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17-12-2008, 07:27
tried writing a list without vampires(because i couldnt find the rule). once i had found the rule i had
Fine had to revise the list so may as well put it here.
Vampire flayed haulbrek (2+save and tough general) 125
wight king enchanted shield, crown of damned 145
mounted barded steed (4+ward 0+cc save) with blood knights
wight king BSB sword of kings (3+save challenger killer) 125
Core (dont need special power to summon more)
20 zombies 80
20 zombies 80
Special(anvil unit
18x Grave guard standard (general and BSB HERE) 228
rare( a real hammer unit)
4x blood knights 220
PD 3
DD 3
Models 65
just a base idea of wat i want to play with (mostly to play elite VC from 6th ed.) Only thing that worries me for my blood knights is a charecter trying to kill them, hence the wightking thats near indestructable. just a basic list. i would really like some feed back on this.

17-12-2008, 08:21
well first off those bloodknights will hurt ALOT in a 1000pt battle but i might recomend spending a bit more on your lord, maybe giving him darkacolyte, otherwise you will see your army disapear VERY quickly, zombies are a cheep and easy to raise unit but u need a good caster to make sure that they last more than a turn. the grave guard look solid but yet again, they will fall quickly so you need someone who will be able to bring them back, i can appreciate that you want to do an elite army but you might want to drop the wight king for a vamp, that would mean that you have another caster while still having a tough as nails hero, in a larger game make sure to get more infantry blocks, lots and lots of grave guard, trust me, people will learn to fear them.

and about the bloodknights, dont worry about a character killing them, they will almost always kill what ever they hit, what you need to look out for is people redirecting your charges due to frenze and the inevitable boatload of shooting that will come their way, stick a vamp in there so that he can heal them and you will be fine. just make sure that it is not your general:D

at this size of points i would not recomend a BSB, in a larger battle a wight king with BSB+warbanner with a vamp lord that has walking death both combined in a large unit of grave guard that has the banner of endless nightmare will provide a brilliant static combat res of roughly 7

also, if you can find the points i would recomend a standard in the bloodknights unit, that would mean that you will win combat almost every time because of their massive amounts of attacks.

hopefully i have been helpful, all in all it looks as if would be a scary list to verse. happy hunting

17-12-2008, 08:34
would it be a good idea to give the mounted wight the BSB since it wont cost any more points, would cost me 5 more points then the Blood Knights bannerm and the bsb effects would help (zombies screen both GG and BK) would that be viable instead of putting it in the GG unit? I have never had the BSB not pay for itself in points several fold.

17-12-2008, 09:10
hmm, i see your point. one thing though with having the wight, he doesnt have any casting value so therefore the knights will be vunrable to becoming useless. screaning the grave guard is a good ide but doing it to the blood knights might cause problems. if you could find the points, a unit of 5 dire woves would be perfect for the job, i can appreciate having the BSB, though maybe you migth consider giving it to a vamp insted of the wight, that will get some more casting in and will not hinder your combat ability. as i said above it is a good allcomers list but could use a few tweaks:angel:

my 2c:D

17-12-2008, 21:30
would swaping all wight kings for vampires(though really weak/under geared vamps) work?