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Dark Apostle197
19-12-2008, 20:32
Let's say I use a weapon that does d3 wounds per unsaved wound, specifically the executioners axe, and I fight a unit of ogres.

How does it work? D3 wounds for each that doesn't kill? I.e 1, 2, or 4 wounds?
Or for each hit? Does the character beat on one ogre, then move or, or just hit all?

Looked this up in book and couldn't find, thanks.

19-12-2008, 20:38
Every wound you deal, is multiplied separately to d3 wounds, so your 4 attacks could cause 12 wounds... D3 is not added to the one you originally deal, it is replaced. So you might still end up dealing only one wound per attack, and yes you roll separately for each wound that d3.

19-12-2008, 20:45
pg 31 BRB explains how it should be done

Dark Apostle197
19-12-2008, 21:04
I know, I looked. Thing is the example was a cannon which hits whatever is in line. My question was more about combat, bringing up the issue if the attacker tries to do all wounds to one guy or not, because if he does, it wouldn't be up to the 4 d3.

The cannon example specifically hits things, so just want to make sure.


Lord Zarkov
20-12-2008, 00:24
First you roll hits wounds & saves as usual. Then once you've done that your roll your multipier for each unsaved wound, but cap each dice (i.e. the D3 or D6) at the number of wounds of the model you're attacking (so 1 wound models can only take 1, 2 wound models 2, ogres 3 etc). Any excess is wasted (so rolling a 4 on a d6 vs ogres caps at three or anything other than a 1 vs 1 wound infantry which caps at 1). You then total up the total number of wounds caused and distribute it amoungst the models you're attacking (usually a unit, but will be restricted to a charcter if that's all you're attacking).

So with the D3 wounds axe vs ogres, say you get four unsaved wounds and roll the folowing results (after halving) 1,3,2,2 you add that up to get 8 which is 2 dead ogres and one down to 1 wound (or 3 dead if the unit had already taken a wound).

If you had a d6 wounds weapon however and rolled say 1,2,4,6 it would cap at 1,2,3,3 and kill three ogres.

20-12-2008, 02:01
Perfectly explained Lord Zarkov. I play Ogres and so end up explaining this again and again in games. It is one of those concepts that seems really difficult, right up until it hits you and then it seems way to easy for you to have ever been confused by it.

It gets even MORE fun when you deal with a multiple attack with wound multiplication against a Multi-wound Character in a unit with Multi-wound Rank and File and a Champion, some of them having existing wounds. I swear I've gotten bloody noses thinking my way through some of those combats.

20-12-2008, 04:54
Lord Zarkov got it pretty much perfect. The only example i will add is that if your muti-wound weapon rolls a 2, 2, & 2 against a 3w opponent (like Ogres) then you kill 2 whole models as you distrubute the wounds to the unit as a whole rather than individual models.

20-12-2008, 14:43
yeah multiwound models can be a pain once you have champion, hero regular guysi n one unit. luckily one of my local guys has been playing ogres since we started playing, and so we've all had to learn how they work from the get-go.

20-12-2008, 15:39
Thinking of units as pools of wounds with each model representing a number of wounds can help.

When you deal 12 wounds to a unit, you're wounding the unit and removing enough models to satisfy the loss.

21-12-2008, 08:28
Could someone please extend the explanations above to cover multi-wound models in challenges and how it works with over-kill?

For example....I have a Tomb Prince (Flail of Skulls - doubles unsaved wounds) in a challenge with say an enemy hero with 2 wounds on his/her profile. If my Prince inflicts 2 unsaved wounds (BEFORE doubling up because of the flail) what is the finally tally of wounds?

I've been playing it as the prince gets to double the first hit - getting 2 wounds for that which then kills the enemy hero - but then the second hit cannot be doubled as the hero has no wounds left, so the overall total wounds is 2 + 1 overkill.

In a challenge against a unit champion (1 wound) then I know that this would be 2 wounds in total as I cannot double up the wounds for each hit at all. It's just whether or not I can double up ALL wounds against a multi-wound enemy regardless of how many wounds are actually left.

Thanks in advance

Necromancy Black
21-12-2008, 09:20
In a Challange you count all wounds up to a maximun of the 5 + the enemies current number of wounds.

In the example above with a 2 wound hero, if you hit them twice it will double to 4.

Outside of a challange you do actually do 4 wounds in the same situation. However, you can't carry the wounds over to any other models and without overkill it you only count wounds loss up to the number of wounds they have left.

So, we have your TK weapon hitting an enemy Lord character with 2 out of 3 wounds left on him.

OUTSIDE OF CHALLANGE: You wound the enemy 3 times, which is doubled to 6. These wounds can't transfere anywhere so it only counts as 2 wounds, as that's all the wounds remaining.

IN A CHALLANGE: You wound the enemy 3 times, which is doubled to 6. The enemy loses the two wounds they have left, and you get an additional +4 wounds to overkill. SO all 6 wounds count.

I hope that came across clear enough. Basically, treat models in a challange as having an extra 5 wounds that they can be dealt.

21-12-2008, 09:46
Yeah that was exactly the sort of explanation I was after. Thanks