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18-12-2008, 23:57
Well, I said it'd be different...

It's Chaos Dwarfs and Skaven vs High Elves and Wood Elves, 2,500pts. That's that out of the way.

But why a Comic Book style? Well, I had the pictures from a few months ago, but no notes for what happened in detail. And how best to present a series of static images with minimal narrative? COMIC BOOK!

So you will either like it or you won't. But I reckon it was the best way to use the shots I'd taken within the time I had and the ( limited ) recall of the game.

The link ( as usual ) - http://www.peegorespage.co.cc

Here's waiting for the ( no doubt ) bitter-sweet responses...


19-12-2008, 00:26
I like marmite so it's no suprise I like this battle report too ;) It's nice as a one off but more in this style would probably be overdoing it.

19-12-2008, 00:33
"and thus did expire" -> Highly comedic phrasing.

Strange, interesting and wow, those Chaos Dwarves look bright!

I'm a manga fan so reading something like this from left to right makes my eyes bleed...

...but it was worth it.

I can always grow new eyes...

...(Should I just put 3 dots in my signature?)

19-12-2008, 01:20
I thought it was great. Short and sweet and it was still pretty clear what went on.

Great work again!

19-12-2008, 08:08
Very different. I like your usual style better, but it was also a nice change to easy read/look though the pictures and get the summary of the battle in a few minutes rather than the half hour I usually dedicate to your reports.

I thought chaos dwarfs were suppose to be really good (I've never played them, just heard). Is this not so?

19-12-2008, 10:53
Excellent work, great style! I really enjoyed it.

Golden Lion
19-12-2008, 12:18
I liked that very much Peegore! That was very original. The report was not very detailed, but I guess that was because the battle was a while ago. Also I can imagine it would take quite some work to build it in this format (not that normal reports are done quickly)!

Again, nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

19-12-2008, 13:22
well that was different, more thought bubbles if you do it again tough :)
prefer your ususal style, but this was ok too, thanks for taking the time to make this

19-12-2008, 14:07
Think of it as a one-off bit of Christmas fun. Certainly not to be taken too seriously at all...

But hey, if we don't try pushing back boundaries... :)

The next one will be a regular report. Hopefully with Daemons.

Still, glad you ( generally ) liked this whimsical bit of fluff.

20-12-2008, 20:56
Add me to the list of people who enjoyed it, Peegore! It's refreshing to actually be able to read a battle report in 5 minutes!

Nice to have you back around these forums, eagerly awaiting your next report!

20-12-2008, 21:13
That was marmite, I mean marvelous! To the point, unique and fun, will have to print that off and sell it on street corners. Also nice to see me winning again, he he.

20-12-2008, 21:17
that was awesome .....

21-12-2008, 01:53
Nicely done big P..... As always !!!!!

22-12-2008, 18:42
Great Read fella, not seen your stuff before but now I am going through your whole web site, consider me a subscriber....

27-12-2008, 05:01
brilliant. really ejoyed it. would have liked it to be longer and maybe more of the battle, but that's nto really a complaint, just a wish for more as I enjoyed i so much. can't imagine how much work that took to put together for us schlebs to read.

27-12-2008, 11:48
Wow! Very original and interesting to see it in that kind of format. Refreshing to see something like that after reading pages and pages of writing (without pictures usually). Feedback hmm... I suppose the borders were stock but they also made it a little distracting with glass shards flying in and out of some pictures and the font was tough in some places. Obviously making it in a comic format is quite a lot of work - but the narrative probably wouldn't suffer if you picked one particularly destructive unit to run the action through as a focus...

27-12-2008, 16:52
The whole formatting or the comic book style was made easier by the comic book maker trail software I downloaded ;)

Yes, the glass shards were quite 'prominent', but the other formats available were a little plain.

Still, it was a nice way to represent a small selection of photos from a game played quite a while ago. I like the idea of following a particular unit thorugh a report though Krytha...

05-01-2009, 22:19
the chaos dwarves are bright....cos thats the way I painted em them...20 years ago or whenever it was "bright" was in fashion....just wait another 10 years or so and bright red will be back...as will bell bottoms and kipper ties ( at least Dax hopes they will)

06-01-2009, 01:05
Human history is an endlessly repeating circle.

"Bright has left the circle."

07-01-2009, 15:26
I loved it!

Although Elves are not Immortal in Warhammer and Chaos Dwarves look aweful lol

07-01-2009, 22:16
See... I knew some smarta$$ would point out " Er, you do know Elves arent immortal in Warhammer " as I was typing it. It just felt right as I was typing it. Despite it's inaccuracy. Artistic licence and all that :)

While we are being pedantic, Chaos Dwarves aren't Chaos Dwarves in Warhammer... it's Chaos Dwarfs ( whaaat... he asked for it ) ;) And they look lovely! How DARE you !:D

Just as a side note. Warhammer fluff and background - it's nice and all that, but in general I'm not that geek-obsessed by it all. Never read a Warhammer 'novel' in my life and probably never will. Nor do I care to know what Archaon's Mothers Maiden name was.... you get the idea. I'll leave all that to the hardcore fans of Games Workshop... and Mick.

Oh, Darryl and Mick played a 10,000pt game over Christmas - Vampire Counts vs Orcs & Goblins / Beastmen. He's put together a battle report with pictures. I'm just in the process of adding it to the website ( whilst wrestling with the new format of said site ). Should be up by the weekend.