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17-12-2008, 22:04
A lot of armies can put out small, elite, msu forces now - but how do you get the most out of them?

When you are fielding a particularly small army, how do you cope against a battle line that stretches from one end of the table to the other?

Whether you're a Warriors player or a High Elf player, or anything inbetween, have you found any tactics especially effective with your army?

17-12-2008, 22:36
First things first, focus your own deployment don t follow their set up and allow yourself to end with units spread the length of the table. By keeping your deployment tight you can lessen the amount of units that the horde army bring to bear and get local equality or even superiority of numbers

18-12-2008, 00:02
If you're playing MSU, you can use small expendable units as shield meat, march blockers or charge redirectors. Also, you may want to get to combat quite quickly to suffer less from magic and shooting. Be sure to pick your fights carefully!

But in the end, Slaanesh Daemons' Ld controlling abilities, that's all the tactics you need!

18-12-2008, 01:03
Refused flank.

anchor one side with terrain and the other with a block unit/heavy cav.

18-12-2008, 05:24
And if terrain isn't helpful, there are a few units in most every list that can be used to delay on the flank that your heavy cav isn't on.


18-12-2008, 16:49
Certain armies are designed better for MSU tactics than others. At the same time these tactics can be used effectively for all armies.

What you need are some cheap expendable units that can bait and flee or redirect charges. Some armies lack cheap redirectors (like direwolves or warhounds), while others lack the ability to flee due to immune to psychology or no cheap fast cav.

What you also need are well balanced characters. Nothing too expensive but efficient for their points. Usually being able to act in synergy with many of the units you choose. In my opinion, characters costing more than 250 pts better be so freaking good that they are a steal.

Also, you want to have lots of small units. Preferably fast mobile units. Things like small units of flyers, or skirmishers that can move laterally are good to have. But you also need muscle. Knights, Ogre class models and giants are good because they hit hard. And if placed properly can pick their battles well.

And if you can find a cheap unit with alot of static CR, then that is good too. As there are some things that you just need numbers for.

In my opinion, you should not have a unit costing more than 300 pts. And most of your units should be in the 75-200 pt range. This provides you with alot of deployment options.

Having alot of deployment options helps in a few ways. Most importantly, you get to see your opponents game plan before he sees yours. Thus allowing you to set up favorable matches that you can exploit with your highly mobile troops.

There are some drawbacks to MSU though. First you must mitigate magic for alteast two rounds. That means two dispel scrolls in my book. Just to stop those important spells from going off before your guys can get stuck in. And secondly, you must watch out for psychology. If your army can, they should be able to find somethings that help with psychology. Be it marks/spawnings or cheap ld9 characters or magical trinkets to improve this. If you cannot mitigate psychological warfare you can find that the integral part of your attack (which in some instances may be a lowly warhound unit) may panic away and leave you exposed.

Lastly, there are the tactics during the battle. Because you invest in small units that can do one or two things well, try to look for advantages where these small units can combine to do:
a) alot of stuff well enough
b) one particular thing extremely well.

And then work to pull it off. It helps to have a few hidden tricks up your sleeve for this approach to. Things like having unit symetry is important for well know tricks. For instance, there is a banner that lizzards have that gives them an extra charge. If you only have one unit, then most players realize that that unit is special and needs care and attention. But if you have two units that could potentially house this trick, then the player really needs to sweat it out.

19-12-2008, 19:50
i like small elite armies, msu not so much but elite rmies are good.
elves are good at msu armies. units of 7 swordmasters and white lions are strong

20-12-2008, 19:33
As a horde (O&G) player I have to say there's nothing I hate more than a dwarf or elf bottling itself up in a corner/next to terrain and getting all Thermopylae on my green ass:mad:

Dark Rider Elite
22-12-2008, 13:44
Could any 1 please post some MSU tactics especially for DE ?

23-12-2008, 04:45
Could any 1 please post some MSU tactics especially for DE ?

Yep. Your three elite infantry types are. BG, EX & WE.

BG can hold up charging units and block them.

EX can't take a charge so flank with them. Same goes for WE except of course that you should attack lightly armoured stuff.

You might want a big unit of Spearmen for your General.

Use Shades and Harpies to nullify the Fireballs and crossbows that will chew through your MSUs.

This is just basic stuff, some people can go into much more detail for you.