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Mr. Shine
17-12-2008, 00:15
Hey everyone,

I'm putting together my Dark Elves army and I'm leaning towards a fully-mounted list, but it got me wondering what I can expect and how I'll need to play in order to win with it. So what are the general expectations of how fully-mounted lists play out?

Dark Elf-specific advice is useful too, so the list I'm considering is:


Master -150pts
-Cold One
-Heavy Armour
-Sea Dragon Cloak
-Pendant of Khaeleth
-Sword of Might

Sorceress - 172pts
-Level 2 Wizard
-Dark Steed
-Darkstar Cloak


6x Dark Riders - 139pts
-Repeater Crossbows

5x Dark Riders - 117pts
-Repeater Crossbows


5x Cold One Knights - 235pts
-Dread Knight
-Ring of Hotek
-Standard Bearer
-Standard of Slaughter


War Hydra - 175pts

17-12-2008, 00:34
i'm not a big fan of all cavalry armies. except for the fact that they can be fun i find you don't win very often (or it's a struggle, unless your brettonian!). but my two cents would be to concentrate on continuously moving, your best asset is your speed. don't get stuck somewhere, move to where your opponent is weakest and try to hit hard. i guess not too useful!

one other thing, try to take a couple of cheap screening units, like harpies, they can really make a difference. even screening one full turn of shooting can save your guys so that they can at least get into combat. and maybe try to take a small shade unit to pick on warmachines and lone mages.

17-12-2008, 01:33
Shades will be useful, for sure. Scouts and Flyers can be useful to compound your dominance of the movement phase. The list might struggle under 1500 since you have such a hard time bringing heavy-hitters into the game to overcome static CR. Any big blocks of ranked infantry can cause problems unless you're good at getting combo charges off.

Combo charges definitely are the way to go with this style list, it'll probably play pretty similar to Wood Elves actually.

BTW be sure to keep your sorc far away from that Ring of Hotek :p

Captain Plowman
17-12-2008, 06:40
I play a fully mounted Empire list often so here are some pointers:

1. Support each unit. You will rarely be able to break an enemy unit head on with one of your own. Instead, you will have to use your units in support of one another, using combined charges to negate ranks and what not. I would suggest coupling each Cold One unit with a dark rider unit, witht the dark riders charging the flank of the cold one's targets.

2. Like Thrawn said, dont get stuck. Your cold ones are relatively static, only able to move forwards quickly. this means they may be caught in a vulnerable position. to avoid this, you must use the more agile dark riders to redirect, march block, and just generally annoy your opponent enough to keep him from exploiting your cold ones. also, plan your moves very carefully, knowing exactly where each unit will be going.

3. Don't get outflanked. Your army will always be small, so you have to watch your flanks. again, dark riders are good.

4. Don't get bogged down in combat. This applies to all cavalry normally, but especially in an all cav army. You MUST smash your opponent it one or two rounds of combat. this means only picking fights you can win, such as a small, isolated unit, or combined flank/rear charges. don't commit to any combats that you dont want to. only strike when you are good and ready, and keep your opponent at arm's distance until you are.

5. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: practice judging distances. if you fail a charge say goodbye to that unit. Be sure of your charges.

Remember, be bold, be elusive, strike hard and fast, and strike on your own terms.

I hope this helps :)


bork da basher
17-12-2008, 08:36
i play a WoC cavalry list which is 5-0-0 right now so all cav lists can win games.

the problem i forsee with dark elves is although cold one knights and dark riders are good, they arnt the greatest cavalry in the game and ive often seen them struggle to break units and should that happen your not too likely to win the next round. getting your charges right and keeping those riders on the flanks will work wonders but you dont have the numbers to do it at 1000pts, you only have 19 minis on the table, and only the hydra and knights can effectively take a unit on solo, the riders are support or at best used to chase away skirmishers or take out small units/warmachines etc.

my advice would be to plan upto 2k in size, this is where an all cav list can really come into its own.

tactics advice is simple, dont fail your stupidity tests, charge what you know you can beat and break in a single turn, if you get bogged down or countercharged you've proberly lost the game.

dread lord
17-12-2008, 09:56
I play WoC that is 7-1-0 so i do alright : the best tip is that while your cavlary can inflict alot of wounds that is pretty much the only way to get combat res so you shoud par them up with a fastcave unit that goes to the flank in order to disrupt ranks and get a few more combat res in there. I have found that playing a all cave army its weary important not to get bogged down. If u engage you will almost always be charging and shoud win that combat with so much difrence in combat res that you are pretty confident you can brake the other unit from combat. With that in mind try not to engae any units that are stuborn ;)

17-12-2008, 10:06
i play a WoC cavalry list which is 5-0-0 right now so all cav lists can win games.

I've never lost to an all cavalry army, so all cav lists can lose games.

WOC is a very viable cavalry list because we have core cavalry and a lot of flexibility:

Light cavalry with missile weapon options.
Cheap cavalry units with numbers.
Very powerful heavy cavalry.

Add to this, a huge selection of powerful mounts, hounds, dragon ogres. There's no shortage of options for a fast army.

Also, until we get an FAQ it's arguable that taking Wulfrick lets you bring on a unit of marauder Horsemen behind your enemy :)

Captain Plowman
17-12-2008, 10:31
I play all cavalry Empire, and I have an 8-2-2. your cavalry doesnt have to be awesome to win.

Playing all cavalry is not about hitting hard. its about hitting smart. Charging a unit of knights headlong into a fully ranked up unit is not hitting smart. that is hitting hard. and its likely to get you killed. Charging a ranked up unit headlong, plus on one flank and maybe the rear is hitting smart. and if you are playing all cav with a lot of Fast Cavalry, its not that hard to do. Warhammer is a thinking game.

17-12-2008, 21:51
Technically he has 21 models on the board if you include handlers... :p

But yeah, like everyone says you have to be careful with an army like this. Don't charge if you think you can't win, even if you stick around you'll just end up flanked. And if you can't win combats with your S bonus on the charge, you probably won't win in subsequent rounds of combat either.

Re: Wulfrik and Marauder Horsemen, my current project is WOC and I would bitchslap anyone who tried to do that. Marauders and Marauder Horsemen are not the same thing. There might be a fluff argument or something there, but I can't see a RAW or even RAI argument for flanking with cavalry.