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16-12-2008, 12:43
I am thinking of starting a bloodknight army, and I want it to be competative (ultimate points denial unit of blood knights)

450: lv3 Lord (+2PD, death knight, infinite hatred, book of arkhan, nightshroud, blood drinker) [blood knights]
300: lv1 Vamp BSB (supernatural horror, death knight, drakkenhoff banner) [blood knights]
185: lv2 Vamp (summon ghouls, rod of flaming death) [ghouls]
200: lv2 Vamp (summon ghouls, 2x dispel scrolls) [ghouls]
88: 10 Ghouls (ghast)
88: 10 Ghouls (ghast)
80: 10 Ghouls
40: 5 Dire Wolves
565: 8 Blood Knights (FC, flag of blood keep)

Gharof von Carstein
16-12-2008, 13:30
a blood knights army that doesnt have 2 units of blood knights? hows about you split that group of 8 into two groups of 4 and than add your vamps? the knights wont care about rank bonus anyway and fielding them 10 wide is just stupids. two units of 4 + a lord or hero is the way to go

have fun!

16-12-2008, 17:45
that army i dont think will work, you have such small units, and at 2k points you should try and have another core unit and maybe a corpse cart or two.

17-12-2008, 21:27
You should see what a blood thirster with a flaming sword and obsidian armor can do to a unit of blood knights, espechially if he gets flank, which is not hard considering how easy it is to bait and force movment of frensy troops.

17-12-2008, 21:33
BT will of course be a problem, and I think Eleveninches knew that when he decided to enter this road (BK). Dividing the BK unit AND the characters would be the worst possible thing to do, as then they would not get LOS after first casualty, or the protection the double banners provide. 2+4+4+ saves are really hard to get through (ok spirit of the forge does a remarkable job) and the points denial aspect is very well done in there.
I might remove those vampires, take double necromancers with nehek, 2 scrolls&scroll+black periapt, minimize those core units, and take fell bats and/or dire wolves with those points. That's what I play, only my knights are black and not bloody, giving enough points for a varghulf... Nice list anyway, I'm only concerned about the safety of your almost 400pts caster vamps.

17-12-2008, 21:44
Too easy to just make that unit follow something they really dont want to. Even if they catch it, chances are they're going to pulverise it then be forced to overrun after destroying it.

The unit is going to survive most likely, I'll grant you that. However the rest of the army won't survive and that unit will then have whatever table quarter it is in contested.
So you'll gain a minimum of victory points while giving your opponent a fairly easy 680 points, plus 3 table quarters, which is nearly 1k in points.
Your army then needs to deal him a good 700pts of damage, prettymuch all of it will be needed from the bloodknight unit, just to get the minimum draw.

It'll look scary and flatten most newer gamers, but against an experienced general you'll be very lucky to get a draw.

17-12-2008, 22:05

Infernal Gateway.


17-12-2008, 23:25
I had a list planned which followed the same route you're going down eleveninches, it consisted of:

Vamp lord on steed w/ usual nasty combat stuff + lvl 3
Vamp BSB on steed w/ book, walking death, dreadknight
2 x Necro w/ 2 stones, nehek + van hels
2 x 18 Ghouls w/ ghast
20 Zombies
4 x 5 Direwolves
2 x 5 Blood Knights w/ standard

idea is to use direwolves to tunnel view the knights, then use the (hopefully) unstoppable magic phase of throwing so many van hels' out on the knight, you get to charge what you want, obviously only done when something juicy is in front of you, and not some naff skirmish line.

But as said, i think 2 units of BKs will be nastier than 1 big unit, more threat :D

19-12-2008, 12:41
You should see what a blood thirster with a flaming sword and obsidian armor can do to a unit of blood knights, espechially if he gets flank, which is not hard considering how easy it is to bait and force movment of frensy troops.

Um, I'd issue a challenge

19-12-2008, 15:52
->BT rapes that one brave fool who challenges, stays due to stubborn-BSB nearby, then you raise your champ back on your own turn and BT rapes him again, and then its DOC turn again and where's your champion now?

Now yes, there could be other VC units to help (by bringing more champions in) but so could DoC too.

29-12-2008, 17:01

Infernal Gateway.

When we have conqured Hell, we'll return and deal with you too. :chrome:

30-12-2008, 00:00
spell 6 of lore of metal will do good but at least the banner helps somewhat, as for the thrister vs thins unit, i dont see anyway the thrister would lose combat, more like the knights would takes wounds from crumbling.

30-12-2008, 02:56
frenzy could well get u in trouble quick, would make for a couple of intresting games

30-12-2008, 13:22
Pointless Army unless ur running two units of blood knights....if u plan to put all ur points into one unit then ur opponent can simply bait ur frenzy unit and win with simple static combat resolution or charge in any monster mounted character and challenge...u'll be stuck their for ages....

30-12-2008, 14:05
You'll have lost the game from the set up phase. You have, what, 5 set ups and then characters. Even if you set the Knights up last it'll be easy for your opponent to guess where they're going by your 2nd or 3rd ghoul placement, at which point he can start planning the bait/tarpit. Your Knights are the fastest thing in the army (aside from 1 unit of wolves) so they'll likely be way out in front and easy to put a side angled unit in front of to set you up for a side hit.

One big unit in a 2000 pt battle is just gonna draw all the fire and the rest of your army isn't gonna be beefy enough to pull out a surprise 2nd half win.

vs. Empire, Skaven, or Elves of all kinds: Every cannon shot, lightning gun, or bolt thrower will be aimed at you in rounds one and two. Round two will particularly hurt since they've probably thrown some low-point fast moving light mobs out there that have made you turn to the left or right exposing a flank so that they can shoot through 5 guys rather than just 2. Assuming you're still alive, you have few charge options because of the odd angle they made you charge at and probably pursued out into no-where. So far you've destroyed maybe 1 light cav unit (100-ish points) and they've eaten your second rank and denied you the chance to charge in the 3rd round while they are positioning their own heavy hitters. All this time they ignore your ghouls as rank-and-file troops can easily mop them up later.

Vs. Chaos, demons, or Orcs: a 30 pt block of war hounds, placed slightly to your left or right, will be the start of your very bad day. After them you are no longer pointed at the heart of his army as frenzy has forced you to follow up off to the the side and into the path of his Knights or boar boyz who are ready to charge you.

The point is, You're only giving them one thing to focus on and it's faster than the rest of your army and frenzied. Your opponent will have almost complete control of the battle.