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16-12-2008, 15:55
Skip this first post If you aren't interested in the fluff.

My army is themed on the Heresy Minis I liked, I bought all the models I thought were cool and then went about trying to represent them in an army and in the fluff. My Horrors are Giant Slugs. My Hounds are some Daemon Dog things. My Plaguebearers are wasted withered men with masks and sycthes. My Bloodletters are leaping taloned creatures and my Tunnel King is a giant half slug half man model.

I have posted these first two battles before but they seem to have dissapeared and I've given them a slight re-write.

In times passed, in the north of what has now become known as the Dark Lands, east of the realm now known as Kislev, the Gospadors were not the only realm of noble man. There are whispers of a long forgotten civilisation. A civilisation brought low by disaster and Chaos, a civilisation that hung on to this world with every ounce of its dying breath. For better or for worse. They are now known only, as the Tunnel Dwellers.

History tells us that around the Imperial year 950 [ Year - 45 in the Gospadorian Calendar ] the Gospador Tribe began their migration west due to increasing expansion by the tribes of the Chaos Wastes. Why though, had these attacks increased in such numbers as to cause the Gospadors, a hardy tribe who had endured for centuries, to embark on a mass migration west?.

The nomadic Kurgan and Hung, the main sources of attacks on the Gospador homelands were not in fact trying to expand their realms or spheres of control. They were fleeing from a threat that threatened to wipe their people out. Brutal storms of magical energy washed over the northern landscape, mutating all in its path. Even for the Kurgan and Hung, foul worshippers of Chaos both, this was too much. Whole tribes were mutated into mewling messes in single storm wracked nights. They sought the ‘gifts’ of their foul gods but storms of such power were seen only as punishment for whatever they had done to offend the powers of Chaos. Their nomadic nature allowed them to flee south for a time, in order to escape the hellish storms of change. In doing so, driving the proud Gospador west, unable to cope with the waves upon waves of brutal northmen that now swept over their lands.

The story would end there but for one small fact. The Gospador were not the only realm of noble men in that region. The Gospador could not even claim to be the most powerful. This realm, who’s name is now lost to antiquity had built mighty cities. They were not prepared to give up their homes. Their vast armies of sturdy scythe and sickle armed militia marching out to meet the northern hordes, supported by their trusted battle hounds. Time and time again they defeated the northmen until the barbarians battled them no more. The Kurgan and Hung left the realm intact and continued their migration south.

The land rejoiced. They had defeated the greatest threat their land had ever faced and the now abandoned Gospador realms were free for the taking. A new age of expansion and progress beckoned them.

This people prospered, for a while at least. Little did they know that the inexorable storms of the North, some of the most destructive ever to occur on the face of this world, shifted insidiously further south with every passing day.

Scouts reported the storms, but they had endured northern storms before. They hunkered down inside their cities and prepared to wait it out. Night after night the relentless storms battered their realms. It was apparent in the first week alone that this was nothing like the storms they had endured in the past, whole towns were turned into gibbering wrecks. Women bloated and gave birth to giant magic spewing slugs. Hysteria could have gripped the land and torn them apart, perhaps it would have been better if it had. Ending them there and then.

Rather than give up hope, the people mobilised. Creating vast networks of tunnels under their cities, expanding on their sewer systems. Reasoning that being under ground would offer them a measure of protection from the relentless storms. The whole population, starving and withered, their crops having rotted in the foul rains of the storms, began to dig. A ruthless determination born out of desperation saw the impossible achieved. In a few short months, vast tunnel networks were completed. Many thousands starved or succumbed to mutations. Those that survived were transformed from an optimistic open people to a nation of grim, heavy eyed skeletal wraiths. They hunkered down, deep wells offering them foul but drinkable water. The main source of food bugs and fungus and whatever else they could scavenge and scrounge beneath the earth.

They endured like this for months but the storms did not stop and with a grim realisation, they knew they were doomed. They resigned themselves to death and waited for the inevitable. Too proud to form pacts with the gods that had struck them down.

They did not die though. The storms become even more ferocious as the foul gods of the realms of chaos played their final trick on this blighted people. Their resistance an insult. The stinking underground realm was turned into a place of evil as the powers of the storm seeped through the earth. The tunnels becoming like the intestinal tracts of some foul bloated monster. The people continued to starve and with nothing else to live for turned on each other, turned to wickedness and evil. Their water pools and wells become foul stinking pits or dark energy, forced to consume it, the people were granted resilience and hardiness that they never thought possible. Their rotting withered bodies capable of taking punishment that would fell an Orc three times over. Their loyal hounds began to sprout horns and wicked teeth, their fur turning to slimy stinking scales. The women birthed the horrific warp slugs in even greater numbers. The great king of this people, the man who had led them to their greatest deeds, seeing his subjects finally brought to ruin. Cast himself into one of the foul mutating water pools not wishing to see his people fall further into degredation.

The king was not allowed to escape the clutches of chaos so easily, the gods laughed at his futile attempts and cast him back into the world. Rising from the pool in which he had thrown himself, the king re-emerged. A monstrous half slug half man, foul energies flickering across his clawed hands, he had re-merged as a god to this new people. He had re-emerged, The Tunnel Dweller.

The transformation of the realm complete, the storms finally abated and the Tunnel Dweller led his armies above ground. The twisted starved parodies of the proud men that had once built a great nation above ground, were his elite guard. Their unnatural warp spawned resilience and callous evil intent coupled with their already lethal skills with scythe and sickle making them even more deadly warriors than before. Any that fell re-emerged after a time from the stinking slime pits in their deepest tunnels, providing an army that could time and time again march upon the mortal world. Bringing ruin and misery on others. The foul giant slugs, birthed in greater and greater numbers also marched with them. Burning down their foes in blasts of sorcerous energy. The men that had gone insane in their dark, foul realm had become known as Lurkers. Transformed into lethal taloned beasts that could rip even a Tunnel Guard to shreds if they dared stray down long forgotten tunnels alone, although not a worry to the Guard who could re-birth in their slime pits. On the field of battle they could rip an enemy limb from limb. Their once loyal hounds were now cruel warp beasts, part reptile, part dog, part toad.

Emerging from their tunnels they found the Kurgan and Hung, returning North, the wrath of their gods having abated. The Tunnel Dwellers butchered any they come across, a hatred still burning inside them for the worshippers of the gods that had d**ned them so. Myths and legends from the Kurgan and Hung tribes still endure of these ‘Slime People’, these ‘Tunnel Dwellers’ to this day.

Now they cared not who they killed though, they had become a wicked and evil people twisted by chaos, reviling the powers that had created them and the rest of the world in equal measure. A Daemonic realm in the mortal world.

It is rumoured that the lost hold of Karak Dum was undone by the spiteful and twisted Tunnel Dwellers. Bitter that the Dwarfs had survived the brutal storms of the north in their deep mines. Many Ogre Tribes have simply vanished when migrating west over the more northern rout. Clan Moulder wages an ongoing underground war from their lair in hell-pit. An eternal war thanks to the countless hordes of rat men and the re-spawning daemonic nature of their adversaries.

The forces of the Old World are slowly becoming aware of this malicious threat from the north east, at a time when they can’t afford new enemies. With the Old World reeling from the Storm of Chaos these foul ‘Tunnel Dwellers’ are now striking west, bitterly eying up the lands of the Gospadors.

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Game 1 - Vs High Elves - 2000 Points

The High Elf List;
Archmage; Annulian Crystal, Ring of Fury. [Fire Magic, Wall, Sword, Ball, Blast]
Mage; +1 Power Dice. [Light Magic 1 and Healing Hand]
Noble; Great Weapon, Talisman of Loec.
19 Spears; FC
14 White Lions; FC
14 White Lions; FC, Banner of Sorcery
White Lion Chariot;
White Lion Chariot;
10 Archers;
Bolt Thrower;
Bolt Thrower;

Tunnel Dwellers

Great Unclean One; 645
Trappings of Nurgle,

Herald of Nurgle; 250
Slime Trail.

Herald of Tzeentch; 140
Master of Sorcery.

Total; 1035

20 Horrors; 240; Maggots/Fire Slugs

17 Horrors; 204; Maggots/Fire Slugs

16 Plagbearers; 222; Tunnel Guard

10 Bloodletters; 120; Lurkers

Total; 786

5 Flesh Hounds; 175; Hounds

Total; 175

2000 Points

The Maggot King, the Tunnel Dweller himself had lead his forces on a path of destruction through many of Kislevs isolated outlying towns. The major settlements had been avoided in their bitter path of destruction. The Tunnel Dwellers were just a myth to the people of Kislev, the Maggot King did not yet want to play his hand, he did not want the world to know of the growing power in the North East. The forces of Chaos knew of this power, Chaos had created them, they were the rouge child of the dark gods, raging against their fate and so the Tunnel Dwellers headed into Southern Norsca, intent on releasing their bitter fury on the weak who had given into Chaos without a fight, those who had accepted their fate. The campaign was successful and with every victory against the Dark Gods that had spawned them, their power grew.

The mists were strong on the Norscan coast and something was wrong, the Lurkers had returned to their lord with tales of empty Norse villages, their inhabitants dissapearing into the mists. The Tunnel Dwellers marched on for weeks, their warp spawned constitution allowing them to go on with no rest. On the third week their march was halted with a hail of white shafted arrows. They had finally found the reason for the empty Norse villages.


Following the wake of the Storm of Chaos, the High Elves had kept a close watch on the Norscan coast, as they had during the campaign, not allowing the Norscans to re establish their foothold on the coast from where they could launch their raids on the South. The Eagles had brought them news of a new threat though, marching from the east. Rotting parodies of men, drawn and gaunt. Although they were slaying Norscans it was clear that this new threat was not a force for good. A Chaos Warband from the wastes no doubt. They would have to be delt with in order to ensure the saftey of the Elven garrisons now in position in Southern Norsca.

I had my large unit of Horrors without Herald on my left flank with the Bloodletters protecting their inside flank. The Plaugebearers deployed centrally with the Unclean One to their right. The other Horros and Hounds went on my right flank.

The Elves had both White Lion units going down my left flank with 1 Bolt Thrower. The Lion Chariots and Eagles depolyed centrally with the Eagles blocking LOS to the Chariots. The Other missile units and the Spears faced down my right flank.

Early Game
The Tunnel Dwellers got first turn and advanced en masse. The magic phase started with my Tzeentch Herald casting Boon getting the maximum dice. With the extra dice he cast Flickering Fire on an Eagle, frying it. He then cast Glean Magic and used Fiery Blast to down the other Eagle. My Unclean one gathered his power and unleashed Shrivelling Pox on the Archmage, he failed his toughness test.....and then I rolled 1 for wounds! d**n!.

The Elves come forward to meet my forces head on the Chariots advanced a little but the Spearmen got in a position so my Unclean one couldnt charge either of them. Shooting only hurt 1 hound, wall of Fire went off and killed 1 Plague Bearer.

My Hounds carried on up my right flank towards the Archers and Bolt Thrower. My Unclean one and Horrors with Herald charged the Spears, my left flank stayed still.

I managed to get Gift off Gift and it hurt some of the Spears. Flickering Fire went off on my left flank dropping about 5 White Lions.

In combat the Unclean one challenged the Noble, the Noble did 3 wounds! due to his talisman of Loec, the Unclean one caused just 1 wound but it was enough to kill the Noble. The spears didn't kill many if any Horrors. I lost combat but didnt lose any extra wounds/models.

Elven Assault!

The White Lions charged, the Chariots both hitting my Plaguebearers, one White Lions unit on my left flank Horrors and the other unit into my Bloodletters. The Shooting stripped my Hounds down to two Hounds.

In combat with the White Lion units I lost a few models but didnt lose any from losing the combats. I did wound the Archmage with Bloodletters though.The White Lion Chariots failed to hurt my Plaguebearers with Impact hits, I then caused 3 wounds on 1 Chariot and 1 on the other whilst the Crew and Lions only killed 1 Plaguebearer. The Chariots fled. The Unclean one and Horrors beat the Spearmen and made them flee, none of the fleeing units were caught though. I had totally forgettin about Wall of Fire though so my pursuing unit lost about 6 models to Wall of Fire.

The Plaguebearers Re-Charged the Chariots in my turn, making them Flee more. The Horrors Re-Charged the Spears also making them flee again. The Hounds charged the Archers who fled off the board and so they hit the Bolt Thrower Crew.

The Unclean one turned to face the White Lion units on my left flank. He cast shrivelling Pox and killed a few White Lions [didnt have the nurglings to make new bases though].

In combat I lost both combats with a few casualties on each side. The Bloodletters finished off the Archmage. I didn't really lose much for losing the combats. The Hounds devoured the Bolt Thrower crew.

Hold the Line!

The Chariots and Spears rallied. The Bolt Thrower shot at my Plaguebearers but killed none.

Combat continued to grind out on my left flank.

In my turn the Plaguebearers charged both Lion Chariots, killing both. The Horrors charged the Spears and ground them down in combat. More magic was cast on the White Lions. After the Unclean one charged the rear of the Bloodletter combat. The Unclean tipped the balance of the combat and the White Lions broke and were run down by the Bloodletters. In the other combat i was reduced to 5 Horrors.

Mopping Up

The Bolt Thrower shot the Bloodletters taking them down to 1. The White Lions finally wiped out the Horrors.

My Plaugebearers charged the Bolt Thrower and killed the crew whilst my hounds hit the flank of the Spears. The Spears broke and Horrors ran them down.

The Unclean one hit the last 2 White Lions with the mage, and finally did more than 1 wound and killed all 3 models after sufferinga wound from their great axes.

The Elves were wiped out, leaving the Battlefield to the Tunnel Dwellers.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Tunnel Dwellers!

I was seriously suprised at how powerful the new Daemons are, they ran rough shod over the Elves and my list was themed rather than going for raw power. The Plaguebearers were nigh on untouchable, and only really lost models because of my mistake in forgetting about Wall of Fire. The took a double Lion Chariot charge and lost 1 model!.

The Magic phase was also very powerful. Losing combat wasn't really that bad and it didn't lose me as many models as I expected.

I was pleased with the performance of the list but it was very easy, I feel they may be a little over powered so I may try and tone it down a bit, I could get a Khorne Herald rather than the Tzeentch one.

The Maggot king could see the look of fear in the eyes of the Elves as their arrows had no effect on his elite Tunnel Guard and their loyal Hounds. Their wasted withered bodies able to withstand the most brutal of punishments. The Fire Slugs, his faithful Maggots had burnt down the Eagles in gouts of sorcerous flame.

The mighty Lion Chariots crashed into the ranks of his Troops, their broken bodies standing right back up, their smashed and broken bones reknitting. One Tunnel Guard, with its neck still broke, its head lolling against its shoulder at an unnatural angle, punched his scythe into the stomach of one lion, pulling forth its intestines in an explosion of gore.

The Elves could not stand against them. He Crashed into an Elven Noble, its magical Talisman flashing as its Great Axe embedded itself deep in his enormous slug like body. Gouts of foul mucus spilled from the wound, washing over the Elves in a flood of foulness, causing them to scream in agony. The Noble tried to free his axe, but the act was futile, his body had already started healing around the embedded weapon, it was stuck fast and the Elf realised he was doomed. The Kings great mace swung slowly but unstoppably towards the Elf. Crashing into it's puny body, sending him crashing through the ranks of his men.


The King surveyed the battlefield, the Elven trinkets they had taken from the corpses of the mages would sustain them for even longer, allowing their slaughter to continue. The enemy had been killed to the last Elf and so there would be no Elven counterattack, nothing to stop their devestation.

16-12-2008, 16:03
Game 2 - Vs Vampire Counts - 2000 Points

I swapped Mucus for the re-roll wound banner on the Plague Bearers.

This time out I would be facing a very competative Ghoul Horde.

Fjengard stared out across the stretch of rugged Norscan coastline, across the place he called home. Archaons Storm had passed his village by, leaving them relatively unscathed, he and the rest of the men from the Village had struck South in the name of their gods but had been fortunate and returned relatively unscathed. Back to their simple way of life.

A mound of muscle and sinew lay heaped on the beach, the leftovers from an epic battle between the sea beasts of the Sea of Claws no doubt. With a shrug Fjengard strode over, his family would eat well tonight. As he grew closer he could make out that it was a body, a huge misshapen body, all muscle and bone. Rolling the creature over with his boot its long sharp fangs, signs of its predatory nature were clear. Grabbing its leg he prepared to haul it back to his longhouse when with a start its eyes snapped open.

Fjengard staggered back in shock as one of its talons raked a gaping wound in his chest. The beast was on him before he could stand, sinking its teeth into his strong Norscan neck, drinking his lifeblood....

Fjengards Screams could be heard from the village, they were not the last to be heard that night. Those that survived the attack were forced to consume the dead to survive, crazed and desperate, the once proud Norscans fell into worship of their new Vampire overlord, little more than beasts remained of them.


The Tunnel King hauled his immense bulk in front of his army, before him lay another Norscan village, the Norse were strong and proud, they had stood before him before. These were different though, they did not fear the nature of his army. They smelled wrong. Feral cries and howls pierced the air as an immense beast strode forwards, the mewling creatures that had once been the villagers of the town falling in adoration at his feet. The Tunnel King spat, a luminous green ichor melting the ice were it landed. Roaring from his unnatural mouth 'Let us lay these foul dead to rest once and for all!, show them what it takes to truely resist death as we have my Tunnel Dwellers!'

and with that, the forces charged.


Lord; Lvl3, +2 Power Dice, Crown, Sword of Might, Eternal Hatred, Accursed Armour.

This was built to represent a Strogoi, S6, T6, I4, WS4. Hatred.

Thrall; Extra Level, Summon Ghouls, Book.
Thrall; Extra Level, Summon Ghouls, Hand of Dust.
Thrall; Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Periapt.

Cart; Lodestone
Cart; Lodestone
10 Ghouls;
10 Ghouls;
14 Ghouls;
14 Ghouls;
5 Wraiths;

12 Power + 4 Bound.

Early Game

The Ghouls got their pre game movement and moved up 5, making sure they were still within 6 of the carts.

I got first turn and moved my line up to get in range for my spells. I had my Horrors on my left flank facing Wraiths with my Bloodletters on their inside flank facing Ghouls. My Plaguebearers and Unclean one deployed centrally facing off against another Ghoul unit. Horrors with Herald and Hounds on my right facing the Varghulf and two more Ghoul units.

My magic went off and I damaged some Wraiths, I tried to kill a 10 strong starting unit on my right flank but couldnt kill enough. Plague Wind made be a base of Nurglings behind the Ghould on my right flank.

The Vampires healed all besides the wraiths, upping all their Ghoul Units by a lot of models.

I decided to take the initiative and make some charges, my Horrors charged the Wraiths on my left. In the centre my Plage bearers charged a Ghoul unit, my Unclean one also charging in, just getting into contact with the Vampire on the end.

My right Horrors with Herald charged a Ghoul unit, also hitting the Vamp Lords unit, the Hounds also charged the Ghoul Unit. I did this as the Vamp Lord wasnt in base to base so i was hoping on winning big and wrecking both units before he started attacking. The Nurglings also charged from behind.

Gift went off from a few units, causing a fair bit of damage.

The Great Unclean one killed the Vamp he was in base to base with, I didnt challenge as i didnt want the Vamp to go hide at the back of the unit. My Bearers killed 1 Ghoul but my Herald fluffed his attacks. I won by a fair bit. Against the right flank Ghouls in the big sprawling combat that included;

Hounds, Nurglings, Horrors, 2 Ghoul Units.

The Hounds killed the Vamp by directing attacks. I won by a little bit over all, reducing both units.

The Horrors on the right whittled down the Wraiths with Combat Res.

Undead Fight Back

The Ghouls on my left flank charged my Letters whilst the Varghulf Charged the Hounds that werent in base to base with the Ghouls on my right.

Magic raised a load of Ghouls back and the big sprawling combat swung the way of the Undead with the Lord now in the fighting. I didnt lose any for losing the combat though and I even wounded the Varghulf who had been damaged by Gift already.

The Wraiths got wiped out whilst the charging Ghouls killed some Bloodletters but lost a wound from their Vamp.

My Unclean one and Plaguebearers finished the Ghouls they were fighting.

They then charged in my turn into the Vamp Lords unit, the Unclean one could just reached the lord himself whilst the Plaguebearer unit could just fit into combat with the Lords unit to provide static combat res now that my Horrors were losing numbers on that flank.

Gifts went off causing even more damage and killing the Carts, the Vamps hard pressed to stop it with me killing off some Thralls. My Unclen One challeneged the Lord, taking 2 Wounds off him. I won the combat by a lot, really thinning out the Ghouls. My Hounds finished off the Varghulf too.

On my left flank the Bloodletters killed the Vamp but were beaten soundly and started to run out of models.

Mopping Up

The Vampires now low on casters couldnt raise their numbers enough. On my left flank the Bloodletters were finally killed off. Fadingout of existance. My Unclean One finished the Lord in the main combat. The rest of my kills crumbling all the remaining Ghouls from both units.

I then went on to blast the last Ghoul unit that had beat the Letters off the face of the board.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Tunnel Dwellers!

Again a devestating performance by this list, I am shocked at how powerful they are. Me hunting the Vamps really helped though. The Unclean One performed fantastically in combat, making up for him rolling bad spells. This was against a powerful list too IMO.

The hulking Vampire launched itself onto the immense Tunnel King. Biting deep into the bulk of his adversary. It realised its mistake too late, its bestial fury having gotten the better of it. Its mouth filling with foul fluids, the Strogoi fell from the Tunnel Kings maggot like body, the poisons and toxins taking their toll on even its mighty constitution. It fell to its knees, caughing up black bile. With a gurgling roar the Tunnel King lurched forward with a speed that belied its enormous size, crushing the heaving Vampire beneath his bulk. With the loss of their dark lord, the pitiful followers began to slink away.

His force had come far, its power had grown, he knew out at the edges of the waste lay the towers of the Dark Elves, containing artifacts of immense power, with those he could sustain his army for a serious conquest into the mortal world, far from their Tunnels in the North East. It would be a long, hard march, but the prize was too great to turn back.

16-12-2008, 17:47
Daemons certainly are powerful, although I wouldn't call yours an overly competitive list. (Well, its not weak but the 10 Bloodletters and a GUO lend it a lot of weight in the "fair" department ;) )

I think this goes to show that charging Nurgle units is a silly, silly thing to do...

Unless you have fire...

17-12-2008, 07:52
Yeah, I wouldn't say its too powerful either, I hate the Unclean One compared to the other Greater Daemons. I have still had some complaints about the list though.

I think it is just Gift of Chaos that makes any daemon list with Horrors so powerful so long as you have other dedicated casters.

Golden Lion
17-12-2008, 10:15
Thanks for the reports Arguleon-veq. It's nice to read the fluff, it makes the reports much more interesting. You seem to have quite a strong list, but I am not that familiar with daemons. What is/does the gift exactly?

17-12-2008, 13:44
It is a Tzeentch Spell that Horrors, Lords of Change or Heralds of Tzeentch can cast. Has a casting value that is easily achieved on 3 dice and does D6 Strength D6 Hits to ALL enemy units within 12'', even those in combat. So when coupled with your unbreakable units, you have units locked in combat with you that just keep taking damage as you cast 2/3 Gifts a turn.

17-12-2008, 14:24
Whilst that is true, the Horrors become unable to cast gift after a certain amount of casualties so its by no means overpowered. Especially when you consider its short range.

Now Flamers...well, lets just say GW "missed" something there...

17-12-2008, 21:29
Very nice gooing Arguleon-Veq, and I'd love to see some pictures of your army, the Tunnel dweller mini is awesome.
I agree with the other posters that your list is far from abusive as demons go

18-12-2008, 12:59
Well the army isn't painted, I HATE painting so it takes me a VERY long time to get it done haha. At least with this army the paint job should be fairly easy. I do have pics of the unpainted army somewhere though, I'll see If I can dig them up, if only to let people see the models I am using. I also use the Mordheim Plague Cart as my Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin.

04-01-2009, 12:36
This game I face an army that had just squeeked a minor victory over my Dogs of War thanks to my dice failing me, so I thought I would take them on with my Daemons too.

Game 3 - Vs Vampire Counts - 2000 Points

Opponents army -

Lord; +1 Lvl, Dreadlance, Crown, Fury, Knight, Lord of the Dead.
Thrall; +1 Lvl, Hand Wep, Shield, Heavy Armour.
Thrall; +1 Lvl, Hand Wep, Shield, Heavy Armour.
Thrall; +1 Lvl, Hand Wep, Shield, Heavy Armour.

19 Skellies; FC.
19 Skellies; FC.
19 Skellies; FC.

5 Blood Knights; FC, Flaming Banner.
5 Black Knights; FC

5 Hounds;
6 Hounds;

Pre Game Thoughts;
A tough army to face, it has beaten my Orcs and Gobs and my Dogs of War. With 11 Power and 2 Hard Hitting Cav units I would have to be careful. I would focus my magic on his Knights to make raising much harder for him then any unit of Infantry that got risen too high I would cast the 6th Nurgle spell on to raise masses of nurglings to march block with.

I had to keep my Bearers away from this Blood Knights, I would attempt to kill them with the Lore of Light from my Tzeentch Herald but failing that I would lure them with my Tzeentch Heralds unit, their 4+ Ward should allow me to bog them down.

The Tunnel King could sense them, he had fed on the monsterous vampire who had turned the Norse village to its will, the 4 he could sense now felt similar but somehow different.

He could feel their bloodlust, their need to feed, but that was not why they harried his force on their long march to the towers of Naggaroth.

He delved deeper into his psychic reserves, reading the Vampires on his tail, easy to sense these beings, so infused with dark power like himself.

He opened his eyes, a twisted smile crossing his face. They hunted HIM, they had sensed his power, no doubt found the ruin he had caused upon another powerful Vampire. They sought to run him down, hunt him like a human hunter would hunt large game. He was something to test themselves against and a monsterous head to mount in their hall. He smiled again, it would be him who would hunt them.


The titanic beast had halted its force and turned to face him, its relentless pursuer.

Their original prey had been a fellow Vampire, a powerful Strogoi. They had chased it to the Sea of Claws, almost killing it before it cast itself into the sea to be free of them. But his army, The Red Hounds, named for their penchant for hunting the largest most powerful creatures they could find much like the hunting hounds of man. Had followed it still. He had been suprised to find the beast slain by another even more powerful on the coast of Norsca but this had given him an even greater beast to hunt. Perhaps by defeating this titanic foe, he could be free of his curse much like his sire Abhorash had after defeating a mighty dragon. Then again, he wasn't sure if he wanted to be free of it.

Inhofer looked on. The Daemonic Monster pushed its way to the front of its force and pointed him out. He flashed his fangs and tested the weight of his enchanted lance. A subtle nod to his Thrall Muhilar signalled the advance. He had turned Muhilar in the sweltering jungles of Ind. In the heart of the ancient forests of that country he had spitted upon his mighty lance enormous mutated war elephants, crewed by savage flesh eating forest tribes. Muhilar had been the leader of one such tribe. This beast before him was about as big as one of those war elephants and Inhofer had no doubt at all that it would fall to his mighty lance just the same.

Early Game;

The Vampires got first turn, the Blood Knights witha Hound screen headed up my left flank. The Black Knights and Hound screen headed up the centre with a Skellie unit whilst 2 Skellie units went down my right. The Hounds were very agressive barreling straight for my lines. He raised a lot of Skellies on my right flank.

My Unclean one and Letters charged into the central Hounds as a good over-run could see me hit the Black Knights behind. My Hounds moved cautiously up the right flank. My Horrors turned a little to get a better sight of the Blood Knights bearing down on them on the left. My Bearers moved up into the gap in the battle line the Letters had left with their charge.

My magic seen me devestate a Skellie unit on my right flank, with over 30 Skellies in the unit, I rose 8 Nurgle Bases! with Nurgles 6th spell. Flickering Fire then put a big enough hole in the Hounds on my left to let me get the first Lore of Light spell off, killing 4 Blood Knights.

In combat the Hounds were smashed and both units over-ran into the Black Knights and Lord. My Bloodletters killed a Black Knights and my Unclean one killed 2 Black Knights. The Vamp Lord then hacked to pieces half of my Letters and some more fell to combat res.

The Lone Knight on my left had his LOS now blocked by his Hounds so he didnt have to charge, he instead headed back a little so his unit could try to be healed up. The unit that hadnt been ruined on my right turned to face the swarm of nurglings bearing down on their rear. I was effective in nullifying his raising this turn as a lot was attempted on Knights who he needed a 4+ to raise, so no Knights were raised, this did allow him to get some raising on the depleted unit on my right though. In combat my Unclean one killed 1 black knight as my opponent forgot to challenege, leaving the Lord and the Standard facing him, who did a wound.

My Hounds crashed into the front of the depleted unit whilst my Swarm of Nurglings hit their rear. My magic finished off the Hounds and then killed the lone Blood Knights. My Unlean one then cast his 6th spell again on the none depeleted unit on my right, giving me 12 wounds and 4 Swarms. In combat the Hounds and Nurglings took the unit down to just the Vampire on 1 wound. My Unlean one was now challenged by the Lord, they failed to hurt each other.

Undead Crumbling;

Everything went into more raising but I stopped a lot of it. I finished the lone Vamp on the right whilst the Unlcean one and Vamp Lord did a wound to each other.

My Hounds moved back towards my lines whilst the unit of 4 Nurgling Bases charged the Skellies on the right who had turned back to face them.
Magic did a little damage to the Skellies on the left. The Unclean one lost a wound which killed the last Black Knight thanks to it failing a toughness test.

He raised back the losses on his left flank skellies. Who got a charge on my Hounds thanks to Danse. My Unclean one got a wound on the Vamp Lord, won the combat and the Lord died to crumbling. My Bases did some damage to the Skellies on my right. The Hounds did a lot of damage to the Skellies who charged them for only 1 wound in return.

My huge unit of Nurglings charged the flank of the Skellies on my right to help the other Nurglings whilst my Unclean One turned to face the rear of the Skellie/Hound combat. I caused plenty of damage in both combats for few losses.

In his turn I stopped his raising with his now depleted power pool, and caused more damage. In my last turn the Unclean one hit the rear of the combat and helped wipe out the Skellies on my left whilst theNurglings finished the Skellies and Vamp on my right.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Tunnel Dwellers!

Post Game Thoughts;

Well, everything went perfectly in that game, I didn't give away a single point and wiped out the enemy army. That 6th Nurgle Spell was amazing on huge Skellie units, especially as Nurglins outfight Skellies. In all I think I rose more wounds than my opponent in this game. I dealt with the Knights just how I wanted too. Those Nurglings also stalled the enemy army as it March Blocked a few of his units. The Unclean one gettinga good over run after killing the Hounds was handy too. Letting him get to grips with the Black Knights early.

04-01-2009, 13:17
Game 4 - Vs Dark Elves - 2000 Points

Opponents List;

Master; Blood Armour, Pendant, Great Weapon, Cloak.
Sorcerer; +1 Power, +1 Level, Scroll. Cold One.
Sorcerer; +1 Level, Dagger, Scroll.
Assassin; Stars, +1 Hand Wep, Always wounds on a 3 poison.

18 Spears; FC, Shields.
10 Spears;
10 Spears;

17 Black Guard; FC, ASF.
5 Knights; FC, +D3 Res, Magic Res Stone.


Pre Game Thoughts;
I had faced this opponent and army twice with my Warriors, only managing a draw and a minore victory. So I reckoned I was in for a tough game. I should be able to take down the Chariots and Knights with Magic before they reach me though and bog down the Hydras with my Plagebearers.

The Tunnel King had crushed the foolish Vampires who had hunted him for the own vanity and glory. Killing their leader personally.

His long march was now over, the towers of the Dark Elves rose like sentinels spears from the rugged landscape on the horizon.

The Elves were waiting for him, their Sorceresses in Ghrond no doubt sensing the approach of a being of such raw energy. His power swelled by the Vampires he had consumed.

They were waiting for him in force, enormous War Hydras roared in the distance, brought to bring him down. Cold One Knights readied their weapons, dark Sorceresses drew upon the winds of magic.

He would defeat them and cast down their towers, he would take their artifacts of power and with them be able to sustain his army away from the wastes or his tunnel realms. He would be free to wage his war on whoever he pleased and the whole world would feel his bitter wrath.

Early Game;

The Elves got first turn. They marched forwards agressivly. Doombolt killing 4 Horrors thanks to irresistable force.

My Bloodletters moved up to lure the Knights. My magic phase seen the Knights pass 9 out of 11 4+ Saves. Which was very annoying, thanks to this my magic phase was very stunted. My 6th Nurgle Spell getting scrolled.

The Knights charged my Letters, Word of Pain was also cast on them. The rest of the Elves continued their advance. Hydras hiding behind the Chariots. The Knights killed a few letters and my return attacks missed thanks to Word of Pain, the banner gave them +3 Res and my unit faded out. The Knights over run left them in front of my Hounds though.

My Hounds charged the Knights on my left flank. The magic phase I think in total did 1 wound to a chariot....The Hounds killed 2 Knights, but the Standard Bearer held.

2 Chariots charged my none herald Horrors, the Hydras moved up to burn my Bearers whilst the Black Guards shield unit moved to allow the Black Guard a charge next turn. The Spearmen charged my Heralds Horrors. Word of Pain annoyingly went off on my Hounds again to try and save that last Knight. The Hydras though had moved too close to the Bearers to bring their breath weapons to good use, and so only killed 2.

The Hounds killed the Knight anyway, the Assassin in the Spears killed my Herald despite his 4+ ward. The Spears also caused a lot of damage somehow. The Chariots did some serious damage to my other Horrors.

Unleashing the Unclean One;

The Unclean One charged the Black Guards screen unit, who fled and were caught anyway, the charge carrying on through to the Sorceress and her sacrficial Spear unit who also opted to flee. The Hounds crashed into the flank of the big Spear unit fighting my Horrors but thanks to Word of Pain still been in effect they killed a whole 1 and the Spears went on to kill about 5 Horrors. So the Elves won, I didnt lose any to crumbling though. The Unclean Ones 6th Spell did go off on the Black Guard though and got me 3 bases of Nurglings. The Chariots continued to win their combat despite no impact hits or hatred! The Bearers c harged the Hydras, doing some wounds and breaking them!, 1 was caught but the other fled out of reach.

The Sorceress rallied, as did the Hydra, the Black Guard turned to face the Nurglings. In combat my Hounds continued to roll poorly whilst the Spears were butchering my Horrors. The Chariots again killed about 3 Horrors.

My Unclean One charged the Sorceress unit again, they failed Terror and fled off the table, the Nurglings charged the Black Guard and were butchered. Hatred dragging the Guard away from the real battle though and into range of my Unclean ones spells. The Hounds finally started causing some damage as my Horrors were wiped out. 1 Horror clung to life in the Chariot Combat. The Bearers re charged the Hydra, winning and wounding it but it held.

The Black Guard turned back to face the real battle. The Chariots finally killed off my Horrors but my Hounds finally broke and ran down the Spears, chasing them into the flank of a chariot.

In my turn the Unclean one turned and unleashed a magical barrage on the Black Guard, killing 6 Black Guard and killing the Master with the Nurgle Character killer spell after he failed his toughness test, leaving only 2 Black Guard. My Hounds though failed to break the Chariot despite 10 S5 Attacks in the flank. My Bearer Herald was killed in 1 turn by the Hydra, it doing 4 times the amount of damage it should have!.

The last 2 Black Guard charged into my Bearers, now without Regen the unit was killed by them and the Hydra. My Hounds again failed to break the Chariot. In my last turn the Unclean one who had been moving back towards the battle charge the last 2 Black Guard and killed them and my Hounds again failed to break the Chariot.

Result - Win

Solid Victory to the Tunnel Dwellers.

Post Game Thoughts;
Quite a big win but I was dissapointed in the list, my two toughest units fell apart thanks to Heralds not being able to pass saves at all, making their units more vulnerable. I had hoped my Hounds would tear through the flank of the Spears and then down the line into the chariots, thus saving both Horror units but they just couldn't kill anything. Which resulted in both Horror units dying and both Chariots surviving. My Unclean one did great though, his magic single handedly killing the Black Guard and General and finishing them in combat. He also seen 2 other units and a Sorceress off. My Bearers did ok, not catching that other Hydra cost them though, especially when it killed my Herald, without Hatred, in 1 turn. I won by about 1000 points as I had my Hounds and Unclean one at the end against 2 wounded Chariots and a Hydra on 2 Wounds. I suppose though it is still pretty impressive of the list to have a very bad game in the magic and combat phases where it excells and still get a big win against a tough army.

04-01-2009, 13:33
way to go arquelon! Your GUO seems to perform very well, am I correct in large targets having LOS (for spellcasting purposes) even though in cc?

04-01-2009, 13:50
Not sure to be honest, Its never come up. The spell my Unclean one was casting from in combat in these games though [the 6th Nurgle Spell] doesn't need LOS anyway though, just any unit within 18''. Its a great spell, high casting value though.

Me and a friend were thinking about lists the other night and thought it would be a bit of a fun to have a pure Tzeentch magic line against a pure raising Ghoul Horde and see if the Ghouls could raise quick enough to offset the damage done and reach combat in enough numbers.

Something like 24 Power for Daemons. 16 + 2 Bound for the Ghouls. Looking at about 80 Ghouls fighting 80 Horrors by turn 3. So we may try that game out for a laugh in this blog.

16-01-2009, 18:19
I think I am set on also doing my Slaanesh themed Daemon army. As I have some ideas as to what models to represent things as. Here is what I was thinking -

Keeper; Lv4. Robes, Torment Blade.
Herald of Tzeentch; Vortex.
Herald of Tzeentch; Vortex.

For the Keeper I would use a winged angel model from Heresy, he is lunging from a pillar with a two handed sword.
For the Heralds I will use the Heresy Succubi models, very Slaanesh.
For the Masque I will use my classic Dechela the Denied one.

10 Horrors;
10 Horrors;
12 Daemonettes; Musician.
12 Daemonettes; Musician.

For the Horrors, I will use the cat familiar from Heresy, I see cats as being pretty slanneshi and it fits in with what I will use as Flesh Hounds. Plus I think it will look good to have a succubus reclining surrounded by a swarm of her pampered deamon cats.

Daemonettes are fine as is.

5 Flesh Hounds;
6 Seekers; Musician.

For the Hounds I will use the High Elf War Lions. As I already have 4. Seekers are fantastic models are fine as is and I already have 6.

3 Fiends;

I hate fiends rules but for the models I will use the Boob Worm mount from the Slaanesh Lord as I already have a spare one.

14 Power and pretty fast. Not ultra competative but it should hold up fine and should look pretty cool and original too.

21-01-2009, 22:20
Game 5 - Vs Warriors of Chaos - 2000 Points

I used my normal list.

My opponents army was as follows;

Sorc Lord; Disk, Re Roll Item, Lvl4, Golden Eye. Tzeentch.
Sorc; Power Familiar, Book.
Sorc; Puppet.
Exalted; Khorne, Shield.

19 Khorne Warriors; FC, Shield.
19 Warriors; FC, Shield.
29 Marauders; Khorne, FC, Shield, LA.

4 Khorne Ogres; Chaos Armour, Champ, Great Weps.

The Tunnel Dwellers had sacked the Dark Elf watchtowers, fading back into the wastes before a serious defense could be mustered. Many powerful artifacts that could sustain their legions now in the Kings possession.

Their long march home had been stalled by attacks from glory hunting warbands of Chaos. All had been brutally repelled. The weak mortal worshippers of the Dark Gods knew not what to make of these semi Daemonic intruders and the Tunnel King cut down any emmissery they sent, he would not parly with those weak enough to give themselves over to the power of chaos.

Now the tribes and warbands the Tunnel Dwellers had smashed and mocked for their weakness stood united before them.

The Tunnel King sneered, all the talk of animosity and bitterness between the followers of the Chaos Gods and here they stood Warriors of Khorne and Tzeentch, mortal enemies, shoulder to shoulder to face him. Even in this, their bitterness and hatred, they were weak.

His Tunnel Guards hefted their scythes and sickles, he could feel their bitterness and resentment towards these worshippers of the powers who had cast them so low. These Warriors still had memories of their lives before their fall, immortal as they now were. It was this that drove them on, true hatred, true bitterness.

He signalled the advance, his forces all too ready to follow that order. He could feel the need for vengance washing over his warriors. A thirst they would soon slake on the blood of the weak willed warbands before them.

Pre Game Thoughts;
Well I was facing a list with about as few units as me, but then again it was about equal to me magically and in combat. It would just be the usual routine of March Block and blast. Aiming for flank charges with the Hounds and Unclean One.

Game Summary;
Warriors went first and advanced, blasting 2 Hounds. I moved my Hounds and Unclean One up, killing a pair of Khorne Warriors.

Warriors advanced again, magic taking a wound off my Unclean One and killing some Horrors. In my turn my Hounds moved across my Battleline ready to try and get at the Ogres flank. I killed 7 Khorne Warriors thanks to my Unclean one and created 2 bases of Nurglings behind them. March blocking his packed army besides his Marauders on my right flank.

The army continued their advance, magic blasting more Horrors whilst the Disk Rider skimmed about to get better LoS. My Hounds charged the flank of the Ogres as they werent able to get out of my charge arc because of March Blocking. My Nurglings charged the Khorne Warriors in the rear. I also blasted 2 wounds off the Disk Rider thanks to flickering fire and did some damage to the Marauders. My Unclean One miscast though and lost a magic level.

My Hounds killed an Ogre and ran them off the board, my Nurglings killed 2 Khorne Warriors and won combat!, but the Warriors held.

Magic really started to take its toll on my Horrors and the Marauders continued down my flank towards them. The Khorne unit beat my Nurglings but they held with 1 wound after getting another kill. My Hounds returned from off the board, facing the Warrior combat. My Tzeentch Herald miscast, killed himself and 3 Horrors!, my Unclean one miscast again and lost another magic level!. My Nurglings finally died.

The Khorne Warriors moved on my Hounds, magic taking a Horror unit below half strength. In my turn my Unclean One hit the flank of the Marauders as they were just in his charge arc. My Hounds charged the last few Khorne Warriors. My magic failed again. My Hounds missed with 5 out of 6 attacks and 1 was cut down in return but i rolled well for Ld. My Unclean One beat the Marauders with his flank charge but they held and a nearby Sorc passed his Terror.

He continued to blast my Horrors in the last few turns, my Hounds were killed off and the Marauders continued to hold against my Unclean One untill in my last turn I got my mostly intact Horror unit into their flank and broke them, seeing them flee off the board.

Result - Win

Minor Victory for the Daemons.

Post Game Thoughts;

Well, very few casualties on both sides, I did kill his Ogres, Marauders and most of his Khorne unit though, so he only really had his characters and a unit of Warriors left. I had lost my Hounds and the vast majority of a Horror unit plus that Herald. March blocking went well, which made for a low kills game as with my magic failing with so many miscasts plus his magic doing pretty well and whenever he miscast he got a 12 result thanks to the puppet [also the reason why my Herald died and I lost 2 levels on the Unclean One] and got the spell off anyway.

My flank charges on his units on my flanks got me the points i needed for the win though, their flanks open thanks to me march blocking his central units and so leaving their inside flanks open for the charges of my faster units. I think Warriors are one of the best armies to face Daemons with, especially when you go magic heavy. My own magic heavy Warriors massacred a Kairos list not long ago. I was glad my opponent didnt get gate though, although a lot of my dice went into stopping pandemonium. The puppet was, as always, invaluable for my opponent.

22-01-2009, 19:05
nicely done, nurglings winning a round against khorne warriors? way to go!

For your slaaneshi list that angel model is awesome and keepers are fast enough to make wings ok.

03-02-2009, 16:39
I have now bought the models to make my Slaaneshi list, I changed the list as follows;

Keeper; Lvl4, Torment Blade.
Herald of Tzeentch; Votex.
Herald of Tzeentch; Votex.

6 Furies;
10 Horrors;
10 Horrors;
12 Daemonettes; Musician

6 Flesh Hounds;
6 Seekers; Musician

2 Fiends;
2 Fiends;

I dont think the list will be very competative to be honest but at least it should look cool!. The force is fast and should be able to do some flanking, I worry about how vulnerable this army is though.

03-02-2009, 16:43
that looks extremely frail, your toughest blocks are the horrors wich is saying a bit.... drop a tzeentch herald for another 'nette unit and combine the horrors perhaps?

03-02-2009, 22:14
'nettes aren't exactly hard themselves. I'd switch the furies/seekers for another unit of hounds.

I think the list is fairly competitive, that Keeper alone can do an incredible amounts of damage. I read one game where a similar list was playing against HE. By turn 3 the daemon player had lost everything except his Keeper and a Tzeentch BSB-- he ended the game with a minor victory.

12-02-2009, 22:14
Game 6 - Vs Warriors of Chaos - 2000 Points

Well this is my first game with my Slaanesh list, I completely forgot what was in it so played the game with this army, over 100 points short!;

Keeper; Lvl4.
Tzeentch Herald; Vortex
Tzeentch Herald; Vortex

10 Horrors;
10 Horrors;
10 Daemonettes;

6 Hounds;
6 Seekers;

2 Fiends;
2 Fiends;

My opponents list was as follows;

Sorcerer Lord; Lvl4, Book. Black Tounge.
Sorcerer; Nurgle, Lvl2.
Sorcerer; Lvl2, Puppet.
Exalted; Khorne, Shield, Collar.

11 Warriors; Khorne, Shields, FC.
17 Warriors; Shields, FC.
17 Warriors; Nurgle, Great Weapons, FC.

5 Hounds;
5 Horse; Slaanesh, Light Armour, Throwing Spears, Musician.
5 Horse; Slaanesh, Light Armour, Throwing Spears, Musician.

5 Knights; Nurgle, Frenzy Banner.

Pre Game Thoughts; My opponent was the player I faced last game and he had changed his list, I preferred this new one, a nice blend of cav and infantry. I would deal with those Knights with my Keeper though and there wasnt really much they could do about it. I would blast that Nurgle unit with magic whilst I attempted to take down those Khorne Warriors with Hounds to the front and Fiends in the flank. My Masque was on fast cav hunting duty.

Early Game;

The Warriors went first and advanced, not at full speed though as they wanted to stay out of Flickering Fire range, Marauder Horse darted down the flanks, those on my left taking shelter behind the rocky outcrop of a hill, those on the right hiding behind a large two tiered hill. Their magic killed 3 Daemonettes. As a result of the slow move my magic phase was pretty uneventful, getting the stupidity spell off on a unit of Horsemen. I also killed a lone Nurgle Warrior thanks to Fireball with Glean Magic.

The Horsemen come out of hiding wounding a Fiend with their Spears but failing to hurt the Keeper. I shut down most of their magic this turn, Buboes wounded a Herald.

My opponent had put his fire screen of Hounds slightly too far forward, I spotted it and crashed into his Hounds with my Keeper, they chose to flee but the Knights were still close enough behind for me to re-direct into them. My Masque charged the unit of Horse on my left flank. My magic blasted a few Undivided and Nurgle Warriors my Keeper though had the Black Tounge used on him, losing a wound and magic level for his troubles. The Masque killed only 1 Horseman!, so lost the combat and lost a wound!. My Keeper killed 2 Knights, losing the combat thanks to that wound lost from the Tounge but I lost no wounds from it as I only lost due to a Musician.

The Warriors shuffled to try to get a bead on my Keeper if it killed the Knights whilst the Khorne unit plowed onwards. In combat my Masque again lost combat only killing 1 Horseman! but she lost no further wounds. My Keeper killed the 3 Knights that were left. He moved his Horsemen on my right flank to block my Fiends path to the Khorne flank in case I charged the Khorne unit with my Hounds.

Terror Tests;

My Keeper now moved behind the big Undivided unit with both Undivided Sorcerers in, they failed their Terror and fled towards my lines. The Nurgle unit passed though. My Fiends charged the Horse in their way whilst my Hounds charged the Khorne unit. The Masque finally killed the Horsemen she was fighting. The Fiends killed 2 of theirs but the Horsemen held. My Hounds killed 2 Warriors but lost one to wounds and combat res.

The Undivided unit rallied. Magic seen Buboes finish off my wounded Herald and Regen on the now very exposed Undivided unit. He also got of the 6th Death spell, causing some damage. The Horsemen held again against my Fiends. The Khorne unit smashed the rest of my Hounds.

The big Undivided unit recieved the Keeper in the rear, Daemonettes in one flank and 2 Fiends in the other. I didnt kill much because of Regen and lost a few Daemonettes but I still easily won, catching and breaking the unit and its 2 Sorcerers. The Fiends finally broke the horse, i tried to hold my pursuit, I failed and chased them running them down but leaving my Flank open to the Khorne unit.

Closing Stages;

In the last few turns I blasted the Nurgle unit and surrounded it, the Khorne unit got the flank of those Fiends thanks to my pursuit, I slammed some Horrors into the flank to try to turn the combat but the Khorne unit just killed all 10 Horrors and the 2 Fiends despite having only 6-7 models left in the unit.

The Nurgle Sorcerer left the Nurgle unit, knowing they were doomed, they then recieved the Keeper to the front, Daemonettes to the flank and Fiends to the other flank, wiping them out. My Masque charged the Nurgle wizard but neither could hurt each other.

Leaving the enemy with a Khorne Exalted, Nurgle Wizard and 5 or so Khorne Warriors. Against my Keeper, 4 Seekers, 10 Horrors, Herald, Masque, 2 Fiends, 6 Daemonettes.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Daemons!

Post Game Thoughts; Well despite being 100 points under and thinking my list would be very fragile, it actually worked nicely, the speed of the army meant on two occasions I charged units on 3 fronts. Those Horsemen were a pain though, both units holding far longer than expected one unit saving the Khorne Warriors which then meant that Khorne unit went on to hack down one flank. Those Warriors were a pain, even flanking them just seen my flankers getting butchered and they were only fighting 2 Khorne Warriors a turn!. Still, whilst the Khorne unit went on a rampage the rest of the army was systematically destroyed.

I was gutted that I got no direct damage spell from the Keeper. So his magic was pretty ineffective for most of the game. The Horrors and Heralds did well to blast down that Nurgle unit though, I didnt bother with the Khorne unit as they were only 12 strong and didnt want to face that magic res, probably a mistake on my part.

I am happy with the list though, its speeds makes up for what it is lacking in durability.

12-02-2009, 23:17
Good to see you're still winning, however, I really do miss the background, your tunnel dwellers probably have one of THE most awesome backgrounds I have read

12-02-2009, 23:57
I will put the background in, they just come a little while after the game lately, a mix of lazyness and lack of ideas to fill the story in with :p

The Slaanesh list will also have its own fluff, proper Daemons but a prince gifted his own domain which he has shaped to his own will.

27-02-2009, 00:27
Game 7 - Vs Dwarfs - 2000 Points

I used my Tunnel Dwellers again;

Unclean One; Trappings, Lvl4, Mucus.
Tzeentch Herald; Vortex
Nurge Herald; Vapours, Palanquin, Lvl1, Slime Trail.

17 Horrors;
20 Horrors;
14 Plaguebearers; FC, Banner of re roll wounds.
10 Bloodletters;

5 Flesh Hounds;

My opponents list;

Anvil Runelord; Rune of Balance.
Thane; BSB, Rune of Might, Rune of Stone.
Thane; Rune of Might, Rune of Burning, Shield.

20 Warriors; FC
20 Warriors; FC
10 Quarellers;
10 Quarellers;
20 Iron Breakers; FC, Immune to Fear and Terror

Bolt Thrower; Engineer
Bolt Thrower; Engineer
Cannon; Burning, Reloading.
Cannon; Burning.

Organ Gun;

Pre Game Thoughts;

I think this will be a pretty tough ask to be honest. I think shooting is one of the best ways to deal with Daemons, particularly if you can make it flaming. The 8 Dispel and -1 to my power should also really stunt my magic phase.

The Dwarfs would still be tough nuts to crack even once I reached combat. I was tempted to go and just rack up some points by killing warmachines, I didnt think that would get me a win if I suffered heavy losses in shooting though.

Terrain; He had a large hill in his depo zone, with impassible terrain on the sides of it, and it curved round towards his table edge at each side to make it pretty impossible to get behind it. In the little gap this left, he placed his anvil...
2 Cannons on the hill with a unit of Crossbows. Bolt Thrower on each flank. Crossbows on my right. Warriors units flanking the Ironbreakers at the foot of the hill, the Warriors were slightly to the sides of the hill though.
Temple mid table I could use to cover my advance a little.

Early Game;

Dwarfs won the roll for first turn. They opened up with the Cannons, the first hitting my nurgle Herald. I failed my look out sir....I then failed my ward....but I only suffered 1 wound. The other misfired but was fine. The Bolt Throwers and Crossbows were pretty innefective.

Anvil was struck with ancient power. Killing 5 Horrors, 3 Bloodletters and a Hound!.

I advanced, I threw dice at the 6th Nurgle spell on his Ironbreakers. Getting IF. Killing 9 of them and making 3 nurgle bases!. My magic did nothing else though.

Dwarfs open up again. Smashinga fair few Bearers and Horrors from the larger unit without the Herald. Anvil was struck with ancient power, but failed, no further effect though.Crossbows downed another Hound.

My Hounds charge the Crossbows on my right flank. My magic blasts down some more Ironbreakers. Taking them down to 6 models. I miscast with my big Nurgle Spell and end the phase. My Hounds beat and chase the Crossbows off the table.

More of my force gets hammered by shooting. Mainly Horrors. Iron Breakers move up. Anvil hit with Ancient again, cant do anything next turn now thanks to another fail.

My Unclean one moves to get a charge on the Organ Gun at the base of the hill next turn, whilst those Nurglings move to redirect the Dwarf Warriors who could get in the way or charge the flank of my big guy. Hounds return and head for the rear of that same unit whilst my Bearers also head at them. My Herald Horrors charge the Ironbreakers, my other weakened Horror unit head at the other Warriors whilst my Letters move out left towards a Bolt Thrower.
My magic does very little. My Horrors beat the Ironbreakers but they hold.

Hold the Line!;

Dwarf Warriors on my right charge Nurglings, wiping them out. Dwarf Warriors on my left charge the other Horrors. I lose another Hound to a Bolt Thrower and more Bearers. Horrors both lose their combats and I lose a few more of them.

Unclean one charges Organ gun at the base of the hill, on a collision course with that Anvil if he keeps going. Hounds into the rear of right dwarfs, bearers on the front. Bloodletters charge the Thrower on my left.

Unclean One breaks the crew, chases them and sees off both a Cannon and the Crossbows on the hill with Terror, leaving the Anvil in his sights. The Dwarfs on the right hold, and I lose some more Horrors in the other fights. My Letters kill the Bolt Thrower.

Shooting tries to damage the Unclean One, does no wounds. In combats I break the Warriors on my right but dont catch them. I lose more Horrors in the other combats.

My Hounds then see the Warriors off the board whilst my Unclean one charges the Anvil. My Bloodletters head back towards the action from my left flank. Unclean One does 2 wounds on the Runelord. My Horrors continue to fade.

Unclean One finishes the Runelord and Guards. Warriors finish one of my Horror units.

Closing Stages;

Unclean One and Bearers turn to face the Ironbreakers who have almost killed my other Horror unit. Hounds aim at the last Hellcannon, Letters continue their march back.

Warriors turn to face letters. Ironbreakers finish off my Herald and other Horrors.

In my last turn, the Unclean one and Bearers charge the Ironbreakers, wiping them out. My Hounds charge the last Cannon, wiping out the crew. My Letters risk the charge on the Warriors as I hope to Killing Blow the BSB, they do it! and I lose none from crumble thanks to it.

Leaving the Dwarfs with 20 Warriors and a Bolt Thrower, the Daemons with; Unclean One, 2 Hounds, 8 Bearers, Herald, 7 Letters.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Daemons!

Post Game Thoughts;

Well things were rough early on, a close moment with that failed lookout sir on my Nurgle Herald. Thanks to that, my units had a really hard time winning combats when they hit home. My Horrors with Herald, lost completely to 5 Ironbreakers with a Thane. Every single Horror.

My Nurgle units and Hounds did the work though, the Unclean one doing his role of getting rid of that Anvil, having to go through 2 Warmachines and some Crossbows to do it, Terror made very quick work of that though. Then he turned and finished the Iron Breakers. My Khorne units took down the enemy flanks.

My Bearers did ok, beating an enemy unit with the aid of the Hounds. My Letters also did well, the risk in the last turn to take down that BSB payed off very nicely.

Once my Unclean One had punched through that hill though, made possible by his spell reducing the Ironbreakers to a point they couldnt fight him and also giving him the Nurglings to redirect the closer unit of Warriors. It was all over really.

28-02-2009, 13:35
nicely done, I really can't wait to get my demons up to 2000, I really love the GUO ;) (platonic love of course)

28-02-2009, 14:54
Congrats on your win, you're doing well with the demons.
Liked this typo though :D

Hounds aim at the last Hellcannon,

28-02-2009, 15:08
I wasnt keen on him at first, he doesn't hit too hard, some of his spells arent very good. Plus he isn't very fast. After using him for a few games though I think he is pretty good, just the fact that he is so hard to kill ensures that it saves you about 700 points, making it VERY hard for your opponent to get a decent win. Plus he can often beat smaller enemy units.

Haha yeah, I even do that in my Empire blog, I guess I am just obsessed with Hellcannons.

01-03-2009, 12:05
Game 8 - Vs High Elves - 2000 Points

I used my Tunnel Dweller set up;

Unclean One; Trappings, Mucus, Lvl4.
Herald of Tz; Vortex
Herald of Nurg; Palan, Lvl1, Slime Trail, Vapours.

14 Bearers; FC, Banner of Wound Re Rolls.
17 Horrors;
20 Horrors;
10 Letters;
5 Hounds;

My opponents list was as follows;

Archmage; Moon DRAGON, 4+ Ward, Choose Spells.
Firemage; Sun DRAGON, +1 Spell, 5+ Ward.

10 Archers;
10 ARchers;
Bolt Thrower;


7 Dragon Princes; Banner
7 Dragon Princes; Banner of Sorcery.

Pre Game Thoughts; Again I think this should provide a very stern test, I dont have the speed to engage those Dragons. All those Princes can probably even beat my Horrors on turns after they charge and they are immune to my Flickering Fire. Enemy magic is also a worry, he should get about 12 power a turn, on the Lore of Fire and LIght. He chose 1,4,5,6 on Light.

Terrain; Ruined Temple mid right, large hill with rocky outcrops mid table on the far left flank.

Early Game;

High Elves went first, they moved up and their magic and shooting did only 2 wounds on my Hounds thanks to a miscast ending their magic phase.

My Unclean one declares a challenge on some Princes but is out, my Bearers declare one on an eagle in order to over run into the Princes but it flees. My Hounds do reach the princes though. I have the awesome Tzeentch spell of 2D6 SD6+4 to unload as my first spell of my magic phase, I miscast on 3 dice and end the phase... My Letters moved up to redirect the other Princes and present the flanks to my Heralds Horrors.

My Hounds get a whole 1 kill, I expect to lose one hound back and lose 2. But I dont fade completly.

Dragons fly around my Bearers. Eagle moves to intercept the Unclean one for redirection, but it fails its Terror. Other Eagle rallies. Dragon Princes not in combat charge my Letters. Magic does quite a number on my Bearers along with Breath weapons. I saved my dice to stop the 1 and light spells so took a lot of damage from Burning Head and Conflag.

Princes kill a few Letters, I kill 1 Prince back with Killing Blow, I dont fade completly. My Hound against the other Princes hangs on and doesnt fade.

My Unclean One lumbers in to support my Hound. My Herald Horrors hit the flank of the Princes fighting the Letters. My Bearers turn to face one of the Dragons whilst my other Horror unit do the same. My magic sees Gift goes off a few times, weakening some princes and doing damage to the Archmage. Also killing the Eagles. My Letters are finished off but the Princes are autobroke, I dont catch them though. The other Princes lose afew and are autobroke I again fail to catch them though!.

Flight of Dragons;

The Dragons and mages continue to fly around my Bearers, Fire magic causing damage, 1 Conflag spell killing about 6 and doing alittle more with Breath weapons and shooting. The Princes both rallied.

My Horrors charge the rallied Princes now out deep left, my Hound and Unclean One re charge the central Princes. I turn my Horrors to face the Archmage again, flickering firing him, taking the Dragon down to 2 and the Archmage to 1 wound. I beat both Princes, both run again, the central unit off the table, the left unit stay on.

The Princes rally again. My Bearers are finally finished off, this leaves my Herald totally stranded, the Bolt Thrower hits and gets past all his saves, but only does 1 wound!. Bows down my last Hound.

My Horrors charge the Princes AGAIN, my Unclean One charges an Archer unit, also seeing off the Bolt Thrower with Terror. He breaks and runs off the Archers. My Horrors beat the now depleted Princes, down to 1 after another Gift. Running him off the board and running into an Archer unit. My Nurgle Herald joins my Horrors.

Closing Stages;

The Dragons continue to burn and magic my Horrors now whilst I see the Archers off the board. My Horrors and Unclean One start to return to the action. Not wanting to feel the brunt of my whole magic phase aimed at them, the Dragons go for a charge on my Horrors with Nurg Herald. Arch in the front, Fire mage in the rear with Flaming Sword.

The Fire Mage and his Dragon do 0 wounds though. The Archmage loses his last wound to my Heralds Palanquin, whilst the Herald himself takes the last 2 off his Dragon!. The Fire Mage holds though and my unit turns to face. In my last turn, my Herald and Palanquin off the Fire Mage but the Dragon kills my Herald. It breaks though and leaves the field to me.

I had left, 2 Horror Units, Tzeentch Herald, Unclean One.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Daemons!

Post Game Thoughts; Well that went much better than expected, those Dragons were a pain though and completely dealt with my Bearers. Those Princes constantly escaping pursuits also dragged a lot of my units out of the game. I thought I was in trouble after my first turn miscast left me very exposed and my Hounds fluffed their combat.

I managed to pick off the army though and scrape half points for the Archmage and Dragon with magic from my Horror block. This left my opponent facing a solid loss so he tried to turn it late on with that charge with his Dragons, his Fire Mage fluffed his attacks though and my Herald of Nurgle dealt with them both in the end. It was probably worth the gamble, may have got him the draw had it worked even though it was a long shot.

01-03-2009, 19:38
Game 9 - Vs Dark Elves - 2000 Points

My list was my Tunnel Dwellers.

This was one of my regular opponents with his Monster Dark Elves;

Lord; Killing Blow Lance, 2+ Save, Regen. Ring of Hotek. MANTICORE.
Mage; 2 Scrolls.
Assassin; 2 Hand Weps, Rending Manbane Stars.

10 Spears;
5 Riders; Bows
5 Riders; Bows

18 Black Guard; FC, ASF.
7 Shades; Great Weps.


Pre Game Thoughts; A tough list but the only thing that really worried me were those Black Guard, only my Bearers could really beat them and this opponent was keen on killing my Bearers with Hydras.

Terrain; Same Table and set up as last game.

Early Game;

Elves go first and drop a few Hounds with shooting. Riders and Manticore get right up at me.

Unlcean One charged 1 Rider unit, Hounds the other. I forget about the ring, get a double on a spell with my Unclean One and end my magic phase. damn!. I break both Rider units, the Hounds catch theirs and continue on towards their Sorceress in their depo zone. My Unclean One fails to catch his unit though.

Manticore Lord charges my Bearers. Shades charge the flank of my Letters who were lining up to hit that Manticore Lords flank next turn. Rest of their force moves up. Riders rally. My Champion issues a challenege from my Bearers he forgot I had one and was hoping to killing blow my Herald. I lose the champion and the Lord holds. The Shades wipe out a lot of Letters but a few remain.

My magic blasts down 1 Chariot and a few Black Guard whilst my Unclean One turns to get back towards the battle. My Hounds continue after the Sorceress. My Letters are down to 1 model who gets to attack back, I roll a 6 to hit the Assassin, I roll a 6 to killing blow him....but my opponent thinks the dice is cocked as it is up against a book at the end of the table so I just re roll it and dont get it. My Letter crumbles from killing blow. My Herald loses a wound to that Lord but I also do a wound b ack to him and his Manticore, manages to hold again though!.

Shades hit the flank of my Bearers, Hydra hits the front to support the Manticore. Black Guard hit my Horrors with Herald, Chariot hits my Horror Block.

Despite having Shades in the flank with Assassin and Manticore Lord and Hydra in the f ront, I work it out and my Bearers should actually win by about 5! haha. Some poor rolls though from my opponent, 2 dead Shades and my Herald finishing off the Manticore seen him lose by even more. I caught the Hydra and Lord, Shades stayed on the board though.

Black Guard started to butcher my Heralds Horrors, my other Horrors dont take much damage and break and catch the Chariot.

My Unclean One moves towards the Black Guard, My Hounds hit and kill that Sorceress. My Magic takes down the other Riders. My Bearers charged the last Hydra. My Heralds Horrors lose a lot more. Leaving just the Herald, My Bearers beat the Hydra but lose the Herald and it holds.

Unclean One Assault;

Shades rally. Black Guard finish my Herald. I beat the Hydra again thanks to my Musician but it holds again.

My Unclean One hits the rear of the Guard, killing afew but they hold. My Bearers now start losing to the Hydra.

Shades start shooting up my Horror unit.

Unclean One continues to beat the Guard whilst the Hydra continues to eat my Bearers. Horrors and Shades have a shoot out in the last few turns whilst my Bearers and his Black Guard are wiped out.

This left me with; Unclean One, Horror Block, Hounds.
He had; 6 Spears, Hydra, 3 Shades + Assassin.

Result - Win

Solid Victory to the Daemons.

Post Game Thoughts;

Once again I had an almost intact Bearer unit with Herald, lose to a single Hydra and get wiped out but they had already done their job. I couldnt believe it when I worked out that the Bearers SHOULD have won that massive combat by 5, haha, then they won it by even more. Shows how powerful the Daemon army is really.

The Black Guard did a number on my Horrors but my other unit took the shades down to half, killed a Chariot and some Dark Riders.

Overall I was very pleased with the list in the last 2 games, 2 tough armies, 2 big wins.

02-03-2009, 02:50
Do Dwarfs have a hope in hell vs daemons? Let alone anybody? lol.

02-03-2009, 12:36
I think Dwarfs are one of the best armies to beat them.

Shooting is very important against them.
You have Ld9 to help against those Fear and Terror Tests.
You can have BURNING war machines to kill off those Nurgle units.
Your War Machines can be better at hitting flyers [Thirster, Lord of Change].
You are still about as good as them in combat.
Solid Magic Defense.

06-03-2009, 01:40
Game 10 - Vs Beasts of Chaos - 2000 Points

I used my Slaanesh list;

Keeper; Torment Blade
Herald of Tz; Vortex
Herald of Tz; Vortex

10 Horrors;
10 Horrors;
12 Daemonettes; Mus

6 Seekers; Mus
6 Hounds;

2 Fiend;
2 Fiend;

6 Furies;

My Opponents list was as follows;

Wargor; Chaos Armour, Great Wep.

11 Gor, 12 Ungor; FC
11 Gor, 12 Ungor; FC

5 Hounds;
5 Hounds;
5 Hounds;
5 Hounds;
5 Hounds;

Khorne Chariot;
Khorne Chariot;
Khorne Chariot;
Khorne Chariot;

4 Dragon Ogres; LA, Great Weps
4 Dragon Ogres; LA, Great Weps

Pre Game Thoughts; Simple plan really, bring down Morg with my fast units, Masque, Hounds and Furies. Hit his Chariots with my Fiends and Seekers to take away their charges, blast down his Drogres with my Horrors. My Nettes and Keeper would turn to face the Ambushing Herds with Wargor.

Terrain; Large hill mid left, ruins centre.

Early Game;

Beasts went first, Hound Bunker on the right flank moving up. Chariots cautious, Drogres running up the centre. He made a few Spawn.

My Hounds, Masque and Furies went after Morg and his Hound Bunker. My Seekers got behind a Drogre unit. My Keeper and Fiends moved back alittle.

More Spawns raised for the Beasts, advance slows, 1 Herd comes on behind his lines, 1 on my rear left with Wargor.

Horrors and Nettes turn to face Herd, Masque charges Morghur, Hounds charge a Hound unit, Furies charge a Spawn. Seekers charge rear of Drogres, beating them and running them down. Magic does 3 Wounds on a Drogre. Masque and Morg do no damage.

Spawn charging everywhere on my right flank, furies are killed, Chariots move a little. Drogres fail charge on my Horrors. Spawn charges rear of Fiends positioned to hit Drogre flank in my turn but I kill it. Masque and Morg no damage again, Hounds continue to chomp through dogs and Spawn. Furies are all killed. Ambush Herd fails fear to charge my Horrors thanks to Phantasmagoria.

Real Clashes;

Horrors and Nettes charge the Herd. Fiends hit Drogre flank, other Fiends hit a chariot. Keeper moves towards Morg whilst keeping LOS on Chariots. My magic doesnt do much. Fiends lose to the Chariot but hold, other Fiends beat and run down the Drogres with that flank charge. Horrors and Nettes chase the Herd off the board although that Wargor killed my Tzeentch Herald. Hounds continue to gring it out with Spawn, all the Dogs are dead or running now. Masque does 2 wounds to Morg but loses 1.

Both Fiend units are hit in the flanks with Chariots. Spawn hits the Masque. Masque is killed, both Fiend units are wiped out.

I blast down a Chariot with my magic. Keeper decides to go and take down Morg. Hounds continue to eat Spawn. Seekers charge over running Chariot in the flank but somehow lose and all pop!.

Chariot turns to get a bead on the rear of my Horrors. Spawn and Hounds carry on their battle.

I blast down another 2 Chariots, Keeper takes a wound off Morg with magic.

Closing Stages;

My Keeper chases down Morg and finally finishes him with magic missiles, the Hounds finish off all the Spawn and I blast down the last Chariot. The lost Herd do reach combat with my Horrors and take them below half strength though leaving me with;

Keeper, 2 Weakened Horror units, Nettes, 3 Hounds facing 1 Beast Herd.

Result - Win

Massacre to the Daemons!

Post Game Thoughts; Well Morghur was a real pain, It took till the very last turn for me to get at him through his Spawn bunker and even then I had to do it with magic, he also dealt with the Masque and Furies pretty well. The rest of the game went to plan besides the Fiends fluffing their attacks on the Chariots, I managed to blast them down with Flick Fire and Bolt of Change well enough though.

So again, the speed of the list let me get to Morg and to choose my fights, letting me pick the Beasts apart one unit at a time. It was a fun game though and I only just scraped the Massacre result.

06-03-2009, 01:44
Well thats my 10 games with my Daemons done, using 2 varient lists, Nurgle Themed and Slaanesh Themed, here is how they finished;

High Elves - Win
Vamp Counts - Win
Vamp Counts - Win
Dark Elves - Win
Warriors of Chaos - Win
Warriors of Chaos - Win
Dwarfs - Win
High Elves - Win
Dark Elves - Win
Beasts of Chaos - Win

So 6 different armies, 10 different lists, all fairly easy wins to be honest. Daemons are the most powerful army I have ever used and its not even like I am using particularly powerful Daemon builds. Warriors nearly had me at a draw thanks to some bad miscats but even that was pretty comfortable in the end. I still enjoyed using my themed lists though.

I will post the fluff for the later games in this series probably sometime this weekend.

06-03-2009, 14:28
Congrats on your clean sweep. how do you rate them on an enjoyment factor compared to your other armies?

06-03-2009, 15:08
They tend to have less variety in units and options than my other lists and dont start with many units on the table which makes them a little less fun to play for me.

Plus the whole fact that they just dont break means no heroic actions like a unit of Spears holding off a whole Dark Elf army.

So overall I would say they arent really as fun to use for me. The only real notable moments that really stand out with these lists was my Bloodletters Killing Blowing a Dwarf BSB and my Herald of Nurgle in his battles against Dragon Mage, Dragon Arch Mage and Dark Elf Lord on Manticore, beating all three of those. I think I remember what he does too as he is my only character with any real options and variety, my Tzeentch Heralds are all the same, Vortex on foot with Horrors. Greater Daemons almost always perform and rarely die.

The fact that you rarely have tense and close games with them also takes something away from the fun for me.

24-03-2009, 21:31
Nice battle reports, I especially like the fluff part of them. Keep em coming

27-03-2009, 15:50
I am finding my Daemons much the same Arguleon. I play a lot of tournaments, so the Daemons do tend to have a little more competition, but as a rule, my less powerful, more fluffy Daemon list still sees off most opponents fairly easily. Thus far in 9 games with them I have 8 wins, 6 by massacre, and 1 minor loss against a Bloodthirster of Tzeentch list.

My continuance with the Daemon list I have right now is actually based on only two factors, first, my son is using my Warriors, and two, the aesthetic value of my all female Daemonic list is really cool. I had always wanted an all female army, and I finally have it, and it looks great.