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19-12-2008, 12:28
right the following is a list i bashed together in a couple of minutes that i can already see some holes in but being a VC player have no idea how to solve, because unfortunately you can't plug holes with zombies in this army so here goes.....

Chaos lord , shield, word of agony, deamonic mount, chaos runesword,
Crown of everlasting conquest,mark of nurgle

Chaos sorceror, LvL 2, MoN, rod of torment

Chaos sorceror, LvL 2, MoN, dispel scroll

Exalted champion, MoN, father of blades, shield

10 Warriors of chaos, shields, full command, MoN

12 Warriors of chaos, shields, full command, MoN

12 Warriors of chaos, shields, full command, MoN

5 knights of chaos, lances, MoN, full command, blasted standard

okay before you guys start tearing it apart id like to keep it an all nurgle force and most of the items (well mostly) the word of agony were taken because they not only seem cool but effective

9 Maraudar horsemen, MoN, shields, spears, full command

10 Maraudar horsemen, MoN, shields, spears, full command

10 Maraudar horsemen, MoN, shields, spears, full command

5 knights of chaos, MoN, full command, blasted standard

3 trolls

right this army has the same characters (but with added steeds) and is an idea for a force ive always wanted to do so thoughts

19-12-2008, 12:47
I would consider replacing the Runesword with a Sword of Might to free up some points, perhaps pick up a Helmet of Many Eyes instead, striking first against all things out there and stupidity on leadership nine is not too bad.

Another option would be to pick up the Sword of Might/Battle/Striking allong with an Enchanted Shield and the Favour of the Gods to make him even better.

However, the Lord of Nurgle suffers more from low killyness than other lords, and as such, the Runesword is indeed a good choice on him, six strength six attacks with a high weaponskill. However, I would still reckommend you placing your Lord on a normal Steed as to ramp up his armoursave to a 1+ save and through that become more survivable.

I would most deffinately drop the lances from your Knights, you will want that constant strength rather than a one off strength 6 charge, with encorcelled weapons, you will be able to slam into an enemy unit and still win through the following round even if they do not break.

I would also consider dropping the unit of 10 Warriors in favour of a unit of 25 Marauders with Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command and the Mark of Nurgle, this should provide you with one large block and two smaller, six wide units to deal with the enemy.

The one thing I would say your army is lacking would be a reliable flanking unit, a unit or two of Marauder Horsemen should be enough, five of them with flails and a musician, are, unmarked, merely 81 points a unit.

19-12-2008, 13:07
@Neknoh: solid point on the knights, taken and will be used. also i found a spare base to re-base my lord on so no issue there either cheers!

my only issue with marauders is that they are unarmoured and from what I've seen die very quickly under fire, would five really be worth it? (plus i hate the models) they seem to have the survivability of skeletons without the ability to stand up again .

do suppose you have had some successes that you can change my mind with?

19-12-2008, 14:11
Marauder Horsemen, although appareantly fragile, you must remember that even if two fall to missiles, they can STILL break ranks, and besides, the strength four shooting will more times than not be aimed at your Warriors and Knights, besides, the Marauders are merely 81 points, and as such, are to be used as throwaway units. And the new horsemen are lovely and all plastic, perfect for nurgley conversions even if not fielded with it.

Marauders with the Mark of Nurgle are far more survivable than skeletons, at least if fielded 25 with Lightarmour and Shield, that's -1 to shooting against them for just being Nurgle, a 5+ armoursave AND abillity to loose five before loosing a rank to the sixth defeat, and then your enemy needs to kill another five to bring you down to only one rank bonus.

Marauder blocks are the bread and butter of static combat resolution in Warriors of Chaos, your Warrior blocks lack the attacks to reliably take on and win against massed infantry units, sooner or later, you will fluff your attacks, at which point, one rank and a banner wont win against three ranks, banner and outnumber. If you hate the Marauder models, there are several ways in which you can alter them, first of all, use the spare heads from Marauder Horsemen blocks on your units, this emmediately makes them a LOT more loveable.

Secondly, use different models, if you look at my Saga of Sigvald log, you'll find that using Empire Millitia with some basic greenstuffing can quickly churn out fanatical cultists ready to heave themselves forward. Otherwise, buy a box of Beastmen allong with your Marauders, give the Marauders the Marauder Horsemen heads and give shields to both the Ungors and Gors from the beastmen box, start mixing the units together and you should get nicer combinations.

Take Bretonnian Man at Arms, put them on 25mm bases and paint chaos heraldry and similar on their shields whilst painting them in appropriate colours and you've got some more Marauders.

Buy a box or two of Plaguebearers and mix into the Marauder blocks as well, this makes them look suitably daemonic and nurgley. There are so many ways in which you can make good looking marauders without even using the Marauder models.

A box of Men at Arms nets you sixteen models, paint their shields in bleak and sickly whites with thinn, kinda runny lines of red or green or brown forming the three curcles of Nurgle etc. Next, buy a box of Plaguebearers, that's another five models, keep them as is and spread them amongst your rotted servants, and finally, put some slightly larger, kinda daemonic creature on a 40mm base inside of the unit, perhaps a Beast of Nurgle. Buy a blister of Nurglings and put here and there on the bases of the Marauders, Plaguebearers and the Beast of Nurgle base and with a unifying colourscheme, some slight greenstuffing where needed etc, you've got yourself a unit of Nurgle Marauders.

As for combat potential, when joined by an Exalted, Marauders are nasty little buggers, so far, my Marauders (the ones not shown in the plogg, aka, empty bases, half-finished and broken models etc, basically the ones I could salvage from extensive cat, dog and kid damage over months and months of repetitive abuse) have taken on and beaten most core choices out there, simply by virtue of weaponskill four and 4+ armoursaves allong with kills generated either from flanking marauder horsemen, chaos knights, chaos heroes on various steeds, chaos warriors, ogres, trolls or basically any unit that happened to be nearby, OR through kills from an Exalted Champion with merely an Additional Handweapon at worst or a random weapon of "you die"-y-ness at best.

The Marauders are there to add numbers and kills and tie down enemy rank and file, and as soon as you add in the rest of the units and heroes of a chaos army, they suddenly turn out to be awfully good compared to other cheap number-troops.

Your Nurgle marauders will be hitting the enemy unit on a 3+ when fighting WS4 or worse, this in itself is way beyond basically any Core unit of 6 point models out there.

20-12-2008, 07:32
i was wondering just from a it's cool perspective what about a all marauder horsemen army backed up with heros and chaos knights, they are still drastically cheaper then a warrior so numbers wouldn't be to bad and with their speed they can pick their own fights?