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16-12-2008, 15:50
I thought I may as well do a Blog for my Dogs of War too as I have 2 BatReps already written out. The first was quite a while back against the last Vamp Counts book, I will include it though as I was using the current DoW rules.

Game 1 - Vs Vampire Counts - 1500 Points

My army consisted of;

Paymaster: 82 Points
Great Weapon,
Heavy Armour,

Mercenary Captain; 52 Points
Morning Star.

Hireling Wizard: 60 Points

Heroes Total: 194 Points

20 Pikemen; 250 Points
Heavy Armour,

20 Pikemen; 230 Points

10 Braganza’s Besiegers: 185 Points

10 Crossbowmen: 80 Points

8 Duellists: 82 Points

Core Total: 807 Points

15 Paymasters Bodyguard; 180 Points
Full Command.

4 Lead-Belchers; 230 Points

Special Total - 410 Points

Cannon; 85 Points

Rare Total: 85 Points

1496 Points

86 Infantry [21 Crossbows, 9 Pistols],
4 Ogres,
1 Cannon.

Blood Dragon Thrall;
2 CC Weapons,
+1 Attack,
+1 Strength,
Killing Blow .

Extra Level,
Book of Arkhan,
Spell Familiar.

Wight Lord;
Barded Nightmare,

20 Skeletons;
Full Command.
[Joined by Thrall and Necromancer].

20 Grave Guard;
Full Command.

7 Black Knights;
Full Command,
Banner of Barrows,
[Joined by Wight].

Black Coach.

6 Dire Wolves.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Boris Todbringer, his lands once again under threat from the Beastmen armies that had been put down during the Storm of Chaos now had a fight on another front to deal with. A Blood Dragon coven, hidden deep within the Middle Mountains had gained a lot of strength whilst the forces of the Empire were battling the Chaos forces during Archons crusade. They were now striking at will across Middenland but the Elector Count had few state troops to spare in order to combat them. Digging deep into the provinces coffers the count sent one of his most trusted nobles, along with a bodyguard of some of Middenlands finest Halberdiers to recruit a mercenary army that could halt the Blood Dragons rampage. This would allow the state troops to continue to battle the renewed Beastmen threat. Providing the Mercenary army was victorious….
__________________________________________________ _______________

[b]Terrain; We played on a 6x4 table. On the right of my deployment zone was a large hill, with Braganza’s unit and the Cannon on top of it. My Leadbelchers in front of the hill. Just to the left of my hill was my Duellists, to the left of those my Pikes with Captain, then my Pikes with Wizard, then my Paymasters Bodyguard, and my Crossbowmen on my far left. I deployed my battle line about 6'' back from my deployment zone. There was a small temple in the middle of the table and a small hill on my left in the enemy deployment zone.

The enemy had a Black Coach, Black Knights and Zombies on my right flank. In the centre the main Skeleton unit and on my left the Grave Guard and Dire Wolves.

Magic; My Wizard got the first spell in the Lore of Light, the Necromancer had Vanhals Danse Macabre, Hellish Vigour and the Raise Dead spells.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Turn 1 - DoW; Winning the roll to go first the Cannon crew loaded their small calibre Tilean Cannon and aimed at the Black Coach. They lit the fuse....nothing happened. The Cannon Commander promptly slapped the young Tilean loader across the back of the head for having let the fuse get damp. It would be fine by next turn.

The Estalian Crossbowmen [having deployed slightly further forward in order to get first turn shots if if i won roll for first turn] fired on the rotting Dire Wolves, bringing 3 down.

On my right Braganza’s unit fired on the Black Knights, kicking one from his saddle, the skeleton riders body smashing against rocks as it landed.

Turn 1 - VC; The line all advanced forward, the Necromancer rose 6 units to the Skeleton unit, which I let go in order to dispel the bound Book of Arkhan to stop the Knights charging my Leadbelchers.

Turn 2 - DoW; The Cannon let roar, the shot landing a fraction in front of the Black Coach, it hit a patch of soft ground, deadening the bounce, but not enough to stop it crashing through the Coach and destroying it.

The Leadbelchers added to the noise and cloud of black acrid smoke now covering the hill and let loose with their Leadbelchers Cannons at the Black Knights, killing 5.

The Estalians on my left flank fired again on the Wolves, killing 2. The Paymaster carefully aimed his Crossbow and dispatched the last of the Dire Wolves.

Turn 2 - VC; The Black Knights charged the Ogres as the rest of the Undead battle line continued to advance. They hit 6 of their 7 attacks and then continued to wound with all 6. Two Ogres fell to the ground, ancient rusted lances having pierced their gutplates. The Thunderfist and other surviving Ogres tackled 2 of the Knights off their horses, but it wasn't enough. The Ogres broke and were run down by the ghastly Knights, who ended their pursuit on top of the hill to the right of Braganza’s unit.

Turn 3 - DoW; The Wizard again failed to cast any spells. The Cannon crew turned their weapon to fire along the flank of the remaining Black Knight and the Wight Lord. An easy shot. But once again, the Cannon failed to fire...

The Crossbowmen on my left fired on the Grave Guard, killing 2, the Paymaster shot down another.

Turn 3 - VC; The Undead moved up again, hoping to use magic to reach combat this turn. The Zombies managed to get a charge on Braganza’s Unit with Vanhals Danse Macabre. The Veteran Crossbowmen, obviously not getting paid enough for this battle to put much effort in, decided to walk off the table and leave the fighting to those used to doing battle for less than a fortune [fled as they were outnumbered and failed their fear test]. The Cannon Crew [also caught by the charging Zombies] held their ground, but were dragged down by the brainless Zombies.

Turn 4 - DoW; The Middenland Paymaster could see things were getting away from his hired swords, it was clear they were having troubles holding out due to the terrifying nature of their enemy. In order to try and boost their morale, he and his retinue of Middenheim Halberdiers charged into the enemy’s elite Grave Guard. The Estalians instantly took heart from this and joined the charge, crashing into the flank on the enemy unit.

The Pikemen repositioned slightly, ready to receive the enemy’s charge.

The Halberdiers crashed home, smashing the heavily armoured monsters to the ground. The unit Champion, the Paymasters own personal bodyguard crushing the leader of the grave guard unit himself, whilst the Paymaster killed another. 1 Halberdier was killed but the magic holding their enemy together began to fail, with 7 more crumbling into dust. With the battle now right back in the Dogs of Wars favour.

Turn 4 - VC; The Necromancer sensing something was needed to swing the battle back in his favour, drew heavily on the winds of power. Casting Hellish Vigour on the charging Skeleton unit he was with as the other undead units manoeuvred off the hill.

The magically enhanced Skeletons hit the Pike unit, given unnatural speed by the twisted Necromancers dark arts they ducked and darted under the Pike wall, cutting down the surprised Tileans. The Blood Dragon roared his challenge with the Tilean Champion accepting. But he was cut in two, not a match for the might Vampire before he was enhanced with Hellish Vigour, he stood no chance once the monster was.

The Pikemen fled off the battlefield and the Skeleton unit carried on into the front of the second Pike unit. The Duellists, seeing their Captain killed and the Pikemen being slaughtered, panicked and also fled off the battlefield.

The Paymaster, unaware that his main unit had been crushed and his hired commander had fled, continued to fight on. Hacking down more Grave Guard.

Turn 5 - DoW; The Pikemen received he charge, but most of their Pike thrusts bounced harmlessly off the shields off the enemy. The Blood Dragon again issued a challenge and another Champion stepped up. The Vampire easily parrying the mortals clumsy blows before slamming a dagger into the eye socket of the ill fated Tilean. The Pikemen courage began to falter, even the sight of the Paymaster close by, with the keys to their fortune was not enough to hold them. Fleeing right off the table [failed two attempts on Ld7].

Turn 5 - VC; The Paymaster now realised he was doomed, the Vampire threat added to the troubles of Middenland, already weakened by renewed Beastmen raids, it would be up to the brave warriors of Middenland to hold them now, the Count should have known better than to put his faith in mercenaries. He decided to sell his life dearly, he and his loyal bodyguard attacking the Grave Guard with all their might. Smashing more to the ground. The Skeleton unit, charged the rear of the Paymasters unit, dark magic helping them to reach combat. The Vampire began to cut down the stern Halberdiers.

Turn 6 - DoW & VC; The Halberdiers were cut down to a man, whilst the Estalians, with nobody left to pay them, fled the field of battle, hoping to at least keep their lives.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Result - Loss

Massacre to the Vampire Counts.

It was all going pretty well, the first couple of turns were great although the Cannon kept letting me down as my guess ranges were always spot on. At the end of my turn I was very much in control and thought it would be plain sailing from then on out, despite my abysmal rolls for the Cannon and Fear tests on the hill. But it wasn’t to be. My inability to pass any Ld tests required, coupled with Fear sent most of my army packing. d**ned coward Mercenaries!. My Pikemen, usually reliable, and today they both fled. I was proud of my Paymaster and his Bodyguard, the loyal men of Middenland/Middenheim the only models with any courage on the battlefield. The opponent using Hellish Vigour to crush my first Pikemen unit was very influential. If the Skeletons hadn’t broke them that turn, they would have been charged in both flanks by the Duellists and the other Pikemen. The Vampire Count was my main problem, I had nothing that could deal with him and he just rampaged through my lines.

Next time, I shall have to try and slow the enemy down a little to get more shooting in. In the past I’ve usually included a unit of Norse Marauders to do this, I’d send them off at the enemy and use them as a speed bump. My 2000 point force has a general on Pegasus with a Brace of Pistols to slow the enemy up. I may now use my Light Cavalry in my 1500 list.

16-12-2008, 15:54
Game 2 - Vs Dwarfs - 2000 Points

My list -

Dogs of War - 2000 Points - Mk 2

Mercenary General; 183 Points
Brace of Pistols,
Heavy Armour,
Enchanted Shield.

Paymaster: 73 Points
Great Weapon,
Heavy Armour.

Mercenary Captain; 63 Points
Morning Star,
Heavy Armour.

Hireling Wizard: 85 Points
Dispel Scroll.

Heroes Total: 404 Points

22 Pikemen; 272 Points
Heavy Armour,
Full Command.

10 Crossbowmen: 80 Points

10 Crossbowmen: 80 Points

8 Duellists: 82 Points

5 Heavy Cavalry; 135 Points

5 Light Cavalry; 75 Points

Core Total: 713 Points

19 Paymasters Bodyguard; 220 Points
Heavy Armour,
Full Command.

4 Lead-Belchers; 230 Points

20 Norse Marauders; 190 Points
Full Command,

1 Maneater; 90 Points
Brace of Handguns.

Special Total - 730 Points

Cannon; 85 Points

Halfling Hotpot; 50

Rare Total: 135 Points

1992 Points

92 Infantry [21 Crossbows, 10 Pistols],
10 Cavalry,
1 Flying Cavalry,
5 Ogres,
2 War Machines.

Battle Standard Thane;
Banner of Valaya.

The Dwarf List -

Combat Thane;

Anvil of Doom Rune Lord;

Organ Gun;

Runed up Cannon;

10 Quarellers;
Full Command,

10 Quarrelers;
Full Command,

10 Thunderers;
Full Command.

15 Longbeards;
Full Command,
Runic Stanard ,

20 Ironbreakers;
Runic Standard [Immune to Fear and Terror I think],
Full Command.

[i]The Nobles of Larina in Northern Tilea had thought themselves lucky when they had discovered abandonned Dwarf mines, still rich with veins of precious ores. Whatever had forced the Dwarfs to abandon such wealth did not concern the decedant nobility, only the riches they could gain crossed their minds. The Dwarfs of course, upon discovering that one of their mines, lost in battles against the Skaven decades earlier were keen to lay down their claim to the mines. The nobles would have none of it, laughing the Dwarf messenger out of their courts.

The Dwarfs though, were not a race to be mocked. Now they marched in strength to claim what was rightfully theirs from the arrogant fools who dared cross them.

Andreas Suthernio couldn't care less about why he was fighting, only that he got payed to do it. He was a dashing figure, in his polished platemail atop his glorious pegasus, his long mahogany hair held perfectly in place with a circlet of silver. He tested the balance of his lance, basking in the adoration his men had for him. He was a mighty warrior and a consumate general, modesty though, was not one of his strengths.

He looked over to the regiment of veteran Halberdiers and their stern looking leader, Andrak the Grim was a well known Paymaster, Andreas had worked with him many times before and considered him a friend. Andrak took the nobles money and gathered this force, paying Andreas handsomely to lead it. The stern Paymaster also ensured that rougish Generals, Andreas included, did not take the money and run without ever raising a Sword. The pay chest for this battle was well secured, Andreas grinned, that old Wardog Andrak certainly knew him well.

Deployment & Terrain;

We played on a 6'X4' board, in the enemy deployment zone were two small hills. On the right hill was a Crossbow unit in 2 ranks with the Cannon. The Anvil behind this hill and the Organ Gun to the right of it, so right on my right flank. In between the two hills lay the Ironbreakers and Longbeards, the Ironbreakers closer to the hill on my right. The Battle Standard joined the Ironbreakers whilst the Thane joined the Longbeards. On the left hill was another Crossbow unit in two ranks and just in front of this hill lay the Thunderers in 2 ranks.

I had a larger hill in my Deployment zone, slightly right of centre. Which had a Crossbow unit on along with the Hotpot and Cannon. To the right of this was another unit of Crossbows and my Heavy Cav, aiming at the Organ Gun. At the base of the hill were my Leadbelchers, in the centre lay my Pikemen and Paymasters Bodyguard with the Maneater in between them. On my left flank were the Light Cav, and the Marauders. My General deployed behind the Light Cav.

Just left of centre of the battlefield lay a ruined temple, my Duellists deployed in line with those, hoping to use it to cover their advance.

Turn 1;

The Dwarfs won the roll for first turn, the Crossbows felled an Ogre on my right flank. The Crossbows on my left killed 1 Light Cavalryman. The Cannon killed 3 Pikemen whilst the Anvil used the Rune of Wrath and Ruin to kill a few Duellists.

My army advanced with the Light Cav darting up the far left flank out of the Thunderers and Crossbows arc of sight. The Duellists moved up behind the temple as did my General to avoid any fire. The Cannon as usual, misfired, the Hotpot would scattered a full 10 but clipped the Longbeards, killing 1. The Crossbows all shot at the Dwarf Crossbowmen on my right flank, only killing 2. My Wizard failed to cast the Bears Anger on himself [pretty futile even attempting].

Turn 2;

The Dwarf Cannon overshot my Paymasters Bodyguard. The Organ Gun and Crossbows on my right killed 2 more Leadbelchers, not wanting them to fire on the Ironbreakers next turn, they fled. On the left the Crossbows and Handguns killed a few Marauders. The Anvil used Ancient Power on the Rune of Wrath and Ruin, failing to hurt my Heavy Cav on my right, killing 3 more light Cav on my left [taking the unit down to 1] and It killed 1 Halfling from the Hotpot.

The lone Leadbelcher continued to flee, albeit really slowly but unfortunately, heading right at my Crossbows on the hill.

My Maneater [only 6''for him], Bodyguard and Pikes all advanced again. The Light Cav moved onto the flank of the Crossbows on the left hill with my General flying right behind them, ready for a combined charge next turn. The Heavy Cav charged into the Organ Gun. Whilst the Marauders continued to advance and the Duellists moved over the Temple ruins.

The General shot the Longbeards killing 1. The Maneater hit twice but failed to wound the Longbeards. My Crossbows again shot at the Dwarf Crossbows on my right, killing 3 more. The Cannon was on target but the Cannonball stuck in the ground right in front of the Longbeards. The Hotpot killed a few Ironbreakers. The Duellists killed another Lonbeard.

The Heavy Cav smashed through the Organ Gun crew, running the last down near the board edge.

Turn 3;

The Cannon misfired this turn for the Dwarfs, it should have been destroyed but for a Rune and instead was just unable to fire next turn. The Crossbows killed a single mercenary crossbowmen. On the left, the Thunderers and Crossbows shot the Marauders again, killing more.

The Maneater and Bodyguard declared a charge on the Ironbreakers, I didn't expect the Bodyguard to be in but it didn't matter as I knew the Maneater would. The Pikemen also declared a charge on the Longbeards, again, I wasn't counting on it as I didn't mind receiving a charge with them. The Light Cav and General charged the Crossbows on the left hill, The General in the rear and the Light Cav in the flank whilst the Marauders and Duellists charged the Thunderers in front of the hill.

The Heavy Cav manoeuvred to charge the Crossbows on the right hill next turn.

My Cannon misfired again and my Hotpot scattered 10 again. The Crossbows killing another 2 Dwarf Crossbows on the right.

I won both the combats on the left flank, although both Dwarf units held up well and stayed resolute. I was expecting to smash through both of those units. My Maneater had charged into base to base with the Battle Standard and used all of his attacks on him, causing 4 unsaved wounds.

Turn 4;

The Longbeards charged the Pikemen whilst the Crossbows turned to face the Knights. The Cannon still couldn't fire. The Anvil failed to hurt the Knights again with Wrath and Ruin.

The Marauders and Duellists beat the Thunderers, seeing them run into the combat behind them destroying them. The General and last Light Cavalryman were beating the Crossbows but the overrun of the Marauders and Duellists seen the Crossbows wiped out.

The charging Longbeards killed a few Pikemen but lost some Dwarfs in return. The Thane issued a challenge, my Pikemen Champion accepted in place of my Captain and was cut down whilst the Captain smashed two more Dwarfs down. They fled but were not caught.

The Maneater killed another Ironbreaker without taking any wounds, but easily held with being Stubborn and within 12" of the Paymaster.

My turn seen all the units that had won the combat on my left turn to face the Ironbreakers, whilst the Pikemen charged the fleeing Longbeards again, running them off the board. The Paymasters Bodyguard charged the Ironbreakers to support the Maneater whilst the Knights charged the Crossbows, smashing through them and in to the Cannon crew.

The Bodyguard and Maneater defeated the Ironbreakers, breaking them and running them down.

The Leadbelcher had been running about 2-3'' a turn and finally fled through the crossbows on my hill and off the board, panicking them and taking them with him.

Turn 5;

The Runelord, knowing all was lost decided to try and cause as much damage as possible on the enemy and struck the Anvil with Ancient Power. His anger at the enemy causing him to lose his concentration, he made a mistake, striking the Anvil incorrectly and having it explode.

The Cannon crew were killed off by the Knights, leaving the field to the Dogs of War.

Result - Win

Massacre to the Dogs of War!.

I hadn't played against Dwarfs in a while and knew I would be outclassed in the shooting phase. I'm glad I didn't have a magic heavy army as this Dwarf army was even more resistant to magic than most. I was annoyed by my Cannon and Hotpot, constantly failing with huge scatter rolls and misfires. My Crossbows did ok but the Dwarfs kept passing their 6+ saves easily making the points back that they spent on shields.

It looked pretty bad in the first few turns with a lot of my units weakened and my Leadbelchers running, but I overwhelmed the enemy in combat. My Maneater crushing the Battle Standard bearer really helped me to see off the Longbeards and Ironbreakers nice and easily. Overall I was very pleased with how my list performed.

NOTE - Only realised after this game that his list was slightly illegal as he didn't have a Lord and had Longbeards and no Warriors. Not really a big mistake though and it didn't give him any advantage.

16-12-2008, 16:00
Game 3 - Vs Skaven - 2000 Points

My memory of this game is very hazy so this will be very brief.

My list was the same as game 2.

The Skaven list -

Grey Seer;
Screaming Bell,
6 Warpstone Tokens [6 extra],
Eye of the Horned Rat.

Everything including the Pistol,
Storm Daemon, 2 Tokens.

Weeping Blades.

Cautious Shield,
Languisher Sword,
Heavy Armour.

30 Clanrats;
Spears, Full Command.
- Warpfire Thrower.

30 Clanrats;
Spears, Full Command.

20 Stormvermin;
Shields, Full Command.
- Ratling Gun.

6 Globadiers;
14 Night Runners;
2 Hand Weps, Champ.

4 Jezzails;

Andreas had seen off the Dwarfs, taking an Impressive tally of the bearded warriors himself. Andrak and his enormous Ogre Bodyguard were the true heros of the battle though, toppling the enemy battle standard and winning the day.

The Dwarfs before their retreat had warned them of their folly in mining the deep. Warned them that they would too unearth a hidden power. The nobles of Larina had laughed again.

They laughed no longer though, as the Skaven rose from the depths in an endless horde. The nobles were now forced to bleed themselves dry to pay for the army to fight again, this time not to earn them riches but to save their homes and their lives.

Andreas looked out at the enemy guns and breathed deeply, he was going to have to do some fancy flying today. He quickly shook off the tought. He was Andreas Suthernio!, Hero of Tilea AND Estalia!. Victor of the battle of Deep Mine!. He would pervail again. He looked across to that old Wardog Andrak and was reassured by his presence. Together, their star would rise and the riches would be endless, the grim but noble paymaster and the dashing but roughish general. The perfect match.

Game Recap;

In the first few turns my shooting did very little, Skaven magic and shooting wrecked a lot of my Pikemen and killed my Maneater. Plague did a lot of damage, hurting a fair fewof my crossbows. The Skaven advanced towards me.

I focussed on positioning my army to try and take down the unit with the bell. After a charge on the Night Runners by my Knights [who had earlier killed the Globadiers] I over ran into the Bell unit, with support from my light Cav in 1 flank and my Lord in the rear. The Combat lasted a while, the Assasin popping out and cutting down my Generals Pegasus and wounding him. I killed the Assasin though and finally won the combat and ran the unit down.

On my right flank my Marauders delt with the Clanrats with the Fire Thrower. The Fire Thrower killing a lot of its own rats when firing into the combat.

My Leadbelchers opened up on the Chieften and Stormvermin who were trying to get to my Paymaster and Bodyguard for a Halberd fight. The Umbranner spared them though. The fight happened but my Paymaster survived the Chietens attacks and after a few turns killled him. My Bodyguard beat the rest of the Stormvermin and ran them down. My Paymaster had earlier shot down the Rattling gun with his Crossbow.

My Lord now on foot headed after the Jezzails. Shooting 2 down but taking another wound. He finally reached combat with them and ran them off the board. Whilst my Cav chased the Cannon crew off.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Dogs of War!

The game started off badly but I turned it around. We were both trying to take the head from the opposing army, he was gunning at my Paymaster and I at his Grey Seer. He was unlucky with his magic after the first few turns of it devestating my army. He was also pretty unlucky in the Stormvermin combat. His mistake with the Knight Runners allowing my Knights to over run into that main combat cost him dearly.

Andreas shifted slightly in his saddle, signalling his Pegasus down towards the rear of the enemy command regiment. His plan was going perfectly, his Cavalry, the desperate nobles of Larina had smashed into the front of the Skaven, fighting with a ferocity of those whos homes were at risk. His veteran Light Cav, led by rugged old Ricter had expertly worked his light horsemen towards the flank of the enemy regiment and were already in mid charge. With a final beat of its mighty wings his Pegasus propelled them into the rear of the rats, lashing out with its lethal hooves, crushing Skaven skulls.

His lance spitted two Skaven in one mighty thrust but out of the corner of his eye he spotted a black clad ratman closing down on him. Dropping his lance he pulled out one of his pistols and fired, the would be Assassin stepped aside with supernatural speed, the bullet slamming into another Skaven behind were the Assassin originally stood. Before he could draw his other pistol the rat was on him. Two wickedly curved blades drawn and ready to strike, dripping a foul venom. As the blades plunged home his faithful steed reared up, the weeping blades plunging into its wide and powerful chest, saving its master but costing it its life. Andreas rolled free of the falling Pegasus, drawing his remaining pistol before he hit the ground, in one fluid motion he dove, avoiding another strike from the ratman and fired. The pitsol round taking the Assasin through the eye. Killing it instantly.

With the loss of their greatest warrior and beset on all sides the Skaven faltered and broke. Rugged Ricter and his Cavalry running them down. Looking down at his bloodied and broken mount he roared in rage and began to sprint towards the Skaven gun emplacments that still held out. Firing on the run he killed to rats as a Skaven bullet took him in the shoulder, he grimaced with pain but carried on his furious assault, vaulting the enemy barricade, reversing his stylised pistols and cutting into the shocked and terrified ratmen with the blades fitted to the handles.


Andrak watched Andreas' charge, and held his breath as the wreckless young general almost got himself killed. He shook his head. The day had been hard fought but they had prevailed, he had personally delt with a Skaven chieften. This battle would provide a valuable lesson to his budding general, one which would temper his impetuousness and make a better man of him. That lesson would prove valuable if they were to amass the fortune that the dashing general often wistfully mused with him about in their regular drinking sessions. Andrak smiled, the lad was learning, and with his natural talent. They would go far.

16-12-2008, 16:08
Its refreshing to see armies without 600-1000+ points spent on heroes and lords...

Your merry men will probably struggle against some of the newer books but I wouldn't be overly concerned, after all, pikemen are ace. :D

Just a quick thing, you may wan't to look into more magic protection as DoC, WoC and VC's are all bringing quite a bit of magic these days.

16-12-2008, 16:18
Nice reports, nice fluff too :) It was a good read!

16-12-2008, 16:22
Haha well even If I wanted to, I cant actually spend that many points on DoW Heros thanks to the lack of magical items.

Yeah I think this blog will mainly be about my making the most of some of my fave units winning the odd combat here and there against the odds in glorious last stands that result in losses for me lol

I have changed the list to try and make it a little more competative.

I have squeezed in another scroll [now 3 dice and 2 scrolls!...woo!...].

I dropped the Marauders and a unit of Crossbowmen.

I put in a unit of 3 Maneaters with Heavy Armour and Braces of Handguns. I am using the Mordheim Coach with converted guys riding on it with pistols and Handguns as this unit [with 2 empty bases that Im going to paint up to look like a country road just to get the proper base sizes for the unit and so I can take the extra scenic bases away when Maneaters start to die], I had to go for a unit of 3 to get those Impact hits so that it accurately represented a coach/chariot. Plus I figure they will come in handy against Daemons and Undead with being Immune to Psychology and Stubborn.

I have also changed my Paymaster to Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Crossbow. Just to keep him alive as I know most enemy Generals will try to assassinate him. So that 2+ save will help.

As much as I know the Pikes are over costed and will lose many many combats, I just love the models and the feel of them so just cant bring myself to drop them.

I do have a couple of Variant DoW lists that I may use;

First is a Swamp Wizard list using a Wizard Lord [using Death], Cursed Company [as the dead he has raised], Firmir models as Ogres wth Great Weapons. Skaven with Pistols as my Duellists. Ruglands Armoured Orcs with a Gobbo Paymaster. Mordheim Pit Fighters as my Norse Marauders with Great Weapons. Dark Emmisery taking refuge with this Wizard in his Swampy Tower after the loss on Albion and Fenbeasts. Then some Gobbo Wolf Riders as Fast Cav. As my Paymaster is going to be a Slaver working with this evil wizard and these Gobbo Riders and Ruglands Orcs are his men. Then I have another Wizard. I just wanted an evil themed DoW army and at least that army has some impressive magic and 3 unbreakable units.

The other is a Truthsayer Ogre themed army. My good DoW force.

16-12-2008, 17:20
Heya there, nice reports and story :)
On looking at the army list they seem a pretty fun army :)

16-12-2008, 18:35
I do have a couple of Variant DoW lists that I may use;

First is a Swamp Wizard list using a Wizard Lord [using Death], Cursed Company [as the dead he has raised], Firmir models as Ogres wth Great Weapons. Skaven with Pistols as my Duellists. Ruglands Armoured Orcs with a Gobbo Paymaster. Mordheim Pit Fighters as my Norse Marauders with Great Weapons. Dark Emmisery taking refuge with this Wizard in his Swampy Tower after the loss on Albion and Fenbeasts. Then some Gobbo Wolf Riders as Fast Cav. As my Paymaster is going to be a Slaver working with this evil wizard and these Gobbo Riders and Ruglands Orcs are his men. Then I have another Wizard. I just wanted an evil themed DoW army and at least that army has some impressive magic and 3 unbreakable units.

The other is a Truthsayer Ogre themed army. My good DoW force.

That sounds very cool. Now, when you say Fimir models, do you mean the ones from Heroquest? Because they are a tad small. Then again I have the feeling I'm way off base here...

16-12-2008, 18:39
Yeah, Heroquest ones but on Ogre sized bases, I tried to get hold of those really old big metal ones but wasn't willing to fork out how much they were going for lol. They are pretty small, I will just have to try and make the bases look cool and have a lot going on in them, kinda like mini dioramas.

16-12-2008, 18:50
Well you could try mounting them on rocks/ruins, or putting mutiple Fimirs on a base(3 would make the most sense but you may not have that many Fimirs)

Hmm... I will ponder this.

Still sounds like a snappy idea.

[EDIT] Snappy meaning cool...
[EDIT#2] Now I want to play Heroquest... This is not cool.

Golden Lion
17-12-2008, 12:46
Great reports! It looks like a very fun and balanced army. I am looking forward to more. Btw. the fluff makes it stand out that extra bit, compliments.

21-12-2008, 13:22
Game 4 - Vs Tomb Kings - 2000 Points

My list -

Brace of Pistols,
Heavy Armour,
Enchanted Shield,

Barded Steed,
Heavy Armour,
Great Weapon,
Heavy Armour,
2 Scrolls.

22 Pikemen;
Full Command.
12 Crossbows;
8 Duellists;
5 Light Cav;
5 Heavy Cav;
Barding, Champ.

18 Paymasters Bodyguard;
Heavy Armour,
Full Command,
3 Maneaters [Paywagon];
Handguns, Heavy Armour.
1 Maneater;
Handguns, Heavy Armour.
4 Leadbelchers;


Opponents list -

Tomb King;
+1 Wound, 4+ Ward, -1 Attack against him.
Great Weapon, Shield.

Tomb Prince;
Chariot of Fire,
Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield.
Liche Priest;
2 Scrolls.
Liche Priest
Liche Priest [Heirophant];
Flying Cloak, Jar.

10 Archers;
10 Archers;

3 Chariots;
Standard, Musician, Banner of Undying Legion.

3 Ushabti;

19 Tomb Guard;
Full Command,
Banner of the Sacred Eye.

Skulls of the Foe.
Skulls of the Foe.

Pre Game Thoughts;
It looks like I will have to take the fight to the enemy, something I hate doing with my Dogs of War as I would not be winning a shoot out. At least I had a few Ogres and Cav to advance on the enemy quickly. I would use my Duellists to try to counter any Scorpion attacks on my Warmachines. The only unit I was even slightly confident in fighting that Tomb Guard with King unit was a full strength Maneater unit, If I couldn't achieve that I would just try to avoid it and kill the rest of the army.

I had a hill in my depo zone and he had a small one with a unit of archers on, on my right flank.

Andrak had spent the better part of 6 months in none stop negotiations with countless noble families across southern Tilea. Trying desperatly to persuade one of them to fund an expedition into the cursed deserts east of Araby, his promises of a massive return on their investments fell on deaf ears. None willing to risk their money in a treasure hunting expedition to such a cursed realm.

Only one noble was willing, a young man who had come into possession of his family fortune, his father dying a heroic death in a far off realm. The youth, filled with dreams of glory, of taking after his lost father was quick to empty his coffers on the condition that he could join the expedition and take up the family Greatsword once again, Andrak had no choice but to accept.

With the money in place he set about recruiting the army. To lead it was the irrepresable Andreas Southernio, riding high on the glory of his recent victories having bought himself a new mighty Pegasus. His loyal Estalian bodyguard, veteran halberdiers of battles against the foul undead who cursed their lands, grim warriors clad in the black wrought metal of their homeland. Ogres from the east swelled his ranks, young nobles of the Empire provided him with heavy cavalry, eager to prove their valour to their families. He called upon rugged old ricter and his ever reliable fast cavalry. A light cannon from cathay crewed by master gunner cha'ksun would provide his force with some mobile artillery. His ever loyal Ogre bodyguard Grimlock was also more than up for the expedition, although battling undead did not appeal to his habit of eating defeated foes.

He also invested in an armoured paywagon, crewed by the finest halberdiers and handgunners money could buy, a symbol from which his men could draw courage, a symbol that would show them that no matter the outcome of the expedition they would be payed if they did their jobs.

His force was filled out with the necessary supply wagons, pulled by sturdy oxen and crewed by Halfling Cooks, their makeshift catapults a fine addition to any force. Soon they would be boarding the pair of Estalian Galeass they had hired and heading south, their crew providing him with crossbowmen and viscious pistol armed ship boarders, the powerful oarsmen would be drilled in pike use when the wind was up and the oars not required, giving him a solid body of fighting men.

Early Game;

The Tomb Kings got first turn, the Chariots advanced and then used a movement spell to get further forwards. A screaming skull landed on my Pikes, killed 8 and panicked them.

My Cav tried to charge both flanks of the Chariot unit, my Heavy Cav failed though, my General also charged the front of the unit. My shooting come to nothing and my Hotpot was well out of range so I moved forwards with it instead. The rest of my line moved up with the Leadbelchers stalling behind the failed charge of the Heavy Cav.

In the combat I caused a total of 2 Wounds, thanks to 2 passed 6+ armour saves. I won combat by 1 though and so 1 Chariot died.

1 Scorpion arrived for the Kings but a misfire led to it not appearing but me not getting the points for it. They opened up again with shooting but didn't cause as much damage this time. I concentrated on stopping the Undying Legion banner bringing back that dead chariot. I did 2 more wounds in the combat but my Lord was wounded, I lost but both units held.

In my turn my Maneaters smashed into that Chariot Combat. The rest of my army continued to advance. My cannon hit a Catapult but couldn't kill it. My Hotpot scattered short. The Pikes did rally. The Maneaters smashed the Chariots, the Prince struck back doing 2 wounds to one Maneater. He died through combat res but my General failed the Ld on the curse and his Peg lost a wound.

Closing Forces;

A catapult hit my Paymasters unit, killing 6 and making me flee...
1 unit of Archers shot at my lone Maneater, getting 6 hits and wounding him twice...
The other Scorp arrived, landing on my Duellists, killing them and running them down.

My Paymasters unit failed to rally!.My army advanced again with my Crossbows trying to charge the rear of the Scorp [they had 2 ranks as well as they were on a hill so I would get a static res of 4] but the Fear test was failed. So my Pikes moved up. My Maneaters, General [who had flown right down the left flank now], Belchers and lone Maneater all opened up on the Ushabti, after some rubbish rolls there was still an Ushabti on 2 wounds with just the Lone Maneater left, and he felled it single handedly with his 2 shots. My Cannon killed 4 Tomb Guard.

The Scorp turned to face the Pikes. The Tomb Guard were healed, shooting wounded my Maneaters, killed the Lone Maneater. The Archers on my left flank hit with 8 out of 10 shots! and killed my Generals Peg.

My Paymasters unit failed to rally again!. My General charged the Archers, hitting the Heirophant!, My Heavy Cav charged the Archers on the other flank. My shooting didn't do much of anything. In combat my General missed with ALL 5 of his attacks!, so he was beaten and ran down, the chasing Skellies hit my Fast Cav, also chasing them off!. My Cav after combat res had killed 9 out of 10 Skellies.

The Scorpion charged my Pikes, I won by 1 but caused no wounds. Shooting further hurt my Ogres.

My Paymasters unit FINALLY rallied as they were nearing the board edge. My Crossbows tried to charge the flank of the Scorp which would tip that combat but failed the Fear test again!. My Belchers charged the Archers, 2 contacted the Heirophant but only caused 1 wound!, I won combat though and a few crumbled. My Cannon finally come good sniping the Liche Priest from the Tomb Guard as he failed his lookout sir roll!. My Hotpot continued its huge scatters though. The Scorp continued to crunch through my Pikes but it was a draw. My Heavy Cav finished the Archers.

The Catapults landed on my Crossbows, panicking them!. The Belchers finished off the Heirophant and Archers in combat whilst the Scorp carried on eating Pikemen but I held.

Closing Stages;

My Crossbows failed to rally and ran off the table. My Knights hit a catapult and destroyed it. My Maneaters moved past the Tomb Kings unit, not wanting to fight it, instead wanting to hit the Catapult at the back of their lines. I moved my Hotpot out of the pursuit path of the Scorp for when it inevitably won the combat. It did win the combat and chased my Pikes down but at least the Hotpot was safe.

The Tomb Guard and King turned to face the flank of my Maneaters, now down to 2 Incantations vs my 2 Dispel Dice it was down to 2 Dice Offs to stop that flank charge, I won both and so in my turn my Maneaters were free to charge and kill the Catapult. Ending the game.

Result - Win

Minor Victory for the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts;

The first two thirds of that game I was plagued with horrendous luck, I could not pass panic or fear tests, I could not rally even on 9's. Archers were hitting about 3-4 times more than they should. My General missing with ALL 5 attacks on the Heirophant!. Thankfully two bits of luck held it together for me at the end, me sniping the Liche with the Cannon which dropped his magic and allowed me to compete with the 2 roll offs in the last turn to stop the Tomb Guard getting the flank of my Maneaters. If they had done that, the game would have been a draw.

It was a very tough game, I just could not deal with panic and fear, thankfully the Ogres were immune to fear. I managed to hold it together though and scrape the win. I am dreading facing Vamp Counts or Daemons but this was a very fun game to play.

The wind had been good on the voyage south, giving the oarsmen plenty of time to drill with their pikes. The final stretch down the great mortis river allowing them to put their powerful arms to use once again on their oars.

They had already seen off attacks from shallow bottomed boats in the dead of the nights, raining down cursed arrows upon his crews. They had even seen off a boarding attempt by an ancient Pentekonter but their ram was no match for the advanced Estalian ships and the Leadbelcher Cannons of the Ogres had shredded the undead boarders.

The march through the desert was harder still, fierce desert nomads harrying them every step of the way, powerful short bows slaying the supply train oxen and slowing the progress considerably. Their fortunes only changed when in one midnight raid, the young noble Forlan unhorsed one of the nomads with an expert shot with his duelling pistol, taking the man in the shoulder, ensuring they had somebody to interrogate. From the fierce nomad they learnt of the nearest city of the dead and of the oasis and water supplies between them and their target.

With this new information they finally had a solid target and the knowledge of available water along the way made the going much easier, but on the final approach to the city they were confronted by a sight they had all knew they would see, but continued to hope they wouldn't.

The sight of an army of the dead rising from the sand to defend their ancient city.


Andreas knew the battle had commenced when screaming, flaming skulls began to smash amongst his men. Many crashing straight into the tight ranks of his Pikemen, causing horrific damage. The oarsmen, not true warriors despite their drilling with the use of the pike, fled, the young noble Forlan desperatly trying to restore order amongst them, seeing his chance of glory slipping away.

A unit of skeletal chariots stormed out ahead of the enemy force, Andreas, knowing his army needed a morale boost in order to continue their advance into such horrific firepower signalled the charge. Rugged Old Ricter, reading the signs of battle could see what Andreas had in mind and joined him in the charge. They crashed home into the enemy chariots, smashing one enemy chariot to pieces but their foe knew no fear and did not break from the powerful charge. The fighting grew desperate, his new Pegasus lashing out with its hooves to keep the undead charioteers at bay when the thundering sound of the charging Paywagon heralded a brutal end to the combat. The heavily armoured wagon smashed through the light enemy chariots, its veteran crew smashing the survivors with their heavy halberds.

Taking heart from the minor victory the expedition force surged forwards, battle cries on their lips. Young Forlan even managing to rally his oarsmen. Andreas kicked his Pegasus into action heading for a withered robed enemy who seemed to be controlling the undead force. Another screaming skull sailed over his head, he followed its path and was horrified to see it land amongst Andraks elite unit, his heart sank when he seen the grim warrior unhorsed and his normally stoic regiment fall back carrying his body. The destraction cost him, enchanted arrows rained down on him, killing his new Pegasus. The soft sand broke his fall and in seconds he was on his feet again, charging the enemy sorcerer. Pistols blazing his shots flew wide, he closed within a few yards of his target when with a horrifying lurch, the ground fell away beneath him, fist sized beetles swarming over him. The last thing he saw was the grinning skull of his would be target.

Andrak groggily awoke to find the army in chaos, his head still spinning he roared for his men to hold as he watched young Forlan valiantly do battle with an enormous scorpion construct, the oarsmen dying in droves around him. Seeing the battle slipping away he called to master gunner cha'ksun to target the enemy Liche, Andrak had studied this dire foe and knew how best to combat them.

The Cathayan gunner nodded his head in understanding and went about busily slapping his young crew and snapping at them in his clipped native tounge. In under a minute the cannon had roared into life, a perfect shot smashing the Liche to dust. Cha'ksun simply gave a slight nod of satisfaction before readying the cannon to fire once more. The enemy did not begin to fall though, he scanned the battlefield and spotted what had to be another Liche, in front of it Andreas was up to his waist in sand, beetles swarming over him, tearing at his exposed flesh.

Knowing he had to act quickly he sent nearby Ricter and his light cav to order the Ogres to kill the Liche. 3 Massive walking statues blocked their path, the Leadbelcher cannons peppered them with shot, turning 2 to rubble. One still remained though, Grimlock, seeing the threat it posed, stepped forwards, handgun in each hand, and fired at the monster, both shots hitting it clean in its beaked head. Destroying whatever magic held it together. With their path clear the Ogres charged, the leader of the fearsome regiment ripping the Liches head from his shoulders with a mighty bite.

With that the enemy army began to crumble to dust, the beetles tearing at Andreas collapsed into husks leaving a heavily scarred but living general. Their King and its elite bodyguard roared in rage, nothing it could do to stop the collapse of his army. Not wanting it's immortal life to come to an end just yet, the King withdrew, leaving the city, and all its riches to Andrak and his expedition force.

22-12-2008, 00:44
sweet stuff Arquelon. Glad to see the good old dogs out and about, with quite some success too it seems.
The swamp-theme army is a cool idea, I'd love to get a rep from those too.

Golden Lion
22-12-2008, 11:56
Another great report, thanks! Your luck definitely seemed your downfall in the first stages of the battle, but good to see you managed to pull out a win. You fluff text is a very characterful addition.

22-12-2008, 17:30
I wasn't sure if the fluff was too long in that last one, as I couldn't just have a random battle against Tomb Kings in Tilea so had to explain the backstory a little as to why they were in Nehekara.

I think my Swamp army is my strongest DoW build, may be fun to use against Undead - Magic vs Magic, Skellies vs Skellies.

22-12-2008, 21:00
Ha, nice win although I bet "Skulls of the Foe" was a really annoying thing to have to face after playing with Chaos(What with re-rollable panic checks and all...)

Hmm, I don't think it's a good idea to get into a magic fight with the Vampires, I like the "bash'em over the head" approach myself.

22-12-2008, 21:22
Well panic, was hardly an issue at all with my Chaos as I took the Mark of Slaanesh on most things. I am used to dealing with panic with my Orcs and Gobs though, just not failing so often, especially when I was testing on 8's and rallying on 9's and still failing lol.

I dont know, my Swamp army does have 12 power dice, 3 unbreakable anvils and a few decent hammers.

I must note that the game against Skaven was against a player who had been out of the game a while and was still very rusty on the current rules. The Dwarf player was mainly a 40K player who doesn't play Fantasy very often. The other two games were against very good opponents though, thought I would mention the other two as they are the only games I have ever posted up on here that were not against experienced and competative players. So thats why my DoW are 3-1 so far really :p

May have lined up a hame against Ogres next, the list will have;

2 Butchers;
3 Maneaters;
3 Maneaters;
4 Leadbelchers;
4 Leadbelchers;
Iron Guts;
Iron Guts;

Not sure which Dogs list I should use.

24-12-2008, 01:19
Well the Ogre Kingdoms game fell through so I faced off against one of my regular opponents and his High Elves.

Game 5 - Vs High Elves - 2000 Points.

My list remains unchanged.

The opponents list was as follows -

Extra Level,
Anullian Crystal,
Extra Level,
+1 Power.
Great Weapon,
Talisman of Loec.
19 Spears;
10 Archers;
14 White Lions;
FC, Banner of Sorcery.
14 White Lions;
Lion Chariot;
Lion Chariot;
Eagle;Bolt Thrower;
Bolt Thrower;

He chose Fire on both mages and got -

I had Bears Anger.

Pre Game Thoughts;
Again I would have to advance on the enemy, not a prospect my Dogs like. I would also have a VERY tough time beating any of his combat units and his Lion Chariots out ranged all of my assault units.

So my plan is to use the Leadbelchers to try and take out a Chariot. Their 6'' move + 12'' shot outranges his charge move and is one of the few units that can kill it in one turn. I will try to get the other with a Cannon.

I would use my Maneaters on his Noble with Spears, his Spears should have a tough time hurting me, his Noble may kill one but will die in return as he will be on one wound. With my Paymaster nearby this unit should hold, my Paymasters unit will assault White Lions on my left [as he had deployed his 3 units in a tight formation, chariots and eagles on my left flank and archers on my right. Throwers on a hill behind his army]. This would anchor both sides of the melee. My Pikes would have a rough time beating a Lion unit on their own so I would focus on their target unit with my shooting ,giving them a better chance. With my Stubborn units on both sides of this big combat it should prevent any nasty flanking.

My own Cavalry would deploy on both flanks, Heavy Cav on my left with the Belchers and Lord on my right withthe Ligh Cav to take down the Archers. This would mean I would not have my Lords Ld but my main units in the centre had Ld 8 Characters leading them.

I knew this would be a tough task and that I would be hard pressed to stall his magic phase.

The small Estalian coastal city of Erago had long been plagued by Dark Elf corsairs, not once but twice had the entire city been burnt to the ground, the inhabitants not dragged away into slavery having to rebuild upon the ashes of their dead comrades.

In recent years Erago’s fortunes had changed, a new and enterprising family had come to power, opening up lucrative trade routes with contacts in L'anguille. With money flowing into the city its defences had been increased tenfold and corsair raiders had not been seen in over 10 years. Unfortunately the cities painful past never left the mind of it's inhabitants.

When 4 sleek Elven ships were sighted on approach to the city in the dead of night they were fired upon. Erago had been a backwater city, its people, those manning the guns of the city walls, those crewing its ships, knew little of the Elven civil wars, to them an Elf was an Elf and it had been Elves who had brought them so much pain. To them these Elves had come to burn their homes and take their families into slavery.

The High Elves reacted swiftly to the attack, the most senior captain of the 4 ships marshalling a desperate landing from which his men could fight clear of their attackers, incensed as to why these people whom they had come to open up trade with had greeted them with such hostility. The Elven ships burnt and a full half of the Elven crews had perished, the rest, taking whatever supplies they could and carrying away with them a pair of Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers. They fought their way clear into the countryside surrounding Erago.

The rulers of Erago, upon realising their mistake had sent messengers of peace and apology but the Elves would hear none of it, believing these messages a trap. Elven blood had been spilled and they would repay that debt. Erago had no standing army, its people were seamen and sailors, fighters but not soldiers and they could not hope to stand against even the few hundred High Elves who now assailed them. Their city was fortified against attacks from the sea, not the mainland. They needed an army, at any price.


Andrak had been on campaign in eastern Estalia, local rulers paying his forces handsomely to deal with the restless dead of their lands. Drinking cheap Estalian sherry in one of the local taverns, a messenger had fell at his feet, exhausted he presented Andrak with a letter. Upon seeing the amount of gold offered for the job Andrak couldn't help but grin and slap the weary messenger heartily on the back,

'I have another message for you to send boy!' The boys shoulders slumped in resignation of what was to come.

'20 Miles west of here a General named Andreas Suthernio is doing battle with the restless dead, tell him that Andrak The Grim has a lucrative offer and to make haste to Erago'

Early Game;

I got first turn and advanced en masse. My Hotpot landed dead on the central Lions unit, their intended target, but misfired and couldn't now fire next turn either. My Cannon landed dead on a Chariot, and rolled a 1 to wound...

The High Elves made a big gamble with the Eagles charging the Heavy Cav shielding the Belchers. Shooting and Magic seen my Fast Cav reduced to 2 models and failing panic, a Maneater dying and some Pikemen also falling.
In the combat the Eagles suffered a lot of wounds, were broken and ran down, leaving a charge on for my Knights against a Chariot.

I thought that charge was a strange move and asked my opponent about it after the game, he reasoned that the Eagles should have only lost by 1-2. Which gave him a 50/50 chance of holding, the Eagles would then die in my turn, leaving the Knights open to a double Chariot charge who would then over run into the Belchers who wouldnt be able to stand and shoot. So in all a risky move that didn't pay off thanks to some nice rolls by my Knights.

My Knights passed their Fear test and charged a Chariot, targetting the inside one of the two to allow my Belchers to fire on the other. My Fast Cav rallied. My Infantry advanced. My Maneaters all advanced more cautiously and opened fire on the central target unit, killing a few. My Cannon also fired on them, killing 2. The Belchers shredded that Lion Chariot whilst my Knights smashed home, winning the combat by 2 and running the Chariot down. It did now though leave their flank for a Bolt Thrower.

Forces Close In;

The High Elves continued to hold their ground, Magic and Shooting killed more Pikemen and the lone Maneater. The Bolt Thrower did miss the flank of my Knights though.

My Maneaters decided now was the time to strike and charged the Spears. My Lord also charged the Archers.

My shooting focussed on the central target unit, my Pistols from the Duellists caused some damage whilst my Cannon also killed a few more, leaving them thin on numbers. My Lord killed 3 Archers and broke them, they fled off the table, I pursued to try and get off the table too to avoid getting shot with Bolt Throwers but got a 6 on 3 dice. Leaving him exposed. My Maneaters lost one of their number to the Noble who was struck down in return my by last Maneater who held thanks to the re-roll for the nearby Paymaster.
My Knights had also turned to face the Bolt Throwers on the hill this turn.

The High Elves continued to use their magic and shooting. The Bolt Throwers both turned and unleashed a hail of Bolts on my Knights, killing all 5!. Each mage managed to cast Burning Head, once on the Pikes, once of the Bodyguard, I lost 7 models but both passed their Panic checks. Conflag killed some more of my men. The Ring killed 3 Duellists and panicked them. The Maneater lost a wound in his combat but killed 3 Elves and held.

Decisive Charges;

Duellists rallied. With their target unit now weakened enough my Pikes hit the central White Lions with Archmage who were now down to only their front rank. My Bodyguard charged the other White Lions on my left, my Ogres also charged the same unit, getting 1 into combat. My Lord turned to face the Bolt Throwers.

My Ogre Leadbelcher that had squeezed into combat on my left failed with its impact hit. The White Lions killed 3 of my Bodyguard leaving the champ and Paymaster to strike back, killing a White Lion each. I easily won the combat and the High Elves broke despite being Stubborn and fled from the board. My Paymaster Bodyguard held their pursuit, not wanting to take the Battle Standard re-roll too far away from my other units. My Belchers tried to hold so as to not get shot in the flank with a Bolt Thrower but failed and exposed their flank.

My Pikes won their combat but the Lions held thanks to Stubborn. My Maneater continued to kill 3 High Elves a turn but lost a wound, he held againg thanks to the Battle Standard Re-Roll.

One Bolt Thrower turned to face my Belchers, the other my Lord. The Belchers got hit in the flank, killing an Ogre and making them panic straight off the table!. The other multi shotted my Lord, killing his Pegasus. The central Lions were finished off in combat with my Pikes and Captain. My Maneater killed 2 more Elves and held again.

My Pikes charged one Bolt Thrower, my Lord the other. My Fast Cav [2 of them] also charged the flank of the Spears to help the Maneater. The Pikes failed to kill or break the Thrower Crew!, My Lord killed 1 of his crew but failed to break him too!. My Fast Cav killed 2 Elves. My Maneater was finally killed though but the Cav held.

I finished off both Bolt Throwers in combat whilst the Elves killed my Fast Cav.

I shot the Spears reducing them below half strength and my opponent had nothing to do in his last turn, having just 8 Spearman left against - Paymasters Bodyguard, all my Characters, Pikes, Duellists, Crossbows and Warmachines.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts;

I was very pleased with the result, I was expecting a very hard time but it didn't end up so bad. I think the key part of the battle was the action on my left flank. His gamble with the Eagles did not pay off which allowed me to take care of his Chariots who were a big threat. My plan worked great in the centre, Stubborn units with a nearby BS anchoring both flanks of the melee whilst my weakest unit fought the unit I had softened up with firepower.

My Cannon not wounding a chariot with a dead on hit was annoying, I kept rolling 3 on 2 dice whenever I tried to dispel anything and my Hotpot kept scattering or misfiring but my army held together, I did fail a few panic tests but luckily they were not on vital units, had my main blocks failed their panic tests to burning head my plan would have been ruined. The Bolt Throwers killing all the Knights in 1 turn also made it much harder work to deal with them and they further excelled themselves by scaring a whole Ogre unit off the table too.

The combination of the BS and 2 Stubborn units with decent combat winning ability is the key to this force though. It allowed me to face down a force that was much better at shooting, in combat and in the magic phase and still win. The even mix of units helps too, I have my Cav for rolling down flanks, some close ranged fire-power to soften the enemy up before the charge and my Ogres as the heavy hitters.

24-12-2008, 22:22
I hate writing fluff for High Elves, its often hard to make the battle taking place believable.

My next game though is probably going to be against another army I face quite often, in the form of Blood Dragon Vampire Counts. [The new edition of the army that beat me with the old counts rules in the first game of this Blog].

It has;

Extra Level, Lord of Dead, Dreadlance, Red Fury, Dreadlance, Crown, Barded Steed, Heavy Armour Shield.
Level 2, Heavy Armour, Shield.
Level 2, Heavy Armour, Shield.
Level 2, Heavy Armour, Shield.
19 Skellies;
Shields, LA, Full Command.
19 Skellies;
Shields, LA, Full Command.
19 Skellies;
Shields, LA, Full Command.
5 Hounds;
6 Hounds;
5 Black Knights;
Barding, Full Command.
5 Blood Knights;
Full Command.

This is the only army ever to have Massacred me. In the final game of my Orcs and Gobs BatRep Blog, bringing my Waaagh to a brutal and bloody end. I have beat it with my Chaos and a list similar to this but he had his Lord on Foot with Graveguard instead, with my Orcs and Gobs.

He will probably be ok with my changing a few things in my list against him as he knows the odds are already very stacked in his favour.

So I was thinking about dropping my Lord, Captian and Hotpot. Putting in their place a Truthsayer and adding the extra Level to my Wizard. The Truthsayer would go in my Pikes.

This would give me 7 Power Dice vs 7 Dispel Dice for a chance at getting a spell off a turn. It also gives me a total of 5 Dispel Dice and +1 to Dispel. I don't think my Lord has that much use in this game, he could attempt to March Block but I see him just getting hit with Danse Macrbed raised Zombies to hold him. Or my opponent with such magical superiority just keeping up his advanse with Danse Macabre anyway. My Hotpot also won't be much use and the Captain would get killed by any Vamp he fought.

At least this way I have decent magical defense, Ld 9 in my battle line, the chance of getting some Light spells off andthe Truthsayers law is good against undead anyway. On top of that the Truthsayer is better in a challenge than my Captain anyway. [2 S5 rather than 3 S6 but he gets a 4+ Ward].

So what do you reckon on those changes, good or bad idea?

26-12-2008, 19:38
Thanks for the juletide present!
As for the changes, sounds like a plan to me, more magic defense will be a necessity.

Panzer MkIV
27-12-2008, 02:54
This log is a blast to read:)

For your next battle keep in mind though that a Truthsayer (or a Dark Emissary for that matter) may never be your general.

With the list you're gonna use you'll be stuck with your level 2 wizard as a general as you've also dropped your captain.

EDIT: grammar

28-12-2008, 20:36
Didn't notice that Panzer MkIV. I will remember in future though, so for this game my Truthsayer was unfortunatly used as my General I am affraid.

Game 6 - Vs Vampire Counts - 2000 Points

My list was as follows;

Lvl2 Wizard; 2 SCrolls.
Paymaster; Barded Steed, Crossbow, Heavy Armour, Shield.

22 Pikes; Full Command.
18 Paymasters Guard; Full Command, Heavy Armour, Warbanner.
8 Duellists; Pistols.
5 Light Cav;
5 Heavy Cav; Champion.
12 Crossbows;

Maneater; HA, Brace of Handguns.
3 Maneaters; HA, Brace of Handguns.
4 Leadbelchers; Bellower.


The opponents list was as follows;

Lord; Lord of Dead, Dread Knight, Red Fury. Crown, Dreadlance. Extra Lvl.
Vamp; Lvl2, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield.
Vamp; Lvl2, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield.
Vamp; Lvl2, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield.

19 Skellies; Full Command.
19 Skellies; Full Command.
19 Skellies; Full Command.

5 Black Knights; Barding, Full Command.
5 Blood Knights; Full Command.

6 Wolves;
5 Wolves;

Pre Game Thoughts;
I knew this was going to be a tough game, I had to focus in taking down the Cav in a single turn to stop them being re raised, I was confident my Infantry could deal with those Skellie Blocks. My Belchers coupled with a Cannon should finish the Blood Knights in a single turn. The rest of my Firepower would focus on the Black Knights, I would use my Ogres to hunt Vampires in their infantry blocks.

Andrak drank alone in the Estalian tavern, his last job had brought him more gold to add the riches he had gained in the southern deserts. Fighting the High Elves did not sit well with him though, it had to be done, they would have destroyed the city but it did no good for the world. He shrugged silently to himself, at least it had made him richer. Young Andreas had headed south back to Tilea to spend his gold wining and dining the most beautiful women of a land famed for them, the scars from the desert beetles simply adding some roughness to his charms. He was no doubt by now hated by more husbands, brothers and lovers than even his considerable combat skills could deal with.

The battles against the Undead had continued, small skirmishes and so he had no need for his wayward general. It was hard and dirty work but it was work worth doing. Of late the restless dead had been more organised, gathered in greater numbers. No doubt the results of some depraved hedge wizard, using the winds of death that had brough these foul things back into life in order to carve itself a small empire.

Lost in his thoughts, he almost dropped his drink when a robed stranger sat down across from him, broad and tall. Strong hands drummed fingers on the table, strange spiral tatoos played across the back of those rough, weatherbeaten hands.

A worshipper of Chaos? Andrak clicked back the firing mechanism on his pistol in warning. The hooded man let out a laugh and threw back his hood revealing a face covered in tribal tatoos, his long dark hair braided and adorned with bright feathers.

'You have nothing to fear from me Warrior, my name is Connor Rollins, I am here to offer you a job that can satisfy both your heart and your purse'

Andrak glanced again at the mans weatherbeaten hooded robe, his feral unkept look. 'I doubt that you could provide me with either Connor Rollins, but I will listen'

The man went on to explain of the growing threat of the Undead, that a cadre of mighty vampires had learnt of the dead rising here and would use it to bolster their armies and wash away all of Estalias disperate cities in a tide of blood. He talked of his home land, a forgotten mist shrouded island and of the task laid down to his people by his ancients or old ones to continue their works. Of how the Vampires and Undead were not part of this plan. Andrak cared little of the mans tribal superstitions and religion, of his 'fabled' home land. He had one question that had not been answered.

'That is all well and good, what did you call yourself? a Truthsayer?. But how do you propose to pay an army'

The Truthsayer flashed a wolfish grin, grabbing his satchel from the floor, he unloaded it across the tavern table, thick bracelets and necklaces, tribal medallions and trinkets, statuettes of representations of their 'Old Ones' all clattered across the beer stained wood, every last one of them made from the purest gold.

'This must be the riches of your whole backwater island!'

The Truthsayer laughed, taking no offense.

'Our Island is rich with gold and my people are fine craftsmen, even the poorest amongst us have thick bracelets that would buy a house in your lands. Most of my people do not know the value of it though, they know little of the outside world and so to them, gold is common and easily obtained.'

Andrak tried to hide the hunger in his eyes, a people so nieve and with such riches could make him richer than he had ever imagined. He quickly pushed the thoughts aside.

With this I will hire your army Truthsayer. We have much to prepare if we are to help continue your old ones plans.

Early Game;

The Undead surged forwards, the central block and block on my left had quite a few skellies raised for them. He had gambled with an agressive move with his Blood Knights, leaving them in range of my Belchers, to offset this, he put a few dice into raising some Zombies in front of them but I scrolled it.

My Heavy Cav charged Wolves on my right, my Light Cav Wolves on my left. My Belchers moved into shooting range of the Blood Knights. Their shots killed 3 Knights, My 8 Maneater Handgun shots only managed 1 more kill. My Cannon then shot at them, hitting the last Knight dead on....I then rolled a 1 to wound!.

My Duellists and Crossbows shot the Black Knights, killing 2. In combat my Heavy Cav killed the Hounds and held the over run, not wanting to get lured in by the Blood Knights. On the other flank the same thing happened, I wiped them out and held my Over-run. In the magic phase I did manage to make the Belchers unbreakable with one of the Truthsayer spells.

The lone Bloodknight charged the Heavy Cav, I fled as a reaction leaving him stranded. The Skellies on my right charged my Belchers. Magic seen all the Black Knights re raised and 4 more Blood Knights return, healing the unit fully! In the combat 2 Belchers did kill a Vamp but they lost one of their number. They were Unbreakable though and so held. The Black Knights charged my Duellists and slaughtered them, they held their over run as I had angled them to give a flank charge to my Maneater.

My Knights rallied. My shooting again reduced the Blood Knights as my Maneaters moved across to try to shoot them, I got them down to 2 models, my Cannon hit them again, and got another 1 to wound!. My Light Cav moved to pen the Black Knights in or force their hand and drag them away from the main battle. My Belchers broke this turn, as they were no longer unbreakable. I outun the Skellies though

Forces Close;

The Undead line continued to advance, the Lord and Black Knights moved behind his lines to better support his force with his magic and to heal up those Blood Knights again, getting them ALL back again!. Despite me putting everything in to try and stop it. A Skellie unit charged my Lone Maneater, I wounded the Vamp but held. The Vampireless Skellies charged my Maneaters but I caused enough kills to wipe the unit out with a combination of wounds and combat res.

My Belchers rally. My Paymasters unit charge into the Skellies on my left flank. My shooting all goes on those Blood Knights again, I get off the first Light spell, I caused 5 wounds and then he passes 4 out of 5. 5+ Saves!. My Cannon rolls a 1 to wound them again!, He then passes all 3 4+ saves from my Maneaters shooting! In combat my Paymasters unit cause 3 wounds, all 3 5+ saves are passed, the Vamp then single handedly kills 3 and even the Skellies get some kills, auto breaking my Paymasters unit [I had my Light Cav ready for the flank charge next turn too] I outrun them but they run into my Crossbows, chase them off too and run both units off the board!. My Maneater takes some wounds and cant finish off that Vamp.

The Blood Knights fail a charge on my Maneaters whilst magic gets them back to 3 models. My lone Maneater finally dies.

My Maneaters charge the 3 Blood Knights, I kill 1 with my Impact Hits. Then I force him to make 6 4+ Saves, he passes all of them!. Then does 5 wounds in return from 7 attacks! My Maneaters then break despite being Stubborn and are ran down!.

The Blood Knights and skellies both charge into my Belchers, my Stand and Shoot goes on the Blood Knights, 3 artillery dice are rolled, ALL 3 come up with Misfires and I kill 2 of my own Ogres!. The unit gets wiped out. The Frenzied Knights over run but right into my Pikes on a hill. Where I FINALLY kill them!!!! The unit that had chased down my Paymaster off the table come back and turn to face the flank of my Pikes.

Closing Stages;

Determined not to get massacred no matter how baldy the dice and gods of chance want me to, I continue to fight on. My Pikes move off the hill to avoid getting flanked by the other Skellies who have just returned, as they would charge my cannon and over run into the flank of the pikes. My Knights manage a rear charge on the central skellies. I win but not many Skellies die. My Light Cav advance ready for a flank charge. My Cannon grapeshots the Skellies on the hill and kills 10.

The Skellies charge the Cannon and destroy it. My Knights kill 0 Skellies thanks to 4 passed saves and then lose 2 Knights from 5 Skellie attacks!, I break and run into the Black Knights and am wiped out. Zombies are raised on the Skellies flank to stop the flank charge from my Fast Cav. Curse of Years causes some serious damage on my Pikes.

My Pikes charge the Skellies, trying to kill the Vamp and reduce them below half strength. The Fast Cav also charge the Zombies. The fast Cav kill enough Zombies to over run into the flank of the Skellies. I fail to dispel Curse of Years because I rolled double one on 3 dice so a lot more of my Pikes die, taking them below half strength. The Truthsayer gets off the +1 to hit spell. But then rolls 2 1's to wound. I win the combat and reduce the skellies below half strength but fail to kill the vamp thanks to those 1's.

Result - Loss

Minor Victory for the Vampire Counts.

Post Game Thoughts;

NOTE - I think I have gotten a little confused as to what turns some things happened in that report but it covers everything that did happen anyway.

Honestly, I was quite pleased with my army. My plan was fine, I got the combats I wanted, I was just rolling horrendously and my opponent couldnt miss or fail an armour save. By the end I was just fighting it out desperatly trying to salvage points and not get massacred. In the end I lost by just under 600 points which is pretty good considering my rolls.

Those Blood Dragons were indestructable, they should have been killed about 4 times over. I dont even mind that they kept getting raised back, that is the nature of playing Undead, It was just very frustrating to cause easily enough damage to wipe the unit out in a turn, only to have them pass 4 out of 5 5+'s or 6 out of 7 4+'s. Or roll 3 misfires on 3 dice when shooting them. The good old Pikes killed them in the end though, and got some more points from the Skellies. My Cannon at least did kill some Skellies with Grapeshot after rolling 3 1's to wound the Blood Knights, those guys live a charmed un-life.

So, a dissapointing game in that I thought I played better and my list held up fine, I just could not roll well enough to make anything of it. I will try and get a re-match of this game later on in the blog as I am sure it is a game my army can win by a fair margine if I play right and just roll the averages.

29-12-2008, 20:51
I enjoy reading your posts and I like your army. I was just wondering why you don't use any Regiments of Renown. Good luck with the army and I look forward to reading your further battle reports.


Panzer MkIV
29-12-2008, 21:36
You sure had a bad streak of luck there but that happens once in a while.
At least you've managed to kill the Blood Knights...eventually

Didn't notice that Panzer MkIV. I will remember in future though, so for this game my Truthsayer was unfortunatly used as my General I am affraid.

I'm not too sure now about my statement concerning the Thrusthsayer: The original rules in the Albion booklet say that a Truthsayer and a Dark Emmissary may never be your general. However in the Albion PDF that you could download from GW in order to be able to use the characters after the campaign that specific line was omitted. Since the PDF is more recent than the booklet I conclude that you're right and I'm not and he can be the general:o (even in non-Dogs of war armies:eek:)

29-12-2008, 21:51
ouch! charmed un-life indeed. I'd say you played strong but lady luck is a fickle mistress

30-12-2008, 02:53
Well, that was one of these games... There inevitably comes a time when dice override tactics and lose you the game regardless of your carefully-wrought plans!

Dogs of War seems such an interesting concept and you make them perform well. I, too, would like to hear your opinion on the Regiments of Renown; they are characterful and occasionally cheaper overall. (for example the Leopard Company is a steal, same as lumpin' croops' fighting cocks)

Keep them coming and we'll keep reading and discussing!

P.S.: How about the special characters? They are far from overpowered and may give you the edge - provided you like using them (unlike me).

30-12-2008, 18:02
I think the Regiments of Reknown are for the vast majority just not worth it.

The Leapord Company come to about 330 points for 20. Thats 100 points more than a normal pike unit, for a Captain and ITP. If you add in the cost of a Captain then your paying about 40 points for ITP which is expensive anyway but if you dont want/need the Captain then you are paying a lot of points just for ITP.

Things like Lumpin Croops boys look good but when you consider that they give away 100 easy points with that needless banner, they become a liability.

I have written a little piece on what I think are good and bad regiments of reknown on my Fantasy forum. Very few are worth it IMO.

The Venators are good, but i think Heavy Cav in DoW are best used as cheap expendable flank chargers. The Bearmen are decent but again you are paying loads of points for a unit that you can do cheap and effectivly with the normal list. The Slayer Pirates are a great choice and very useful. The Manflayers are great but expensive. I think Asarnil is a bit of a steal and adds some legitimate power to a DoW army.

Some of the characters are pretty good, they are just usually outdone at what they do. Borgio and Lupo are both good fighters with some nice rules but they still aren't going to beat most combat Lords. Thats why I make mine a War Machine hunter as its something DoW cant do easily and helps ensure the enemy come at your Pikes. Ghazan Khan is again pretty much the same. The Sorceress is good though, I may use her sometime If I go magic heavy, perhaps along with a Dark Emissery.

I will try to use a few units in some of these games though so you get to see some in action. Maybe Asarnil against tough armies. I think the Goblin Hewer is great but Im pretty sure that nowhere does it say its legal f or DoW, which is pretty stupid.

Panzer MkIV
30-12-2008, 18:54
I think the Goblin Hewer is great but Im pretty sure that nowhere does it say its legal f or DoW, which is pretty stupid.

UK White Dwarf 298 p34

Warhammer Q&A

Q: Can I take the Goblin-Hewer as a Regiment of Renown in a Dogs of War army?
A: Yes. It takes up a Rare unit choice and a Hero slot


31-12-2008, 15:18
Man you were so unlucky with 3 misfires, enjoying the reports still :)

Golden Lion
05-01-2009, 18:11
Great reports as the others mentioned. I thoroughly enjoy reading your exploits with DoW. Horrible rolling on that last battle, but you have got to laugh. It is just a freak occurrence (or rather a series of) and that is spectacular in its own right!

Well done none the less, and chance dictates there will be another battle in the future where things will be the other way around..

06-01-2009, 15:29
Added the fluff to my last report now.

My next game will probably be against a different High Elf player. I think his list is something like;

21 Spears; FC
21 Spears; FC
21 Spears; FC
17 Pheonix Guard; FC, Banner of Sorcery.
10 White Lions; FC
Bolt Thrower;

07-01-2009, 23:05
Game 7 - Vs High Elves - 2000 Points

A different High Elf opponent to my regular Chracian High Elf opponent, his list was as follows -

Archmage; +1 Power, Ring, Scroll, Extra Level.
Mage; Annulian Crystal.
Mage; Extra Level, Scroll.
Captain; Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor.

21 Spears; FC
21 Spears; FC
15 Lions; FC
15 Pheonix Guard; FC, Banner of Sorcery.
14 Archers;

Bolt Thrower;

I am back to my list with Lord on Pegasus.

Pre Game Thoughts;

Another game where I will have to close with the enemy as I cant sit back and try to out shoot 14 Power Dice, 14 Archers and a Bolt Thrower. My army has seemed to do better on the offense though.

I think its pretty much the same plan as against the last High Elf list, this one will try to do the same, I will attempt to hunt his mages with my Knights and Ogres, take out his Archers and Thrower with my Lord. I will try to pin the Spears down with Maneaters whilst my fire-power weakens the elite units enough for me to be able to beat them.

Spells - The lesser mages got 1 and 1+2 on the Elf lore, the Archmage had 2,3,4,5 on Fire.

The lords of house Halirr were incensed at the loss of their diplomatic and trading force to the foolish humans Estalia. The mages of the force had sent a last desperate message home via a noble great eagle. The humans would pay for their foolishness. House Halirr was one of the greatest houses of Caledor and could not let this pass unpunished. Cosmapolitan cowards from Eatiane had urged house Halirr to stay their hand, insisted that it was nothing more than an isolated mistake. House Halirr would hear none of it. Caledorian Citzens were outraged by the news and so the bulk of the force would be made of citizen spear and archer regiments, volenteers to avenge their dead. Led by the finest Caledorian Mages.


The Elders of Erago had once again contacted Andrak to defend their coastal city, they had been warned by High Elves from the realm of Eatiane that their brothers from Caledor would return for revenge against them, that they could not intervene themselves but could not stand by and let a mistake be punished with slaughter.

The army was easy to gather as most had stayed on in the region to help him battle the undead. Andreas Suthernio was eager to return, his standing had risen rapidly in Tilean high society with his victory over the High Elves, the Tileans had built their cities on Elven ruins, Elven artifacts were considered items of the greatest worth. To have defeated an Elven army in open battle was to defeat the very race that many Tileans aspired to be, to have defeated the pinnacle of civilisation. Andreas was keen to do it again, to prove that it was not mere luck that won the day.

His magnificent armoured pay wagon had been damaged by the Undead and was still in need of repair. To fill the void that left in his force he had turned to his brutish ogre bodyguard to call on the aid of his old drinking buddies. 3 enormous hulking ogre maneaters had strolled into camp days later, Andraks bodyguard grinned at their arrival and turned to the veteran paymaster

'They dont fight for cheap you know, they will take manflesh and guns instead of gold though, maybe even elf flesh if your lucky'

Andrak just hoped he had reserved enough gold to pay them, or that his force killed enough Elves for them not to feed on his men.

Early Game;

The Elves went first casting Shield on both Spear units. Shooting killed a Light Cav and wounded a Leadbelcher. I scrolled Conflag on my Pikes.

I advanced, my Light Cav with Maneaters and Lord on the left, Belchers, Lone Maneater and Heavy Cav down the right [Heavy Cav Shielding the Belchers] and my Infantry up the middle. My Cannon misfired and my Hotpot scattered wide. My Crossbows were out of range.

The Elves cast Firey Blast on my Heavy Cav, doing 5 wounds, I failed 4 of those 5 3+ Saves!. I got the feeling it was going to be another one of those games. Magic also killed a few pikes and shooting killed my Lords Pegasus.

My lone Heavy Cav Champ charged into the Pheonix Guard, contacting a mage, going for a last glorious charge. My Lord Moved up with the Maneaters, my Fast Cav moved to block the Archers LOS. my Duellists also moved over to support my left flank. My Handguns did a few wounds to white lions but 4 of 5. 5+ Saves were passed. My Hotpot did kill 2 though, my Cannon overshot but landed on the Bolt Thrower, killing it. Maybe my luck was changing.

The lone champ was hit by 2 Pheonix Guard. 1 wound. Another failed 3+ Save. His glorious charge resulting in miserable failure [Poor Knights!].

The Elves got ready for a big magic phase with my line right on top of his, now was his time to cause some serious damage. A Miscast wrecked his phase though and killed a few white lions. Shooting did kill all my Light Cav though.

Ogres Charge!;

My Maneaters and Lord charged the Spears on the left, 2 Maneaters hitting the mage. My lone Maneater charged the Spears on the right, hitting the Captain. My Leadbelchers moved up to shoot the Pheonix Guard, whilst my Duellists moved to shoot the Archers. My two Infantry Blocks continued to march up, ready for some fighting next turn.

The Belchers open up on the Pheonix Guard, killing 4 and doing 2 wounds to themselves...
The Duellists kill a few Archers.

The Maneaters and Lord cause 8 Wounds and kill the Mage but the Elves somehow hold. My Lone Maneater is wounded by the Captain and then by the Spears, he then does no damage at all and fails his Stubborn Break Test despite a re-roll, he gets away though and the Elves rush into my Paymasters unit. I lose a few men but do some wounds back, I win the combat by 1 and the Elves break and are ran down!.

The Pheonix Guard charge my Belchers who flee as a charge response so they can rally and stand and shoot when re-charged. The Elves still have a lot of magic but are limited in what they can cast at and so the damage is stunted. The Archmage then miscast and ended the phase. The Archers kill 2 Duellists.

My Belchers rally whilst the lone Maneater continues to run. My Duellists move to the flank of the Archers whilst my Paymasters unit turn to face the rear of the Pheonix Guard. My Pikes charged the depleted White Lions. Losing the combat but holding. My Maneaters and Lord beat and break the other Elven Spears, running them down. The Duellists shoot down some more Archers as do my Crossbows.

The Pheonix Guard charge my Belchers again, I stand and shoot and kill more of the Elves, the combat is drawn. In combat the Archmage cuts down 2 more Pikes thanks to the Flaming Sword [he killed 2 last turn as well] but the White Lions dont do so well and my Pikes cause a few wounds, the Pikes win but the Lions hold. The Archmage also cast Conflag on my Paymasters unit, killing 14 of them with 1 spell....

Closing Stages;

My Maneater Rallies. My Paymasters unit now too battered to assist the Belchers with a rear charge, stay put. The Maneaters and Lord turn to face the rear of the Lions. My Crossbows, Handguns and Pistols down the last Archers. My Belchers and Pheonix Guard draw again.

The combats continue, the Pikes still winning but the Lions holding. My Belchers finally break.

My Lord and Maneaters hit the rear of the Lions whilst the Duellists hit the flank. I wipe the out. I shoot at the Pheonix Guard bringing their numbers very low.

The Pheonix Guard, the last of the High Elves on the battlefield fail a charge on my Belchers and in my last turn my shooting finishes the unit off.

Result - Win

Massacre to the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts;

It went very much like the last game against High Elves, a poor magic phase with my line on top of his and them my army hitting home pretty hard and breaking some units.My luck was up and down in this game, I got lucky with the cannon killing the bolt thrower by accident and my Paymasters Lads breaking those Elven Spears in 1 turn but my armour saves were abysmal and I couldnt seem to make my opponent fail any. It all evened out in the end, some of my bad luck with the Lone Ogre failing a re-rolled Stubborn test actually helped me in the end.

The plan went fine, My Stubborn units dealing with the dangerous Spears whilst my shooting worn down the Elite units enough for me to kill them off in combat. The Belchers performed their role well against the Pheonix Guard, whittling their numbers and drawing them away from the main combats to stop them doing any flank charging. Conflag killing almost all my Paymasters unit in 1 turn was nasty, had the Lions broke my Spears too in that turn when they won combat, the game could have been much closer.

My list seems to do much better when on the offense. Of my 5 wins, 4 are where I have took the fight to the enemy, both losses have been where I have hung back. Odd for a DoW army, I think its down to me focussing on my Ogres more when I am being offensive with them and thus using them more effectivly. My Lord went and got another Pegasus killed though, the RSPCA will be on to him soon.

Golden Lion
08-01-2009, 07:14
Nice report! Thanks again. Luck was quite fickle for both players I gather. HE were a bit unlucky with two flunked magic phases, but such is the nature of magic. Serves them right! ;)

Looking forward to more. BTW, those maneaters are doing quite well aren't they?

08-01-2009, 12:19
Yeah, Maneaters are the best unit DoW can field and we can field 4 units of them at 2000 Points. I think a list along the lines of;

Lvl2 Mage;
Lvl2 Mage;
Paymaster; Barded Horse, Shield, Heavy Armour, Crossbow

3 Maneaters;
3 Maneaters;
3 Maneaters;
Long Drongs Slayer Pirates;

10 Crossbows;
10 Crossbows;
5 Light Cav; Bows
5 Heavy Cav; Barding


Is about as competative as it can get for DoW.

9 Power,
6 Dispel with +1 to Dispel.
21 Crossbows,
18 Handguns,
5 Bows,
3 Stubborn Units,
1 Unbreakable Unit.

Plus you can heal those Maneaters with a Truthsayer.

08-01-2009, 14:21
but who would be the general in that list? can't be the truthsayer or the paymaster.

08-01-2009, 15:47
That rule about being the general wasnt in the later release of the Truthsayer rules though.

08-01-2009, 16:08
Maneaters are too elite. It doesn't take too much shooting/magic to bring them to a point that they won't have a chance to win combat. At that point who cares if they are stubborn, they will be taken down eventually.

Edit: Maybe drop a unit (at least) and take some duelists to cover them.

08-01-2009, 16:40
Thats true, I could do with at least 1 unit of Deullists to screen with. I could always use the Crossbows as screens if I HAD to advance and If I am holding back it shouldnt be so bad. The Heavy Cav will usually screen 1 unit. Plus the Truthsayers spell can bring back dead Ogres easily. He also has another that gives a 5+ Ward.

Not sure what do drop to get those Duellists though as I do agree that they are needed. Got to find at least 40 Points. I could drop a unit of Crossbows and get 2 units of Duellists but in doing that I start to losethe ability to make my opponent advance on me. Probably my best option though.

09-01-2009, 18:03
I am thinking about using a list similar to that one above against our Dark Elf player.

I have only fought 1 top tier army so far [Daemons, VC, DE] and narrowly lost that, so would like to see how DoW built for competativeness do against a top tier army.

I have beaten High Elves twice but they aren't quite on the level of those top 3 armies. Plus I always struggle with the Dark Elves, I have never massacred them, 1 Draw, 1 Minor Win, 1 Solid Win[and that was with Daemons]. So it should make for an interesting game.

The last 2 games I will probably use my Evil Swamp Wizard variant list.

09-01-2009, 18:49
Ooh I'm looking forward to the swamping :)

It's really cool that you play the DoW, especially since they seem to be more and more removed from the newer army books (no mention of DoW in the rare slots...)

09-01-2009, 22:22
GW are phasing them out, a bit gutted as they are my fave army. Thats why I was keen to get these games in with them before they are totally lost.

With how well those Maneaters are doing, I am tempted to count my Firmirs as Maneaters with Great Weapons.

10-01-2009, 12:51
the last statement i read from GW was that they were not totaly removing dogs of war like Chaos Dwarfs, and might redo them with there own army book some time in the (distant) future.

my first love was Dogs of War but went empire as they were in the starting set in 6th ed. still got my gallopper guns though in hope :)

in many ways your army is more a hybrd of Ogres with support rather than the other way round......not a critisism, but a while away from the 'Big Blocks of Pikes' supported by.....stuff

looking forward to the next batrep!

yours Sainthale

10-01-2009, 13:18
Nope they have changed their mind since Gav Thorpe left and said they will only do anything else for them if they ever do a Fantasy style Apocalypse.

I wouldn't say my army is like that, the competative list I posted up is, if thats what you mean? [The Truthsayer one]. My main force [the one with all the battles so far in this blog] has <600 points of 2000 on Ogres and Ogres have always been a staple of DoW long before the Ogre Kingdoms book come out, I used to run Golgfags Ogres before it did. Big Pike block, big bodyguard block, crossbows, heavy cav, light cav, cannon, catapult, duellists. There isn't really many options I haven't picked from the DoW list.

I did finish making my proper Paymaster and Paycart models last night though and finally made my Beasts Wizard. For the Paymaster the model is the Mounted Road Warden with Crossbow, on a Bret Steed [as i wanted barding] and for his shield, the lid of a treasure chest. The Beasts Wizard is the Beast Hunter from Mordheim. My Paycart [which represents my Maneaters unit] is the Mordheim Stage Coach with a Treasure Chest on top, two converted guards riding the top with halberds and pistols and some guns sticking out the windows. I will just run two empty ogre bases either side of it to take off when the Ogres start dying. I always do this though, finish the conversions and models that I want to complete the army with, just as I am actually finish a battle blog with the army haha.

11-01-2009, 19:15
any chance of pictures? do you have a plog to go with your blog?

11-01-2009, 19:26
I am the slowest painter in all the world haha, so If I do take any then I may put them in black and white and put a scribble effect on it, try to make it like an artists rendition of the battle of something.

Depends on the board I am using too. The Truthsayer/Ogre list would be using some normal Ogres, and Golgfags Ogres as proxies for Maneaters. My normal list is all done and converted but I am not sure I will be using them again in this blog.

So if I use my normal army and get on a good board then I will try to take some pics.

12-01-2009, 21:45
Game 8 - Vs Dark Elves - 2000 Points

I decided to use my 'Good Guy' Truthsayer themed list for this game.

My list was as follows;

Paymaster; Heavy Armour, Barded Steed, Shield, Crossbow.

3 Maneaters; Handgun Brace, Heavy Armour.
3 Maneaters; Handgun Brace, Heavy Armour.
3 Maneaters; Handgun Brace, Heavy Armour.

Slayer Pirates;

Fast Cav; Bows
Heavy Cav; Barding

10 Crossbows;
10 Crossbows;

My opponents list was as follows -

Master; Inverse Ward, Blood Armour, Great Weapon.
Sorceress; Lvl2, Dagger, Scroll.
Sorceress; Lvl2, +1 Power, Scroll.
Assassin; Stars, Wound on 3's, 2 Hand Weps.

10 Warriors;
10 Warriors;
18 Warriors; Shields, FC.

17 Black Guard; FC, ASF.
5 Knights; FC, +D3 RES.


Magic -
The Elves got Doom Bolt, Word of Pain twice and Steal Soul.
I got 1 and 2 on Metal, 1 and 4 on Light. For my Sayer I got the weak magic missile, the +1 to hit spell and the gift of life spell that gives every unit a dead model back, the spell I really wanted.

Pre Game Thoughts;
I haven't lost to the new Dark Elves yet but I have struggled every time against them. My Cannon would have to perform to take out those Chariots. I should be able to take those and the Knights down with shooting and magic before they hit my lines. I would have to just stall the Hydras with Ogres and the Slayers. Maybe hitting the flanks with another unit of Ogres each. Hopefully I would deal with them in time for my Maneaters to fight their infantry to a standstill. I was worried about the Black Guard as I couldnt beat them to the front even with charging Maneaters so I would have to try to orchestrate a flank charge somehow. Heres to hoping.

Connor had sent a messenger, asking to meet him in a small quiet village in the Estalian lowlands east of Erago. He had rode alone as requested and Connor had greeted him with laughs and a hearty slap on the back. He led Andrak back to a cramped but pleasent cottage and they had drank the night away, telling old war stories. Connor telling his fair share of tall tales for if they were all to be believed, the man who looked no older than 30 winters old, would have to have been almost 200.

The following day 3 men arrived, an alchemist and powerful wizard of the Metal lore, a wandering healer and a foul smelling, red bearded Dwarf, who seemed abnormally tall for one of his stunted people.

The Alchemist told of how he was a member of a secret society whos goal was to thwart all evil in the world and that his order was deeply indebted to the Truthsayer for his aid in many of their daring exploits. Connor laughing at the Metal Wizards expense and explaing in detail how he always had to swoop in and save the day.

'It is me who is saving the day this time though Connor, go take a look out the window, I have brought you a present'

Connor looked out of the window to see a finely crafted small calibre Cannon being unlimbred outside of the cottage by a grizzled and experienced looking crew, Connor grinned.

'How did you manage that!?'
'I called in an old favour from an engineer buddy of mine, I developed a form of explosive ammuntion for him some time ago that really seen his standing rise. Lending me a cannon and one of his finest crews was the least he could do'.

The healer then told his tale, he was a Wizard of the order of light, he had dedicated himself to its healing arts and travelled the world aiding any he could. The Wizened old man told of how Connor had turned him to his noble quest during his youth after a chance encounter in the Border Princes were he had been using his sorcerous power to blast apart enemy armies for the highest bidder.

Andrak scoffed. 'But you are an old man, to have met Connor in your youth he must have been but a baby. If not he would have to be older than you!'

To that all 4 of them laughed, giving Andrak the answer he had been denying himself all night.

With the ale flowing and histories being revealed, Andrak told of how he had been a fierce and loyal road warden in his homeland of the Empire, defending villages and towns from the predations of beastman and orc. With the passing of his Elector Count and the rise of the mans arrogant, foppish son. The amount of Wardens on the road had been cut back to allow the new Elector to put on huge banquets and dances. Leaving many towns without any defence or warning to attacks. He had pleaded with the count to employ more Wardens but he was ignored and laughed from his court. He carried on his duties but his resolve was finally broken when, whilst posted far away from his home village, it had been attacked and burnt to the ground by foul beastmen, every last villager dying in the flames with no warning or defence from the impending attack.

In grief and rage at the incompetance of his new ruler he had resinged his post and took to life as a mercenary caravan guard, now fighting for gold rather than in the defence of innocents. Before making his way south to Tilea and the Boarder Princes were his past as a noble and trustworthy Road Warden had seen him trusted as Paymaster for many Mercenary armies.

Upset and angry at his own dredging up of the past Andrak turned and snapped at Connor

'So what is the real reason we are here Connor!?, this is not some friendly get together. 2 Wizards a Dwarf and a Paymaster, what do you have planned?'

Connor just nodded and began to tell them why he had gathered them. A Dark Elf army had followed the Caledorians who had returned to seek vengeance on Erago, following the defeat of the High Elves. The Druchii army had recieved new orders. They were to set up Slave Forts in Estalia, it was a land fractured and weak, they could conquer the disperate cities one by one, attacking from in land rather than from the Sea were the Estalians could cause great damage with their navy.

Connor had seen visions of Estalia bathed in blood, its whole populace nothing but a production line of slaves, shipped west to toil in Naggaroth, the rest of the Old World, still reeling from the Storm of Chaos would not aid Estalia as it had against Araby. The massive influx of slaves would fuel the Druchii war machine who would descend on Ulthuan in a tide of slaughter, vast manpower producing weapons and armour quicker than ever before. Ulthuans armies would be choked with slaves thrown at them to weaken them before the terrible Dark Elves themselves closed in to finish the job.

'This my friends, was never meant to be. The Old ones dreamt of a united Elven people, a noble people. They never intended humans to be a slave race. We can not let this pass. The Druchii force has already landed and will pass through this village on its way to enslave Erago and creating a foothold in this land. It is here we will hold them!'

The 3 other men nodded in agreement.

'With what army? and what are we to be paid?' asked Andrak cautiously.

'I have recruited the bravest locals and drilled them in the use of crossbows, they will fight to defend their homes till their last breath. We have some Knights of our Alchemists secret order. Long Drong has his whole crew of Slayer Pirates and my people have dominion over the brutish but untainted races of this world, Ogres and Giants, there is a trading caravan headed east that will wake to find itself short of its whole contingent of Ogres come the morning. As for pay? there is no gold to be gained here Andrak. The only payment I offer you, is attonement for your years as a Mercenary. The chance to do good once again, to fight for the right reasons. Will you stand with us?'

Andrak rose his head 'I will stand with you, I have no doubt Hydra skins and elven trinkets will fetch a fair price anyway' still unable to drop his facade of a ruthless sell sword.

'What about you Dwarf? what has he offered you?'
'Me laddy?' The Dwarf laughed 'He has offered me a good death and the chance to fight some elves!, what more could a Slayer ask for!' He finished with a maniacal grin.

Early Game;

The Dark Elves got first turn and surged towards my line. The two chariots were heading down my right flank, one failed its stupidity test though and as my Cannon was on an angle I could hit both in 1 shot if I guessed right and rolled well in my turn. The Hydras headed up the centre with the Infantry whilst the Knights headed up my left flank.

I had my Paymaster with some Maneaters, both crossbow units, all my mages and cannon on a hill in my depo zone.

My magic seen little achieved but I did kill off the Knight Champion with the first Metal spell. My Cannon did its job perfectly, thanks to the failed stupidity test landing flat on one chariot and bouncing into the next!. My shooting brought down 2 more Knights and wounded a Hydra.

The Elves continued their advance. I shut down a lot of their magic phase.The Hydras killed 3 Slayers with their breath weapons.

Forces Clash;

One unit of Maneaters charged the unwounded Hydra. Doing 2 wounds and losing a few back. My Cannon shot the wounded Hydra doing 2 more wounds. My Dwarf Pistols took it to its last wound. The rest of my shooting and magic finished off the Knights.

The Hydra with 1 wound left charged my Slayers. The Spears moved to protect the flank of the Hydra fighting the Maneaters, the Assassin popped up and threw his Stars at some Maneaters but did no damage. My Slayers did no damage with stand and shoot, the Hydra ate a whole swathe of Slayers whilst 1 Slayer killed a Beastmaster. Long Drong personally killed the Hydra. The other Hydra and Maneaters continued to tear each other apart.

My Maneaters on my right charged the Spears, the Assassin did a wound, I killed off the Sorceress and killed a few Spears, the Spears hold. My Maneaters who the Paymaster had joined charged a unit of Warriors, smashing them and carrying on into the flank of the Black Guard as it was their screening unit and the only way to get his Guard into action quicker on the bottleneck that was my left flank was to position them on a slight angle. My shooting focussed on his unit of warriors with Sorceress with Dagger, whittling them down. My Maneater held on against the remaining Hydra, ending the combat on 1 wound.

The Dark Elves were running low on units, they got Word of Pain off on my Maneaters in the flank of the Black Guard though. The Hydra finished off my Maneater. The Maneaters in the flank of the Guard did some damage but the Guard held. The Spears suffered 9 wounds to my other Maneaters, were broke and ran down.

My Fast Cav charge the Sorceress and her few remaining Warriors. My Slayers move right up to the Hydra whilst my Ogres who killed the Spears turn to its rear. I get Gift of Life off, giving me some Ogres and Slayers back. My shooting all goes at the Hydra and cant kill it. My Fast Cav wound the Sorceress but the unit holds. The Master moves across and kills a Maneater. I do a few wounds back and hold.

Final Stages;

The Hydra charges my Slayers, I survive with just Long Drong left and he wounds the beast. My Maneaters get taken down to just 1 wounded Maneater and the Paymaster but I hold and get a few kills. My Fast Cav finish the Sorceress and run down the Warriors.

My Knights charge the front of the Black Guard. My Maneaters the rear of the Hydra. I get Gift of Life off, brining back some Ogres and Slayers and a Fast Cav model. The Maneaters finish the Hydra off whilst Long Drong kills the Beastmasters. My Knights suffer no wounds thanks to some lucky armour saves. They then kill 4 Black Guard, the Master fluffs his attacks on the Maneaters and with my newly risen Maneater now in the fray as well I finish off all the Black Guard and the Master Breaks and is ran down, leaving the field to me at the loss of only my Cannon, some Slayers and 1 unit of Maneaters.

Result - Win

Massacre to the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts;
Everything went right this game. The Chariot failing its stupidity that set up the Cannon shot to hit both and then the Cannon rolling just right for bounce. His screen unit having to angle a little to let the Black Guard down the extreme left flank, I think he thought my Maneaters were out of charge range but I was just in and because of the angle, then was able to flank the Guard.

The Pirates were awesome, a few times just hanging on by a few models and then Drong doing some damage and turning the tide of combats. The Master fluffing against the Maneaters on his flank, when I was down to 1 wounded Maneater, let me bring one back which won me thecombat. The Cav passing so many saves on their frontal charge also helped.

All in all it all worked out well, helped along to a Massacre result thanks to the fact I was rolling quite well for most of the game besides my dispel attempts [ a few times I failed to get 7 on 3 dice even with the +1].

Note - Forgot to mention my Cannon misfired on turn 3 and blew up.

Skogg was pretty confused as to why he was stood on an open battlefield facing out at an army of Elves. His head felt fuzzy and he could not focus when he tried to work his current predicitment out. All he could remember was a tall tatooed man leading him and his boys here without even an offer of pay. How had he managed that!?

His thoughts were interrupted when a familiar face pulled his horse up beside him and his boys.

Skogg grinned at the sight of the reknowned and ruthless paymaster, a man he had worked for on more than a few occasions. 'The Tatooed guy got you too then eh Andrak?' Andrak returned the grin. 'I, he did big fella'

'Then Skogg doesn't feel as bad for getting tricked if he tricked old Andrak too!'

Skogg looked out at the enemy army again. Monsters to smash and elves to eat, maybe this wasn't such a bad place to be after all!.

12-01-2009, 22:42
Those maneaters really performed for you (and the cannon of course, nice shot).
Congrats on the win

Lord Dan
13-01-2009, 03:10
It's a shame your VC player takes such a hard list. Tactically you seem to be doing everything right. Keep us updated.

13-01-2009, 12:15
I like the challenge, it means when I win with my Dogs against a competative power army that I have really played a good game.

Added a bit of a lengthy fluff bit to the last battle as it will probably be the last with Andrak for quite a while. So I thought I would fill out his past a little.

I will be sad to see this army go, Empire is next up once my Dogs are finished and Im tempted to have one game with my regular Dogs list represented with Empire rules, just to see what kind of difference it makes. Here is what I was thinking;

Barded Horse, Full Plate,
Dragon Bow,
Icon of Magnus.

My model has a crossbow and the only way to represent that on a BSB is with the magical bow.

Full Plate,
Casket of Sorcery.

A lot like my Merc General but with the added bonus of the Casket.

Lvl2, Doomfire Ring, Powerstone.

Rather than having him as a level 1 Scroll Caddy.

[Paywagon]Arch Lector;
War Alter,
Dawn Armour,
Ring of Volans,
Great Weapon.

I didnt really know how to represent my Paywagon, it was run as Maneaters but I want an actual Maneater unit in this army so had to find another alternative. I will say things like Soulfire is a Fusillade from the gunners riding it. Healing Hand as it will have an apothecary on board, Hammer of Sigmar I could call Gold Lust or something etc. The Lore of Light spell and the Ring will just represent relices and magical artifacts fished out at random from the pay chest itself and used in the thick of battle.

I have an odd magic phase with these characters. 4 Power Dice but then 3 Bound, with a possible extra bound up to 2 extra bound a turn and a possible +2 Power Dice. Along with 5 Dispel and the Casket for magic defence.

[Pikes]29 Spears; FC
Detatchment - 8 [Duellists] Free Company;
Detatchment - 6 Handgunners;

A shame to use my Pikes and Duellists as lowly free company and spearmen but its all I can do really. I do have 6 of the old Estalian Handgunners though who I have been itching to use and so they will form this detatchment.

5 Knights; Musician.

10 Crossbows;

[Bodyguard]18 Great Swords;
FC, Warbanner.
Detatchment - 10 Crossbows;
Detatchment - 8 Free Company;

The paymasters bodyguard. Greatswords were the only unit that could represent them really.


Only the two pieces as these would be my 2 rares if it were a DoW army.

3 Maneaters;
Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns.

It isnt DoW without at least some Ogres.

I think it is slightly more powerful than my regular Dogs list. The Characters are better as is my firepower and magic, I lose some Leadbelchers and Fast Cav though and gain the War Alter instead.

13-01-2009, 14:30
Overall its a well thought out transition, although youll find that most Empire players look down upon Spearmen and that everyone hates fighting the Pope-mobile! You may want to add Van Horstmans to the PM to stop any S7 characters from breaking it though.

13-01-2009, 15:18
I figure they wont mind so much fighting the pope mobile in such a weak list.

I agree that Spearmen suck but its all I could rep pikes with really.

I really really should take the Speculum but just cant bring myself to do it. Especially as my Cart has 3 guys on the back so I cant really justify it for fluff reasons either. Unless I come up with something about it being bribery effecting characters performances against it :p

13-01-2009, 15:55
People can make fluff justifications for anything, but really that list is very fair(Fair being a byword for soft-ish) so having one rock of a unit certainly won't be frowned upon.

Spearmen don't suck, but they certainly need support. I definately wouldn't rely on your detachments to bail them out though.

13-01-2009, 16:16
I have to finalise my Swamp list for the last 2 games and Im unsure what to take. Here is what I was thinking but it really lacks in numbers or much serious hitting power, I would be relying really heavily on my magic phase, 12 dice with 4 on +1 to cast but that is with a rubbish lore -

Wizard Lord; Lvl4
Wizard; Lvl2
Dark Em;
Paymaster; Great Wep, Heavy Armour. [Tempted to go Barded Horse + Steed + Bow instead]

[As I was going to use that awesome Gobbo Warboss with Greataxe but I could just use my old Hobgoblin Hero model on Wolf instead]

5 Light Cav; Bows
5 Light Cav; Spears

[Gobbo Wolf Riders, Slave Traders]

8 Duellists; Pistols

[Skyre Adepts hired thanks to my Wizards sorcerous aid in Skyre experiments]

12 Norse; Great Weps, Champ, Musician.

[The Champ just so I can write him into my fluff. Freed Pit Fighters to form a loyal bodyguard]

3 Maneaters; Great Weapons.

[3 Firmir]

20 Cursed Company;

[Dead risen from the swamps with Necromancy. Richter will be the Castellan of my Wizard Lords tower and the leader of his armies]


[Swamp Monsters, enough said]

Ruglands Armoured Orcs;

[A regular employee of my Hobgoblin Slave Trader Paymaster]

I do have 3 unbreakable units and an ITP Stubborn units and most of my army does cause fear. Im just not sure where I will really win combats and cause enough damage though. Any suggestions?

EDIT - Damn, just checked through my stuff, I got my Mordheim Pit Fighters ages ago, never bothered to open the box and look at the individual parts though and of the 6 models, 5 of the legs and bodies are missing!. Probably too late to ask f or them to send them out too now.

13-01-2009, 18:10
I was wondering when the fenbeasts would get into your list, a great unit for the points.

13-01-2009, 22:27
Im not that keen on them to be honest, they just fit the fluff. They are decent in an environment with actual swamps and marshes where they get Regen though.

16-01-2009, 14:32
Game 9 - Vs Warriors of Chaos - 2000 Points

This is my first game with my Evil variant of my DoW list, based on a swamp Wizard theme.

Wizard Lord; Lvl4
Wizard; Lvl2
Dark Emissary;
Paymaster; Heavy Armour, Shield, Crossbow, Barded Steed.

20 Cursed Company;
10 Ruglands Armoured Orcs;
12 Norse Marauders; Great Weapons
3 Maneaters; Great Weapons

5 Fast Cav; Bows
5 Fast Cav; Spears
8 Duellists; Pistols


My opponents list was as follows;

Sorc Lord; Lvl4, Tzeentch, Puppet, Golden Eye, Disk.
Sorc; Lvl2, Book, Power Familiar.
Sorc; Lvl2.
Exalted; Khorne, Shield, Roar.

19 Khorne Warriors; Shield, FC.
20 Warriors; FC, Shields.
20 Marauders; Light Armour, Shields, Full Command.
19 Marauders; Light Armour, Shields, Full Command.

4 Ogres; Full Command, Chaos Armour, Mark of Khorne.

Pre Game Thoughts;

Well, I am outnumbered....by Warriors of Chaos. Not a good start, especially when a full half of those models are Warriors and the opponent is still putting out 12 Power Dice. He would probably have the edge in magic thanks to the Tzeentch Lore.

He was lacking in speed though so I would have to march block him and make use of my limited shooting. I think I will focus my fire on those Khorne Warriors and try to use my Maneaters to finish them off whilst I tied whatever else that reached my lines up early with my Cursed Company and Fenbeasts. My Marauders and Maneaters or Fast Cav could then go to work on some flanking.

Magic -
I took Death on my Lord, getting the 2 magic missiles, the last spell and the Fear spell. My small Wizard took Metal but got 1 and the one that works on chariots and war machines...great. My Emmisary got 1, 3, 5, 6. I wouldnt want to use the Fog as it would pose more of a danger to my own small units, 6 wasnt great against T4 characters, so I would probably mainly be using 1 and 3.

Early Game;

I had a large hill in the centre of my deployment zone, my opponent a small one on my left flank in his. There was a ruined temple near the centre of the table.

Warriors went first, the Ogres and Marauders with no character heading down my left flank. Both Warrior units went central with the other Marauders with the naked Lvl2 more to my right flank. The Sorc Lord hopped onto his hill for good LoS for his casting. Magic blasted 5 of my 8 Skaven Duellists and half of my Marauders.

I advanced both my Fenbeasts behind the ruin facing out to the flanks, to get flank charges on any unit that passed either side. My fast Cav darted down both flanks. Most of my Magic went on the Khorne Guys, killing a few, my Bows from the Fast Cav on my right killed 1 Marauder.

Chaos advanced again but slower this turn thanks to some march blocking. Flickering Fire blasted all my Fast Cav on my left. Fireball killed 3 and panicked the unit on my right. More Marauders also died.

My fast cav on my right rallied. Everything again went on the Khorne Warriors, killing about another 4. My magic not doing much. My Emmisary miscast and lost a magic level, his Ward saved him a wound though.

The Chaos continued their advance and the Lord left his perch on the Hill. Magic took my Marauders down to 1 model, wounded my Maneaters, finished off my fast cav, killed some armoured orcs. Pretty devestating.

My Fenbeast charged the flank of the Ogres, causing a wound and losing 1. My magic and shooting again wasnt too effective. My duellists moved out of the way of my Maneaters.


The Marauders charged the flank of my Fenbeast, I lost another wound but did another to the Ogre he was fighting. Magic wasnt as effective against me this turn thankfully. The Khorne warriors moved past the ruins, exposing their flank, I dont think they were too bothered by the Fenbeast.

My Maneaters hit the front of the Khorne Warriors along with my last Marauder, the Fenbeast hit the flank. My shooting and magic now focussed on the other Warriors whilst my Duellists moved past them to march block the Marauders. I got Coils off for the third time in the game, finally making his level 2 with the extra 2 dice fail his Toughness test and killing him. My Metal Wizard killed another unit Champ with his first spell. My Fenbeast on the left flank died but finished off an Ogre. I smasshed the Khorne Warriors but lost an Ogre. I failed to run them down, my Ogres were also left stranded in a place were the Warriors could charge.

The Khorne Warriors rallied. The Ogres and Marauders were now freed on my left and advanced. The Warriors charged my Maneaters. Magic killed a lot of my Armoured Orcs. The Warriors beat my Ogres but I held after losing an Ogre.

My Fenbeast and Marauder re charged the 3 Khorne Warriors with Exalted. The Cursed Company moved up to charge the Warriors in my next turn. My Deullists shot the Marauders on my right, still march blocking. My magic and Crossbows went on the Ogres killing another. I lost the Marauder but killed 1 Warrior with my Fenbeast, my Maneater hung in with 1 wound.

Magic brought my Armoured Orcs dangerously low. My Ogre was finished off in combat whilst the Chaos Ogres moved to get a flank on my Cursed Company if I charged the Warriors. The Exalted killed my Fenbeast.

Closing Stages;

The cursed Company charged the Warriors, won, autobroke them and ran them down.

The last Khorne Warrior and Exalted were in a pretty stranded position and there was nowhere they could move to avoid my Cursed Company charge as he was near the board edge and had his flank to some rocks. So he just went for it and charged. Kruger killing blowed the Exalted and I ran the last Warrior off the table.

My last turns shooting and magic was pretty ineffective.

Leaving all my Characters, some Armoured Orcs and a full Cursed Company against 2 wounded Ogres and 2 wounded Marauder units, plus the naked Sorc and the Sorc Lord.

Result - Win

Minor Victory for the Dogs of War!

Post Game Thoughts;

A very up and down game, my fast cav died easily but I stalled the enemy long enough to pull off what I wanted. My cursed Company autobreaking those Warriors won me the game though, good old Fear. My magic was pretty rubbish and the enemies magic phase was very powerful, I nullified those Ogres with my Fenbeast which really helped. I didnt end up fighting the Marauders at all thanks to March Blocking and luring them out of position.

All in all I wasnt too impressed with my list, that was probably due to my support elements getting blasted by offensive magic though. It was resilient though and refused to break down. I enjoyed the game as it could have gone either way and that always makes the win more satisfying.

16-01-2009, 16:00
That last turn really saved it for you. When I looked at the lists and then saw how deadly his magic was turning out to be in the first few turns I thought you were doomed.

But as you said, your losses were worth it in the end as it slowed him down just enough to get things set up just right.

Nice to read such a hard fought win :)

16-01-2009, 16:19
Yeah thos last two turns stole it for me. I actually failed to do ANY damage with Richter, his unit or my Paymaster who also supported that charge [as I was going to lose if I didnt break that unit anyway as I was already behind and had The Cursed Company not broke them in 1 round they would have had some Chaos Ogres in the flank]. I also took a lot of wounds back but thanks to that 4+ Save [reduced to 5+] I took few enough casualties to win by 1 point of static res thanks to the Paymaster.

[The Cursed Company and your Undead reports have tempted me to do an Undead army of my own. I have had 2 units of Skellies, Wraiths and Black Knights for ages and never used them.]

A big problem for me in that game was deciding where to put my Characters as either my units were small and vulnerable or easily panicked. A few turns seen my Wizards running around on their own. I may have been able to finish off some Marauders and Ogres with my Magic in my last turn but I opted not to do any casting as I could see a miscast costing me the win and givingme a draw if one of my Wizards had blown up.

Not sure what I will face for my last game. Fancy fighting Skaven as it will be fitting for my Swamp Wizard who is located in the Marshes of Madness. I will see if I can get my mate who is back down from uni to have a game, as he doesnt really play much anymore but still has his 3000 points of Skaven.

18-01-2009, 00:45
Game 10 - Vs Orcs and Goblins - 2000 Points

I used my Evil Swamp list again.

My opponents list was as follows;

Black Orc Big Boss; Kickin Boots, Eavy Armour, Shield.
Night Gob Shaman; Staff of Stealin.
Night Gob Shaman; Scroll.

29 Big Uns; 2 choppas, full command. Spirit Totem.
17 Black Orcs; full command, Banner of Butchery.
29 Night Gobs; 3 Fanatics.
29 Night Gobs; 3 Fanatics.
5 Squig Herds;

Boar Chariot;
Boar Chariot;

Magic -
I chose Metal, got 1 + 6 . Death on my Lord, 1,3,4,6. Dark Em got 1, the panic one, fog and the -1 to hit spell.

Post Game Thoughts;
I would put almost all my magic and shooting on the Black Orcs as I could not deal with Grimgor and that unit in combat. My Maneaters should break the Big Uns so they would go for them. I would use lots of fleeing with my fast cav and Duellists to pull his line apart and stall him. I wasnt sure if i could shoot down Grimgors boys though. The enemy avoided terrain and I castled around my hill with the Arrer Boys on the hill.

Early Game;

The Orcs advanced on me, I dispelled their spells. My Fast Cav with Bows moved out to draw fanatics, getting all 6 out but none aimed at them hit them. My magic was mostly shut down, everything including my shooting went on those Black Orcs, killing only 2. Not a good start. I tried my panic spell on the Gobbos but they passed their test.

The Orcs come again, passing all animosity again, they would pass all animosity and fear tests they would have to take in the entire game so I wont even bother mentioning again. Every single one! Organised Orcs!.

The Fanatics killed some Night Gobs, charges from the Black Orcs and Big Uns on my fast cav I fled from, slowing their advance.

I continued to shoot and do a little magic damage to the Orc army for a few turns but most of my magic was shut down, the Fanatics also killed some Orcs and Night Gobs but not many. I continued to bait and flee with my fast cav and skirmishers to stall their advance seeing as though animosity wasnt helping me. All I really managed to achieve though was killing all the Black Orcs and leave Grimgor unwounded.

Forces Finally Clash;

I charged the Squigs on one flank with my Fenbeast and some Night Gobs on the other with another Fenbeast who killed one Wizard. My Maneaters charged the Big Uns but rolled about 5 1's to wound and so lost the combat but held. The Big Uns killed off my Ogres in his turn before I could strike.

Some failed charges from Grimgor and a Chariot let me get a flank charge off on a Chariot with my Marauders and charging Grimgor with my Cursed Company, who had lost a few Skellies to Fanatics. I killed the Chariot and with and Richter challenged Grimgor.

In a display of lucky ward save passing, Richter only took 1 wound and actually got a killing blow wound on Grimgor...the hulking orc passed his ward though. The chariot who I also charged as he was right online with Grimgor broke and failed to rally for the rest of the game. Grimgor passed though despite the Marauders over running into his flank.

In the enemy turn Night Gobs then hit my flank of the Marauders, but I fought it out and held. Richter survived again and delt a wound to Grimgor! but the Grimgor passed his break test again.

My Fenbeast fighting the Squigs finally died after killing a lot of the unit and my Paymaster with the Spear Light Cav charged and broke them. The damage they did from breaking did hurt a few of my units though.

My magic and shooting now focussed on the Big Uns. Bringing them dangerously low.

My Marauders finally broke but the Cursed Company remained above half strength, Richter dying in my last turn.

Result - Draw

Post Game Thoughts;

Because of how much my magic was shut down I didnt kill much with it or my shooting despite slowing the enemy up a lot. Thankfully Richter fought it out manfully with Grimgor and stopped him wrecking my line, I should have broke him but he passed 2 break tests with low rolls. I finished about 250 points ahead so not quite enough for a minor win. I am happy with the result though as I didnt expect to be able to deal with Grimgor once he hit my lines. I was unlucky with my Maneaters not beating those Big Uns but Richter made up for that.

Breaking those Squigs and having them wound a lot of my units with their rampage thing probably cost me the win as my Wizard Lord was out alone and lost 2 wounds because of it.

So my last game of 10 with my Dogs using 3 variant lists -

Vamp Counts - Loss
Skaven - Win
Dwarfs - Win
Tomb Kings - Win
High Elves - Win
Dark Elves - Win
Vamp Counts - Loss
High Elves - Win
Warriors of Chaos - Win
Orcs and Gobs - Draw

For 7-2-1 over all. I am quite happy with that, better than my Orcs and Gobs despite the list being weaker IMO.

18-01-2009, 15:41
Sounds like you did a relly good job wih your fast cav at slowing them down, and Richter truely did legenary things :)

Looks like it was a fun game. Even thought you're at ten games now it would be nice to get a report from these guy now and then in the future.

18-01-2009, 16:11
I'll echo the sentiments above.

It's nice seeing the Dogs of War battling it out (and quite successfully, might I add), despite your reliance on Maneaters.

So, what's next?
An empire battle blog?

...or maybe a Daemon blog using "weak" units such as Bloodletters, Daemon Prince, Nurglings and Beasts of Nurgle for a change? (hint-hint)

Lord Dan
18-01-2009, 17:52
Go nurgle!

18-01-2009, 19:29
Only 3 Maneaters used in 2 games. 1 in 2 Games. 0 In 1 game. 4 in 4 games. Although there was that 1 game with 9 of them :p. I have grown to love them though.

I have already started my Daemon Nurgle Blog so I will continue that for a while. Not a weak list but not an all powerful one as it was based on the models I liked from Heresy. It does have a unit of Bloodletters.

I will probably start my Empire one whilst that is running too though, dont worry no Steam Tanks or Karl Franz. It does have an Ulrican War Alter though but its a balanced list, some shooting, some big infantry blocks, couple of cav units.

18-01-2009, 23:35
A shame this log has come to an end

Can we not entice you to yet another game or ten?

Golden Lion
19-01-2009, 09:07
Too bad you're finished with the dogs, I really loved the reports with them! Though I am looking forward to your Empire battle log.

Thanks for good write-ups, and I must say you did really well, my compliments.

19-01-2009, 11:49
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Grimgork weren't ItP and should have been subject to autobreak against the skellies (or did he roll insane courage twice?).

Anyway, very interesting reports!

19-01-2009, 14:48
Grimgor is Immune to Psychology. That along with the fact that he can beat ranked up units on his own and when he does lose it is only by 1 or 2 means he has a good chance of fighting any unit even without support.

The Gobbos charging into the flank of my Marauders in that big combat saved my opponent the game, it was risky though as if the goblins hadnt got any kills they could of lost 3-4 models to my attacks back. The gobbos went and killed 2 Marauders each round though!.