View Full Version : Chaos Dwarfs: is a hobgoblins horde viable?

17-12-2008, 05:10
So I have a pretty sizeable skaven force, and my goal is to make it a horde army. But I also have some chaos dwarfs, and now I was thinking that this would be a perfect army for building a huge army with many cheap units. Using the banner of slavery and the superior Ld of the chaos dwarfs, combined with block after block of cheaper-than-dirt hobgoblins.

I was thinking about using skull pass goblins as hobgoblins, since I will be needing a lot of them.

Must haves:
3 units of chaos dwarfs (1 warrior and 2 blunderbuss)
Chaos dwarf hero
Banner of slavery

Could this army perform well?
What do need to make the army work?

17-12-2008, 05:46
This could be a quite effective magic-heavy army.

Two units of wolf riders (I know, there's 10 of them in the unit minimum, but they are still pretty good). I like them with bows, but it's probably optional.

Two or more units of hobgoblins, either 30 of them naked or 25 with hw+s.

About 4 bolt throwers.

One or two (if you feel nasty) Earthshakers.

That should leave room for a BSB and 8 levels of magic.