View Full Version : 2250 skaven moulder list.

19-12-2008, 03:07
this is an attempt at "improvement" on my last moulder list, let me know what you think
2250 list

lord: warlord, heavt armor, shield, foul pendant (in clanrats)
hero: master moulder, La, whip, skavenbrew (goes in with a unit of ogres)
hero: master moulder: la, things catcher, ws amulet (in the front of a big unit os giant rats)
hero: chieftan, bsb, stormbanner (in a unit of clanrats)
20 slaves x 4
25 clanrats, banner, mu x4
24 giant rats, 4 packmasters x 2
18 giatn rats, 3 packmasters x 2
4 rat ogres, 4 packmasters x 3

it's got more troops and drops than my last army, with better leadership. but no magic. not nessicarily a bad thing.

basically i try to get the cheap stuff into h2h as fast as i can, while positioning clanrats/biggiantratunits and ogres up for combo charges, the master moulders allow me to reroll thos pesky panic checks, and if the stormbanner holds, i can try to whack artillary with my smaller faster units of giantrats. a similar list did well at a indy GT, going 3-2-0 with winds against VC, dwarfs, and khorne minotaurs. i lost to wood elfs and a back a forth game with ogres.


19-12-2008, 05:45
thats alot of rats...and well theres alot of rats.