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ML Kurze
26-11-2005, 15:13
It was dark here. The lights were low, stricking contrasts as only the dark and the light could do. As was the idea. Men and women were slowly dancing around each other, looking for an opening. Looking for each other. Alone.
The vaulted, dark ceiling hid the lights. Only the suggestion of crystals could be made out, if one would look up, flickering as a storm shield on full power. Blue, white, green. It didn't matter. It was just a little bit of light in this dark world. Where the people seemed more interested in what the light didn't show then what the light revealed.
A pack of females walked over to a booth, checking out the dark that surrounded it. The dark they so adored. As did everyone else in this place. They watched, hoped, dreamed. The figure wasn't clear, a mere shadow in a place that knew only shades and flickering light. And the ever present dark.
None drew near. The figure seemed to be protected by another person, equally hidden in the dark of the booth. But the attraction remained. The attraction of mystery. Of the dark. They stayed close, like hungry predators on the icy fields outside. Outside, in the dark.
"You're getting attention there Markus", whispered the protection shade to the master shadow.
The dark haze nodded, sipping his nocternal drink. It was slimy, sweet and heavy, an oily substance everyone enjoyed here, in this club. "So I noticed", he commented.
The protector shrugged. "You know what I think".
The shadow chuckled. "Indeed. But tonight, we have business". The master looked at his drink. "Besides", he continued, "I wouldn't want to eat these dark fruits. They might be poiseness".
Now it was time for the protecting shade to enjoy some humour. "You always say that".
The shadow smiled. "Indeed I do", Inquisitor Markus Levi Kurze said, before slamming his drink back.

* * *

It was a standard move, straight from the book. She knew that. But why was she down here, in this black pit, while the boss was upstairs, enjoying the shadows and the game? Sometimes it infuriated her, him sitting, her working. Was it the privilige of having acolytes, sending them in while the masters sat back and relaxed?
She shook the idea off. It was because of her skills she was hired and nothing else. She could move where her boss couldn't. That was why she was dressed the way she was, dressed to kill. If her boss would do that, he'd get himself killed.
She smiled to herself. Or get himself into some Slaaneshi cult.
They were watching her, as was what had been expected. That was the whole purpose of her walking here, in this pit of blackness, below the high ceiling from which flickered the only lights. Men and women had latched their eyes on her, adoring the way light and dark were united in her dress. Her pale skin and tight suit worn only to reveal were made complete by the flickering surroundings. But it weren't the humans she was interested in, their attention for her just an annoyance she would have to endure untill the moment came.
A moment that would come soon, judging by the small shadows that scurried across the floor and stood on the tables. The ones her master wanted to know about.
It was a year ago when they learned about them, these beings. Misinformation and wrong classification had caused a delay her master was struggling to correct. He probably blamed himself for the situation. Or not. She wasn't sure. No-one could pierce his person, not even Lion Booglius, his oldest servant and friend. Suddenly she felt a tiny prick in her heel.
Slowly she turned, knowing full well what waited for her, but reacting in surprise as she had practiced. As she had prepared to do, high above this world, away from the dark.
Tiny, twinkling eyes looked at her from underneath an overhanging hood. She couldn't make out any details about it, apart from those eyes. Those blue-greyish. Those ghostlights. She suppressed a shudder. It was time to put an adoring mask on, like those idiots around her. The worshippers of the dark.
"Yes?" she whispered, her words a light white cloud in the dark of the being.
"Please..." it gurgled, it's voice struggling with the human language. "Join us".
She nodded eagerly, as she knew it expected her to do. As all the humans before her had done. "Yes...".
Looking up at the human-female, standing more than a metre above her, the servant was pleased. Another disciple. Another follower. His rope gestured towards an alcove behind the main bar in the pit.
"Please..." it gurgled again. "Follow... me...
Into.. the.. dark...".

ML Kurze
26-11-2005, 15:14
Just typed this up while listening to Mark Morison. What do ya'll think? :)

26-11-2005, 17:34
Nice and atmospheric ML!

Hideous Loon
28-11-2005, 17:44
My Lord Inquisitor Kurze, I found your short story rather amusing. Keep it up.
/Your faithful Crusader Loon

ML Kurze
28-11-2005, 21:25
My Lord Inquisitor Kurze, I found your short story rather amusing. Keep it up.
/Your faithful Crusader Loon
Don't worry about your absence Loon, after all, every team needs heavy duty kick-a$$ fighting power as a back-up.
*Envisions Crusader Loon sitting in a teleport chair in orbit, waiting for the Teleporter Homer to start screaming for attention*