View Full Version : frenzy vs fear break test

Gharof von Carstein
20-12-2008, 13:57
Oke so here is the situation. a outnumbered unit of 20+ savage orcs have frenzy. they lose to my fear causing undead and are outnumbered. what happens?

A) they lose the frenzy and immune to psych before the break test (as it says in the rulebook) and will only not run on insane courage

B) due to the fact they were immune to psych they still lose frenzy but test normally on their leadership.

my mate and i think its pretty weird that a frenzied unit that is being outnumbered will head for the hills when fear didnt effect them in the slightest before.

comment plz!

20-12-2008, 14:35
as soon as they lose combat they lose frenzy before the breaktest. ake the breaktest as if they are a normal unit. so in this case A.

They pretty much come to their senses say omg there are big giant scary things in front of us that just kicked our assess...lets get out of here.

20-12-2008, 17:33
I believe they would run except on insane courage. I unfortunately don't have my rulebook in front of me, but I believe you first see who won the combat and by how much, and then take the test. As soon as you see they lost a combat, they lose frenzy, so for the subsequent break test they don't have ITP.

Can anyone with a rulebook back me up?

20-12-2008, 17:39
Sorry, but as I recall, frenzy is lost the moment the unit combat resolution is calculated, and it turns out to be in the opponent's favour. Then, if the break test is called for, it's based on the usual conditions, including rolling insane courage when facing an overwhleming fear causing enemy, in order avoid fleeing.

20-12-2008, 21:36
Exactly right - frenzy is lost the instant you lose combat, i.e. at the end of calculate CR sub phase. THis is before you take break tests, and therefore the break test is now calculated without the unit having the benfit of ItP. This would mean insane courage for outnumbered by fear causers.