View Full Version : Looking for tips on Army construction wit the new book!

Lord Hurin
19-12-2008, 20:18
I have the old Chaos book and played a bunch of games with the army then, but I know a lot has changed now. I'm just wondering really if I could get some advice on composition. I'll list the units I'd like to take.

-Exalted Champion with additional hand weapon
-Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh on armoured steed
-16 Chaos Warriors with shields and FC
-16 Chaos Warriors with shields and FC
-20 Marauders with shields, light armour and FC
-16 Marauders with flails
-5 Chaos Hounds
-5 Chaos Hounds
-5 Marauder Horsemen with flails and musician
-5 Marauder Horsemen with shields and FC
-5 Chosen Knights with Champion and Musician

19-12-2008, 21:59
In the current edition of WFB, ranks need to be 5 wide to provide a bonus. As such, I'd advise against unit sizes of 16 for your warriors and warriors.

19-12-2008, 23:14
Most people seem to think otherwise, but I find chosen to be very effective. Sure their only M4, but when properly screened they can absolutley annihilate enemy battle lines. Toss in the favor of the gods gift on the champ to increase your odds of getting something awesome on the EotG table and you've got a unit that can crush it's way through about anything.

Sometimes I find that marking them Tzeentch and giving them the blasted standard helps their survivability, or I mark them Slaanesh and slap an exalted in with them. Like I said though, most people think the points are better spent somewhere else but to me they are my favorite unit in the whole book. Doesn't hurt that the models are absolutely fantastic either.

20-12-2008, 15:28
Warriors usually are deployed in units of 12 or 15 and mauraders 20 or 25. Ive tried chosen and although they look cool find their movement dosen't allow me to get them in where they can do the most damage.