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18-12-2008, 09:39
Hi there this is one of the first threads i started :D (YEAH)
Anyways i started this thread because we all no that there is no official rules for ork gargants so why not make up are own and post them here . So i might as well go first so here we go

Gargant "the big bossa"

(big mek gargant)
WS BS Str I frt s r

3 2 10 2 14 14 12

vehicle type:super heavy walker

crew: 1 big mex 3 mek boys several gretchin and orks.

transport: 30


2 ORK force field generators

3 big shootas

Grot riggers

Armour plates

Shok attack cannon

Rg Str type

72 2D6 super ordnance, small apoc

for the strength apply like normal shok atack gun but on a double six the shot is so powerfull it rips reality apart reality apply a vortex grenade on the unit.

Dakka dakka machine

Rg Str AP type

50 6 5 super ordnance, assault 8 twin linked

one supa rokit

Rokkit barrel

RG Str AP type

50 9 3 assault 5, twin linked

Two mork hammers

Slams two gigantic hammers in close combat str 10

Roll 1D6

1-3 use small blast template

4-6 use large blast template

Special rules:

Towering fury

Roll one D6 when the gargant is destroyed confront to this table below

1- "big bash" the gargant collapses in a tower of metal fury .Roll 2d6 and a scatter diceif the gargant falls on any units count the unit as being tank shocked and Then roll 2d6 strength 5 wounds on that unit. All crew are destroyed and killed within the gargant. Roll another d6 on a roll of theree or lower the gargant explodes on a roll of theree or higher the gargant does not explode

2-3 "run away lads" Move the gargant 12" in any possible derction roll a scatter dice . The gargant ignores difficult terrain .
The crew scrambles out of the gargant as fast as possible Exit the crew at the rear hatchet then take apinning test and D6 cassualtys. Then result the bash rule.

4-5 "WERE GONNA KILL EM ! "The crew wants revenge for destroying there religous icon they move 2D6 towards to the nearest enemy and fire one gun of chosse at that target. Then roll another D6 on a roll of theree or less consult the bash roll without moving. On a roll of theree or more use the overload rule.
6 "OVERLOAD!" the gargants engines and weapons overload the ammunition ignites and a massive implosion hapens making a rip in reality move the gargsnt 2 d6 to the nearest unit and aply a vortext greanade. The gargant counts as destroyed.Roll 1D6 on a roll of 3 or Higher the crew bashes out takes a pinning test and 2D6 cassualties On a roll of 3 or lower the crew counts as destroyed.

Wrath of gork

This is one gigantic shot made from anything a mek can find from gun powder to nuclear waste. When used the gargant cannot shot the next turn because the crew is busy looking for and loading ammo to other guns. Roll 2d6 for the ap first dice determines the AP but the second dice is used to divide into the first dice cant go lower than one. If you roll two doubles the shot goes out of control and your opponent choses the target .

The shot is hit with this profile

Rg str AP type

72 9 2D6 super ordnance,large apocalypse template

18-12-2008, 18:13
That shokk attack cannon might make an interesting "Soopa Gun" unit for an apocalypse. Beware though that vortex grenade rule is going to be lethal!