View Full Version : 500pts Orcs/Gobbos for Tourney

19-12-2008, 18:48
Whilst wondering through my lgs I noticed that they were having a 500pt tourney just after xmas and as Ive not had the chance to play many different players I thought it would be fun to give it a go.
I've decided to use my friends O&G as always find them fun to play with and I would like to see if they really as bad as people say they are.

Orc bigboss- Light armour, Enchanted Shield, Choppa=87
14 orcs-light armour, 2 choppas-standard=108
25 night goblins-standard= 108
3 X 5 spider riders= 195

I am somewhat limited in my troop selection: My friend only has 15 orcs inc the boss, 40 bfsp gobbos,20 bfsp archers,20 spider riders and a troll.
My limited tactics would mainly revolve around getting flank charges with the spider riders and static combat res through the large gobbo unit. Even with casualties and lack of armour they should outnumber most units as it is likely no unit will be larger than 20 models.
Any comments appreciated.

20-12-2008, 21:10
i would drop a unit of spider riders and possibly take either some archers(goblin with fanatics) or just get some fanatic units in general (gotta love their armor killing power. If u can take a BO istead of just an orc boss if possible.But fanatics come first