions... personally I wouldn't have even played...

I think you have way too many points in assassins and other characters.

16-12-2008, 14:14
...If you play with that many additional rules surely some armies are going to come off better than others?

Right off the top of my head Bretonnian players would like those rules.

Assassins without Manbane+Rending Stars or Touch of Death+Rune of Khaine aren't really worth taking against anything other than High Elves.

I don't find Corsairs or Executioners particularily useful, nor would a 4PD magic phase be anything to fear.

Strange, strange restrictions...

16-12-2008, 15:29
It's not as bad as you make it sound, I forgot to say there was a restriction of max 6 Dispel Dices to.

and 20 points magic items= No dispel Scrolls, but we could get Nulltalisman for our protection.

The winner of the Tournament played Druchii to.
He won with 76 points in front of a Lizardmen player with 75 points

Well originally I had a BSB on Cold one with a regiment of 5 COK with Nulltalisman as well as 5 more witchelves inc. But the requirement to join mentioned half my entries had to be painted... I didn't get far enough with the paint/glue job to include them so removed em and add 2 more assassins and the master for the points.

As for the Executioners, well they weren't perfect, but they killed a Giant so 72 points killing 200 points(still costs that right?) that was satisfying

Had I glued em together I'd taken 2 Bolt Throwers rather then the Hydra seeing as a 40' range is less of a handicap then the 4+ wound for movement with no save or regeneration allowed.

In the 3 games i played I think the Hydra did a total of 3 Breath Attacks an the handlers had a single round of Combat...(The hydra lost it's remaining wound from the charge)

The Corsairs didn't do much.

16-12-2008, 16:43
What the....

After reading through those "restrictions" - if you can call them that...
Two things come to mind.
1. What the heck are they smoking?!
2. These people obviously have a VERY POOR understanding of how the core rules of WHFB work.

Do they not realize that 6PD vs 6DP is not fair? by any stretch of the imagination? Why on earth would anyone cook up some random rule that makes monsters accidentally break there legs or stab themselves in the chest every time they move in the name of balance?

The magic item allowed perplexes me as well... I could understand if they wanted to go for a low-fantasy thing... but simply limiting item allowance like that is completely/grossly unfair to MANY ARMIES - giving many others VAST advantages.

Cooking up all these restrictions and then adding in a "free" 300 - and some random number of points - special character allowance boggles my mind. A few special character heros I can think of would wreak absolute havoc with the rest of these restrictions... Throgg comes to mind...

I am going to second Malorian on this.. why did you even play? :S


On a more constructive note - I think in the future, if you are still interesting in participating in "tournaments" like these you're going to need to be more prepared ahead of time :)

With the loss of range (wth.. was this supposed to even accomplish...), dark riders and crossbow men seem like poor choices to me. RBT's at 40" would be fine - and definitely a superior selection over the careful-not-to-hang-yourself hydra. With the limitations on magic, I would probably completely abandon taking a sorcerer and focus on hatred based combat characters and units - with perhaps some nullshards scattered about. Assassins seem like a good selection - but should be equipped differently than how you used them (and taking 4 is probably overkill :)).


16-12-2008, 19:15
I think the purpose was to make people use as large regiments as possible and go for CC all out.

It was good as an alternative way of playing the game, but my selection would be much different had i assembled more units.(was the first time i played 4 assassin so had every assassin model i got in play)

out of curiosity, how would you have armed the Assassins differently? removed the bows and bl? Was really to bad in the second game i should had spend 5 points on a Guardmaster and I'd likely won the battle by killing my opponents Hirofant(Tomb Kings) instead i found myself outnumbered by fear causing and the regiment getting run over with him having a very dead champion through a challenge with my Assassin.

17-12-2008, 16:49
Rune of Khaine and Manbane .. good against pretty much everything.
5-7 attacks.. hitting on 3's wounding on 3's. Im not a fan of killing blow - its a great rule to have on rank and file troopers, but on characters - with out some additional gimmick to activate it its too.. hit or miss.


Regardless of the intent behind their changes... I have a huge problem with systems that try and arbitrarily change the item/skill allowance for characters etc... It requires such an in-depth analysis of each army list to figure out the correct proportions to make it work, without doing so you cant expect it to be fair and in most cases it will be hugely detrimental to the game.