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17-12-2008, 02:12
Hi all,

It's been a good while since I've been on Warseer but now I'm back I intend to make it count. For years I've wanted to create my Space Marine chapter but despite coming up with several ideas getting them to work both fluff-wise and in game was tricky.

My current idea is the Infinity Guard Chapter, a Chapter heavily influenced by my love of comics. Rather than being based on one particular group of superheroes I've drawn from my favourites and who I thought would be appropriate. The general idea is that the Chapter colour scheme is loosely based on that of the Green Lantern Corps (i.e. Green) though without the (imho) twee white gloves; this is mainly to tie the force together in both colour and comic/superhero theme. Most of my ideas have been done with the Inspiration program but I can list my ideas for HQ for now, with their respective issues.

Chapter Master: Effectively a Superman archetype, big, bold and strong. I'm drawing from inspiration from Red Son Superman, Gladiator from the X-Men comics and possibly using Marneus Calgar as a base model.
TIssues - Tying the colour scheme/design in so its evidently a superman-esque figure as well as fitting in with the overall Chapter theme. I also wanted to equip him with a jump-pack so that he could 'fly', but I couldn't figure my way around the cape issue.

Honour Guard; Quite the Medley of Heroes here. I want to tie them together with a uniform colour but give each their own unique appearance, to reflect their personal prowess and being chosen as the Master's bodyguard. Characters being: Darkclaw (Amalgam Universe Wolverine/Batman), Captain America (new version), Moon Knight and Daredevil.
Issues Mainly colour schemes as each has their own distinct costume in the comics.

Captains: Thor archetypes. Thunder Hammers, possibly the winged helms from the Honour Guard minis. Perhaps even different versions of Thor (i.e. Classic, Ultimates, Beta Ray Bill).
Issues Again, the cape idea is bugging me. Do I make them able to fly?

Librarians: Possibly my favourite for their conversion potential, based on Cable (X-Force), Dr. Strange (Mayhaps off the Mephiston figure)...I'm looking for other comic psychics (psykers!).

Chaplains: The skull motifs were too hard to ignore, so at least one of these guys is inspired by the Punisher. Not sure who else fits the bill.

Master of the Forge: Iron Man of course. I'm aiming for the more riveted look Iron Man than his latest incarnation, possible some retrofuture elements (which is something I'll address later).

Apothecaries and Chapter Champion have me stumped for now.

It's an ambitious idea I know, but I at least want to have a go at it. I've not really got an army list as such yet but for now I'm wanted to concentrate on the theme and then work round that. So far I have the Black Reach miniatures to work with as well as a couple of space Tactical Squads, but will buy as and when needed.

So, suggestions and comments welcome. Primarily I want to draw upon the comics as inspiration as opposed to creating direct clones of characters. Yet I also want people to see where I'm drawing from, if you catch my drift.

Thanks for looking, more ideas later.