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16-12-2008, 20:03
I'm working on my first fantasy project, the dark elves.

Fell in love with the concept of the corsairs, and working on building out a solid core of corsairs and xbowmen, shades become my main specials and reaper bolt throwers will become my main rare choice. My Hero's I've been swapping between sorcesses and Masters at the moment just to get a feel for both and different equip builds.

I've played a few 500 point games, both warband and regular, and they seem solid to me. I've used them with the XHW and the handbow variants. The handbow groups have been nasty suprises for people as they charge, and then having an assassin pop out the first/second round to turn the tide has been successful.

What kinds of problems should I be expecting, if I'm going to continue with this idea?

16-12-2008, 21:11
Basically you're saying no to:
Dark Riders
Cold One knights
Cold one Chariots
Black Guard
Witch Elves
Cauldron of Blood

Yes to:
Harpies (these will fill in the role of dark riders so please take at least 2 units of them)
Supreme sorceresses

From this the clear losses are the elite infantry, knights and fast cav. As a result I personally think you'll need to go heavy on shooting and magic with 2 main Corsair units and perhaps 2 small flanking units with the handbows

You'll desperately need harpies to deal with opponents war machines and missile/mages, but you want them anyway so no worries. I suggest taking at least 2 units, if not 3 or 4 (Yes, I LOVE them, 55 points for a unit that can kill mages,destroy war machines and fly is just incredible).

Standard for any DE list is 2 RBTs so you'll probably want them too, to deal with the opponents heavy hitters, as you are lacking yours.

I'd suggest a character set up as, Dreadlord and 2/3 sorceresses then 1 or 2 assassins on top.

It can work quite well and will certainly look amazing! Just be careful of the enemies chariots/heavy cav.

16-12-2008, 22:18
A fluffy Corsair list is quite good. To fit the raiding theme you've got Corsairs, RxBs, Dark Riders, Harpies, Shades, Assassins, RBTs, and whatever else suits your fancy.

One thing you may lack is real hitting power in combat, such as what you get from COKs and Hydras, but some well placed Assassins, characters, and Shades w/ gw can help with that.

16-12-2008, 22:22
yay, corsairs. the list would work, you just need to do what all good dark elves do. be sneaky and orevil little ****

16-12-2008, 22:47
This list can definately work. Dark Riders are a must though. They fit the raiding theme, and are my favorite unit in the army. I use Corsairs from time to time, and like them quite a bit. I like to play baiting and charge games with MSU corsairs. Those multiple attacks on a flank are very nice. :-) You have a very nice theme for your army. Go for it!