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16-12-2008, 19:53
I am going a bit with what I have admittedly (though do have quite a bit more, just no one on horses.) I kinda wonder if a BSB with the Sword of Kings wouldn't be better then the Necro and then put him in with the Graveguard for a big old deathstar (well... at least at 1500). I can see places I could change. I took MoBA to make sure I dominate the magic phase plus she's tough for the inevitable challenges... though... if I took Infinite Hatred and Walking Death I could better stand up to his paladin or whatever he may field, plus rack up CR)

Anyhow, gimme some thoughts. I tend to think VC's don't shine until 2000pts, but he only has 1500 to play with.

Vampire (General): Master of Black Arts, Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk: 200pts (In with x25 Skeletons)
Vampire: Ghoulkin, Infinite Hatred, Nightshroud, Skabscrath: 200pts (In with Ghouls)
Necromancer: Extra Spell, Sceptre De Noit, Corpse Cart w/ Unholy Lodestone 195pts

Skeletons x20: Full Command 180pts

Skeletons x25: Full Command, Banner of Endless Nightmare 245pts

Ghouls x20: 120pts

Graveguard x20: Full Command, Banner of the Barrows 315pts

17-12-2008, 16:18
Don't bother with ghoulkin. If you were to march up you'd only be allowing them to charge you on turn 1.

Brets can do a LOT of damage on the charge, but if they don't break you then they are trapped in combat and in a lot of trouble.

I'd suggest joining the skeletons into one huge unit so that there is no way thay they are going to break it. Stick to one side of the board and have the grave guard guarding your inner flank (center of the board) while the ghouls are between the board edge and the skeletons. Then you can flank with the ghouls.

Move master of the black arts to the other vampire and put infinite hatred on the general. The tomb blade is usually nice, but not against knights. You'll want a can opener for them and that would be easiest by taking a great weapon by taking avatar of death. The support vampire can stick with the grave guard.

On the graveguard I'd change that banner to the warbanner. With their armor and ward save the extra hits won't do that much without great weapons and killing blow is fairly rare. Best to go with the certain +1CR.

Hope it goes well :)