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17-12-2008, 15:17
Hello all,

I've just been invited to a tournament in march that will be "competitive". I wanted to get in on it and came up with a list that I think will be hold its own while its there(with my added tactics of course ) So have a look and let me know what you think. I need to get it down fast so I can start painting and playtesting. I am trying to go for the best painted award forsure, so painting will be slow as I am using glazing and wetblending, for every model.

Lord- Teclis -475

Hero- Mage (lvl1) Scroll - 120

Core- 10 Archers - 110

Core- 10 Archers - 110

Special - 15 Phoniex Gaurd, Full Command, Banner of Socercy - 305

Special - 5 Dragon Princes - 150

Special - 5 Dragon Princes - 150

Special - Tiranoc Chariot - 85

Special - Tiranoc Chariot - 85

Rare - Bolt Thrower - 100

Rare - Bolt Thrower - 100

Rare - Bolt Thrower - 100

Rare - Bolt Thrower - 100

Total - 1990

PD: 5 +D3 + D3 DD: 4 + D3 1 Scroll

Not sure where to spend the last 10 points. I m guessing some common magic weapon for the Gaurd Champion is my only real viable option.

Teclis will hang with the Phoniex Guard who will deploy center of the table , giving him a view of targets. I'll choose my lore based on my opponent.

When I first wrote the list the lvl1 had 2 scrolls, but when I finished I realized I was 10 points over so had to nerf it. I guess I could drop one Phoneix Guard and add it back...thoughts on that idea.

My archers will flank the Phoniex Guard and hid the other mage.

Dragon Princes and Chariots will take the flanks. And the bolt throwers will...welll, throw bolts at the enemy. I ll look to take out the fastest moving units first, then go from there.

I wanted to have a strong magic phase, since I play wood elves now and go very magic defence, so this will be a nice change.

I rolled out a bunch of examples and chatted with some very experienced High Elf and VC player, with Teclis and another lvl 2 mage (or two of them) what I found was that most other magic heavy armies throw their dispell dice at the other mages and shut them down since alot of Teclis' spells will be irresistable anyways. I roll 4 dice usually for Teclis at a time, to go for the irresistable. Worked well in all the "test" rolls. So taking the extra mages seemed a little bit of a waste. They all said that would not really looking to dispell Teclis' stuff, since the high likely hood of irresistable, but would throw all their dice at the other mages.

So let me know what you think. Sorry about the long post.


17-12-2008, 19:22
Do you think you could replace the lvl 2 mage with... caradryan? Hed add a lot of punch to the Phoenix guard... act as a great bodyguard for Teclis... and give them SOLID magic protection.

~ zilla?

17-12-2008, 19:51
if your going to have teclis and have magic dont use the scroll caddy, just have a level two in there. I would say take out the tironic chariots, maybe a noble with bsb and battle banner. That item can be devistating if you have that with a unit of 20 spearmen. That and have the war banner with that as well. So it's like 4-9 from banners. Plus the ranks of the spearmen, now youll be laughing.

The Cowslayer
17-12-2008, 20:39
you actually have 5dd +d3 you know ;)

i think you dont really need as many, even though its safer ofc but maybe consider dropping the lvl 1 mage and spend the points on something else

-maybe a noble bsb with reaver bow and GW to add some shooting/melee punch?
-or a noble bsb with battle banner on a steed (joining one of the DP units, give them a banner and warbanner as well if you do)
-caradryan (MR3 and nice abilities or korhil (stubborn phoenix guard anyone?:D)

rest looks pretty OK even though i miss an eagle, there should be at least one in every HE list imo... but i just love marchblock, redirecting and sacrificing too much (might be my chaos nature :angel:)

phoenix guard never impressed me, but they make a fine bunker if thats their only purpose...

GL testing and building the army


17-12-2008, 21:57
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I was actually hoping to fit Caradryan in with the list, so Teclis and them would be crazy safe from magic, but even if I drop the Lvl 1 mage, I m still short on points for him. I do like the idea of having the lvl 1 for the scroll and the oppourtunity to get drain magic off.

I was digging the idea of using one chariot and one unit of Princes to try to gang up on units on each flank...I like symetry lol.

But if I dropped one chariot and the mage I could fit in Caradryan and have 40 points left over to play with...some where. Maybe something for the Guard Champion..hmm

18-12-2008, 00:34
I thought about it and I like the list the way it is, save for the lvl 1 caddie so I am gonna drop him for this :

Noble, Barded Elven Steed, Heavy Armour, Lance, Dragon Shield.

The 3 extra str6 attacks will come in handy. I ll pop him in one of the units of Dragon Princes to help break a flank with the chariot.

18-12-2008, 04:36
I hate the whole "High elves magic+shooting owns all" theme, not because of the idea of it beeing cheesy but because i don't think it's effective.

-I would make the mage a level 2 with scroll+ring of corin.
-I would drop a unit of archers for a block of spearelves.
-I would get Banner of Ellyrion to a unit of DP
-I would drop at least one RBT (2 would be better) to get eagles.

19-12-2008, 18:40
I totally agree with you PARTYCHICORITA!!