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18-12-2008, 02:46
Hi, i have been playing 40k white scars for 14 years and have never thought about warhammer so this will be my 1st go at it, the army i going to run with is high elves because i decided i like the models better over the dark elevs i was origonaly planning to collect, so here it is, i am trying to make 1000 points of high elves to start off with and was just wondering what you thought would be a good all round noob army for me with room to expand, thanks

18-12-2008, 02:51
..did you have a list in mind? Or did it just not post in here?

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18-12-2008, 03:07
sorry, forgot that usefull information, i was thinking of taking -

unit of 25 spearmen
unit of 25 spearmen
unit of 16 archers
mage lvl 2
5 dragn prices
unit of 15 phonex guard

18-12-2008, 03:27
Phoenix guard aren't needed if you are taking big spearmen blocks anyway. Drop them for two units of 7 swordmasters or more dragon princes, and drop the mage for a noble with the reaver bow and a great weapon.

Why are the archers in a unit of 16? 10 is better, and zero is probably best of all. No reason to waste points taking big archer blocks when you have so many better units available.

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18-12-2008, 03:30
i was thinking 2 ranks of 8 archers for the long range firepower and dropping the mage for noble and PG for more DP sounds good

18-12-2008, 03:34
Minimize your core and I can't recommend spearman in any other size than 20.

Your phoenix guard are very hard to kill, I think I'd drop a spear block and use the guard instead.

Consider 10 sea guard instead of the archers. Neither unit is particularly good but the HE players I game with prefer the sea guard in this edition.
An edit after seeing your post, HE archers are next to useless. They don't hit often and hard enough for their cost.

If you could find a place for a repeater bolt thrower, I think it might work wonders for you. It tends to be my least favorite warmachine to fight.

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18-12-2008, 03:39
thanks for the advice, the revised list look like this

unit of 10 sea? - the name escapes me-
unit of 10 sea? - the name escapes me-
Lvl 2 mage
Unit of 5 DP
Unit of 5 DP

18-12-2008, 04:15
Perhaps a bit far.
You'll run out of models fast, and the DP either won't last or do enough damage.
I think what you should look for is a hammer and anvil type approach. Outside the rbt and casters, HE have poor poor ranged abilities.

The list that I usually see at 2000 points has a battle line of 20 spearmen, 15 swordmasters and 15 phoenix guard backed with rbt's, and other support units.

At 1000 pts you should at least have a caster and you do. I like to carry a combat character but it's really a personal thing I think for your army at this level.

Keep a unit of princes, they'll hit hard and do great as a support unit.
Drop the sea guard, take a unit of 20 spears and something else to fill out core.
Keep the 15 phoenix guard.
Take an RBT, two is overkill here I feel.
Fill out the points as you see fit. I don't have the book, I play other armies but the theory doesn't change much. You use the caster and RBT as incentive for the other army to engage you. The spearmen, perhaps with a prince in them, and phoenix guard provide the main battle line you'll need. Your remaining support units in the form of dragon princes and I'd recommend reavers if you can grab them provide threat and flank support.

You could think of this in terms of what I might have at that level. I play primarily VC.
I'll have 2 20 man blocks of skeletons, a vargulf (think fast monster thingy) and 6 black knights (unbarded cav move, cav strength and killing blow). In addition to casters/fighters.

Against your list I can largely ignore the sea guard, the vargulf can eat the RBTs (not to belittle them, it's just I can always raise more skeletons and hide other things. RBT's rape my chaos lists). So reliably you have two units of dragon princes to engage my skeletons and black knights and the characters I have on the field, I like that gamble.

Shooting doesn't count for as much in Warhammer.

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18-12-2008, 04:22
i see your point, i might take -

30 spearmen, FC
5 DP
mage, lvl 2
14 PG (mage in squad)
7 SM
7 SM

18-12-2008, 04:29
looks alright, though i'm no expert on high elves, but maybe shrinking the spearmen block to 24 so yu can take 4 ranks of 6 with the command. apart from that good, maybe use those points to buy command for other guys or dispel scrolls.

18-12-2008, 04:34
I like that a lot more. If you're still under 1000 I'd say start with that and see what works (proxy if you haven't already bought anything, HE aren't cheap).

Some comments:
Full Command is generally worth it if you can take it.
The problem with spearmen is they're overpriced for their performance. 20 gives you the max rank bonus and allows all but the last rank to fight.
7 is a good frontage for the swordmasters, maximizes the models you'll typically have in combat (most units have frontage 5).

18-12-2008, 05:50
Im new to High elves myself. But I'll share the 1000 pt list I am trying to start with, I figure it will give me a solid base to work on to get to 2k..

Hero Mage 170
lvl 2
Jewel of Dusk
Dispell Scroll

Core 10 Archers 110

Special 15 Phoenix Gd 280
War Banner

Special 5 Dragon Princes 150

Special 5 Dragon Princes 150

Special Tiranoc Chariot 85

Rare Great Eagle 50
Total 995

Its far from perfect but everything in the army has a job to do. The archers pester whatever they can(which realistically wont be be much) Phoneix guard house my mage and are not going anywhere. Dragon Princes should keep stuff off my flanks and the eagle march blocks/re directs charges and goes after warmachine crews. The chariot will just help out where ever its needed.

just my two cents...and like I said I am just starting High Elves, been playing fantasy for a while, but new these Elves.

18-12-2008, 15:38
well i'd use the battalion as a good starting place.silver helms have become a pretty useful unit for the flanks, as they tend to get ignored but still pack a punch

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18-12-2008, 18:18
Ok i reviewd the list and it now looks like this-->

Wizard, lvl 2
12 archers, FC, wizard
7 DP
10 SH
15 DG, FC

any thoughts on the new list would be great, thanks