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18-12-2008, 01:56
Since the release of giants as dogs of war, have any of you been making use of them?

I understand they're great fun to use - but are they effective as well? Their Toughness 5 seems like a bit of a liability, but their potential once in combat is beautiful.

18-12-2008, 03:06
I've never played with one, but I have played against them. It is a fun unit forsure, the randomness of the attacks was fun. The toughness can be a liability, I brought one down with a unit of glade guard(crazy lucky rolls), but WE bows are S4 at short range.

I like to see them in orc and goblin lists. Just adds the pandimonium.

18-12-2008, 05:27
Against almost any shooting at all they go down. Maybe my regular opponents are lucky, but he never makes it to combat if any enemy missile troops so much as glare at him menacingly. But I take him all the same. 2 rounds of missile bait is still 2 rounds of missile bait. I just wish he would get into combat and wreck some things every once and a while.


18-12-2008, 06:18
The only time that I will take one is in a friendly game AND against a NON shooty type army..
Such as Vampire Counts, WOC, and lizardmen (but they have skinks w/ poision)...

As Djekar says, they can not survive long enough to get to combat...
However, GW did give the WOC players the giants that can have mutations and Armor saves... Makes it much more playable. Not sure if they kept the updated Giant in the new book or not. Too many WOC players are now using the Warshrine and other goodies.. Seems to me that the Chaos Knights are so good that they are taking center stage now...

So, for review - DOW Giant = Thumbs Down for this voter...
Reason = Survivability (Doesn't make it to combat)...

18-12-2008, 11:48
I'm tempted to take one in my Vamps army. If they soak up two turns of the enemies shooting, then that's two turns where my Blood Knights and friends aren't getting shot. And if they choose to gun for the vampires, then the giant will make it to combat.

The way I see it, once he gets there, he can easily hold up a unit for freaking ages on Stubborn 10. Just march him up there and glue a unit in place.

18-12-2008, 12:01
I did once, got killed by WE bowmen the first round:p. They are fun to use, not the best choise of unit, but very fun.

Behold, post nr. 1,111:D

18-12-2008, 12:25
It seems to me that the Chaos Giant with mark of Slaanesh will see a lot of use in this edition.
Although I've never used one, I'm considering including one in my skaven army (vermin lord stand-in). I think that most people lose their giants to shooting because of one of the following:
-they are too eager to commit, leading them to deployment mistakes; I can't see how a giant would survive out in the open against a gunline, when not even dragons can. Use terrain, hide the large target until warmachines are taken care of.
-they don't present the enemy with various dangerous and juicy targets. If your giant is the only large target/terror-causer/monster in your army, it's bound to become a missile magnet. However, if you have 2 giants and a wyvern, they will probably survive the enemy shooting phase, taking a wound or two each.

So, that's my plan for future endeavours with giants: Present multiple targets, include dedicated warmachine hunters in the army, and take my time with the big bloke. Even if he charges on turn 4, he still can have an impact on the game.

bork da basher
18-12-2008, 12:54
as much as i love giants today there is just far too much stuff that can take them out far too quickly for me to bother. they arnt cheap and they just seem to die before they can get even halfway to a unit.

the only time id bother is against a non shooty, non magic army where i could expect him to at least see a round of combat. for his points i could pick up a fully ranked unit or close to it which in hindsight would almost achieve more than a giant anyway.

great figure, great rules but just too easy to kill.

18-12-2008, 16:03
Be carefull with them. That's what I do. I rather charge him in a turn later and avoid missile fire, than be reckless. Usually there is some terrain around to give him cover.

The main problem is that the attacks are a bit unrliable. I often roll things that do only minor damage like headbutt and pick up and... (though the last never when facing a character...)

But they are cool. And I don't need DOW for that.

18-12-2008, 16:23
I'm not big on them myself, but I know a REALLY good player who loves them, and uses them very effectively. He brings more than one every time, and manipulates the field to try to limit fire on them- at least one always makes it in. I a 5K Legendary game, he had like 7 or 8 on the table.... and even against waves of cannonfire, all but 2 made it there.

Once I get done my core force for my WoC, I'm thinking about converting up one... but that's in line behind my Deamonic mount project, the Warshrine project, and maybe even the Manticore, Kholek, and Chaos Dragon projects...

18-12-2008, 18:51
Giants are a terror weapon...pure and simple. And by terror weapon I don't mean they cause terror. What I mean is while vulnerable to shooting, they have the potential to whipe out almost any opponent they face, no matter how expensive. You can jump up and down on units of blood knights, crushing them into oblivion, or stuff a 1000 point special character down you pants. Basically, he's a threat that no opponent with valuable units on the table can afford to ignore.

Many times if your opponent has to even think about where he places his 600 point dragon lord with respect to your 200 point giant, he was worth the investment.

18-12-2008, 19:26
We did a warbands thing with my giant against an equivalent amount of pts in Bretts, including a paladin. He took a wound. Killed and squishied and ate all the knights. I am very tempted to go buy another giant and a bone giant for undead giant awesomeness.

In really big games I could field him, the Vargulf and Cairn Wraiths, plus a Scabscrath wielding vampire leading ghouls. Terror much?!

19-12-2008, 00:57
When I use my Orcs and Goblins, I like to take out multiple Giants [depending on size {points} of the battle].

:)I use them for a number of reasons:

-They are extremely fun to use [special attacks]

-They do cause Terror and therefore don't suffer from fear etc...

-They attract a lot of shooting, so my other forces can engage the enemy unharmed

-They can do a lot of damage on a lot of various troops

Everything in my army is played as being expendable.:cool:

19-12-2008, 04:02
I dont care what he does, he looks so awesome!! :D

19-12-2008, 14:08
hasen't done much for me so far, but I do love the model, and my opponents generally has some unreasonable fear of the big slob.
Of course me playing OK the slavegiants are cheaper, but they're not stubborn so I try to combo charge along with some bulls. Yell and Bawl and Pick up are my most common rolls for some reason.... I'll be adding another as soon as I have the time to build it