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changer of fate
20-12-2008, 12:35
I always thought of having marauder horseman but after a few games i found them just a waste of time and points. But lots of people still like them, so could anyone help me out here with some tactics.

This is how i used them:

Marauder horseman 115pts
5 horseman 65
light armor 5
shield 5
spear 5
throwing spear 5
Full command 30

20-12-2008, 12:55
as you run them, they are a waste of points

5 with flails, or javelins+spears, and musician are 81 points, 91 with MoS

They are useful as flank chargers, baits, hunting warmachines...

20-12-2008, 13:08
Drop the armour so you can use them as fast cav and drop the banner/champ so they are cheap and expendable.

Try 5 with just a musician and flails (thrown axes if you've got the points). Use them as bait and to divert instead of assualt units (unless you can get in the flank, which is easier if as fast cav).
Mark of slaanesh will make them dependable, just 1 horseman is just as valuable as bait/diverter, don't want him running off.

changer of fate
20-12-2008, 13:33
so how many units should i take in about a 1500pts game?

BTW, if i have a option between them and chaos warhounds, which one should i choose?

20-12-2008, 14:03
Both are great units, i would take 2 of each at 1500pts.

Thats 242pts (less than a 6th of your points) for 2 units of 5 hounds and 2 of horsemen (flails+musician+slaaneshi).

Use the horsemen on the flanks and the hounds in the centre.

21-12-2008, 02:59
I run them like this and basically play them like normal fast cavalry.

5 Marauder horsemen with shields, throwing axes and a musician.

You can drop shields and throwing axes for flails and perhaps light armour if you want but i don't think it is worth it. I haven't tried the MoS yet but it sounds like a winner.

21-12-2008, 04:19
The ratio for Marauder/Hounds/Knights should be 1:1:1.

That is, take one unit of Hounds, Marauder Horsemen and Knights. They work too well together, Hounds to screen, Horsemen to route or flank, and Knights to Hammer and Anvil.

I prefer Flails and the Mark of Khorne on my Horsemen, 5 come in at 110 points but if they hit something they hit bloody hard, and being fast cav with a 16" move, it's hard to screen them usually.

21-12-2008, 04:45
i play mine with flails, light armour, throwing spears and muscician aswell as the amark of users choice, they work wonders they do.

21-12-2008, 13:16
There are 2 basic ways to use horsemen.

Firstly as screens and traditional light cavalry tasks; marchblocking, warmachine hunting etc. I field these units with throwing spears, sheilds and a musician as they dont need anything else. The only mark that I would consider here is Slaanesh as its cheap and may be useful although mine are unmarked.

Secondly they can be used as medium cavalry. Light armour, flails, full command and the unit is slightly larger, 6 or 7 strong. For marks the most effective is Khorne but this depends on how well you can screen them. This unit hits as hard as Empire knights on the charge so are an ideal flanking unit. If they are Khornate they can even break a fully ranked infantry block from the front with a reasonable chance of success.

Hounds are very cost effective. Every chaos army should have at least 2 units of them, mine has 4.

As to which is better it depends on the rest of your list. I would say hounds as you get twice as many for the cost, you could easily field both though.

21-12-2008, 13:37
Lots of uses!

Fast cavalry, so they can dance around your enemy, preventing them from marching and throwing axes at single characters / artillery / etc. They can stand behind enemies for when they break too.

A bigger unit with full armour is handy as a ranked cavalry unit to support-flank in combat. Spears of course.

Currently Wulfrick lets you enter a table edge with a unit of 'Marauders'. Until this is better defined, you can bring on a big unit of Marader horsemen behind your enemy :)

Board quarter capturing.
Charge blocking (help your own frenzied units too).
Charge redirecting.

I find them best used in support. Their horse lords rule help greatly when you break a unit.

As you have it, full command is a waste as they are a throw away unit - you're just giving your opponent 215 points.

21-12-2008, 14:37
Flails, light armour (this can be removed if you like), musician is how I equip my units. 86 points ain't bad at all, considering how good they work.

21-12-2008, 18:21
I run mine with shields, spears and a musician. The other unit will have flails, but spears look better IMHO. Whcih counts for something in a minatures game :p

21-12-2008, 20:06
5 with flails and mus.

81 pts.

they can do anything.

Very handy for protecting from march blockers aswell ;)

25-12-2008, 18:49
5 with flails and MOK - hits as a knight unit for 105 points. That more like it!

Or MOS and musician and have them act like "skimishers" or use them to redirect charges...

26-12-2008, 03:15
with flails and MOK - hits as a knight unit for 105 points. That more like it!

Damn those moonwalking horses!

26-12-2008, 04:39
My marauders use flails, light armour and the little used Full Command. I use mine to threaten flanks. They are dangerous enough that my opponent must use something to stop them.

...Meanwhile, he's ignoring my knights. heh heh heh...

26-12-2008, 05:30
I was a fan of the Medium Cavalry build for a while there but I've retuned it to: Flails, MoK, Musician, Light Armour. Dropped the Shields as they weren't going to be used in CC and the shooting protection was kinda minor considering they were screened.

This was mostly due to the move to 2k points so I could afford some true cavalry and the fact that I had become more comfortable with a thin line of Chaos Armoured units holding the enemy from the front.

They're still only 116 points for 5 and a musician.

26-12-2008, 06:44
light armor 5
shield 5

This was your problem. You didn't use them in their intended role of fast cavalry. Drop the Light Armor or the Shield (and the banner + champion) and use them in their proper role.